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Celeste Gaspari's recruitment letter

The bundle of document headed by Dennis Dyer's "Economic Witness Evaluation" includes "Attachment B" which is a "Sample Letter to Economic Witnesses" (SEE SAMPLE Page 43). It begins:

Some time ago you were contacted by Jim Savarese with regard to the economic impact of the tobacco industry on [STATE], I assume you continue in your interest in the economics of tobacco.

In anticipation of possible tax and smoking restriction legislation in [STATE] in 1987, I would like to discuss some of your opinions on the economic arguments in each of these areas. For your consideration, I have enclosed the following materials:
  • New York Smoking Prohibition Economic Impact Study.
  • New York Summary of Cigarette Tax Trends and Impacts.
  • New York Study of Cigarette Tax Sunset Provisions on Sales and Bootlegging,
These are typical of the type of materials sometimes prepared for Tobacco Institute use. I would appreciate your written candid comments on the substance of, presentation of, and ability to defend the materials.

    Professor Celeste Gaspari has replied.
  • She had been paid a $1000 retainer in late 1984 — and had written a paper for them
  • She was then contacted through the Center for the Study of Public Choice (GMU) about 18 months ago [Late 1985] — asking if she would be willing to be put on a $1000 retainer "to be available to testify and write on behalf of the institute."
She was now attacking the Tobacco Institute for:
  • Not paying her the $1000 retainer for the second year
  • Ogilvy & Mather (possibly) approached her again a few months ago, and she complained about not receiving the retainer. But nothing happened.
  • She was not interested in doing further work unless they clean up their act.