Alexis de Tocqueville ETS/EPA report

Who's Who & What's What

Alexis de Tocqueville Institution(AdTI) It was run by Republican presidential hopeful Jack Kemp, and the semi-Democrat Joe Lieberman, and funded by some of the plotocratic family foundations and a number of large corporations who sought political influence. It was ultra-libertarian in outlook,and ecumenical in its source of funding -- and available on a commission basis to produce reports for any large corporation -- provided the paymens were camoflaged as 'donations'
Science & Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) Dr S Fred Singer, with his wife Candace Crandall and partner Gerhard Stohrer put SEPP together as a climate-denial think-tank. It was part funded by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon (the Moonies') and part by Philip Morris through its own PR company, APCO & Associates. Later other support came from the larger energy and oil companies. It was behind the infamous Heidelberg Appeal.
Cash-for-comment economists network A network comprised of Professors of Economics, mainly at State Universities. They were paid by the Tobacco Institute (via James Savarese & Associates) on commission to write op-ed articles-to-order for their local newspapers, appear at ordinance hearings, and make contact with their local Congressmen. Most US States had one or more of these academics secretly working for the tobacco industry.
Cesar V Conda Condor was a professional think-tanker who had been a journalist. He transfered over to become an aide on the staff of Michagan Senator Abrahams by 2004
Kent Jeffreys Jeffreys was a professional think-tank "Adjunct Scholar" which simply means he freelanced as a report writer in the libertarian think-tank world, working on any commission that was available. Before working for the AdTI, he worked under Fred smith at the Competitive Enterprises Institute.
S Fred Singer
Michael Gough
Nancy Bord
Billy Kristol
James Miller
Gerhard Stohrer
Gordon L Brady
Malcolm Ross
Thomas Gale Moore
Michael Marlow
Robert D Tollison
Gary M Anderson
Jeffrey R Clark
Robert Ekelund
Dwight R Lee
Mark Thornton
Richard E Wagner
Richard Vedder
Michael Darby
Thomas D Hopkins
Michael Marlow
Richard ('Dick') Zimmer
Pete Geren
John Mica