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CREATED 6/14/2013

WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.


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Tamara Mariera
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George Louis Carlo (Part 6)    

(EMF doomsaying, protection and EMF training businesses. Snake-oil salesman.)

  • This section deals with Carlo's new career in the business of providing solutions to his vastly exaggerated claims of EMF health consequences. He was able to lever his reputation as head of the WTR in support of new sources of wealth in alternate medicine and outright commercial fraud.

George Carlo emerged from the WTR in 2000, very bitter at the treatment he believed he'd received from the CTIA.

His overnight conversion from cellphone industry insider [portrayed as 'Chief Scientist'] to a vocal opponent and EMF health activist, meant that he quickly became seen as the leading voice for the more gullible of the citizens groups opposing the citing of base-station towers — even though none of the WTR studies had found any possible health risks associated with such low levels of human exposure.

He soon widened this personal support to encompass a whole range of alternative medicine theorists, food faddists, and electro-sensitivity zealots. One social benefit of his break with the CTIA was that he began releasing factual information exposing the cellphone industry's disinformtion campaigns — listing the names of some top science administrators who provided them with denier services.

There are three possible interpretations of George Carlo's Damascean conversion from 'health-problem denier' and 'junk-science' promoter to profession cellphone fear-monger:

  1. Carlo's claim that he was gradually converted to this viewpoint over the years of WTR operation by the accumulated weight of scientific evidence, and felt obliged to speak out in the public interest.
  2. The CTIA and corporate view that he supported the industry while he was well-paid. But when his contract ran out and he had failed to blackmail them into extending the research, he discovered a gold-mine in EMF doom-saying and promoting counter-measures.
  3. Some Investigators believed that this was a case of thieves-falling-out; that he was only ever a science-for-sale entrepreneur who acted as a token organiser of mainly useless research for the CTIA. In 1999 he just switched from supporting corporate tokenism to boosting their gold-plated gadflies — the snake-oil salesmen of protection products.
Carlo's new business ventures all depended on him taking an exagerated position about the potential dangers of cellphone and health while maintaining that his claims were evidence-based. Zealots rarely questioned an authority supporting their side, so they flocked in support.

His publicised break with the cellphone industry would also have reverberated through the coalitions of chemical, energy, pharmaceutical and mining companies, which shared the resources of Washington DC-based science-for-sale entrepreneurs, and collaborated in product liability (tort-reform) lobbying and in climate-denial. So in losing the cellphone industry as a client, Carlo probably lost his other sources of future funding also.

However, for someone like Carlo, there were opportunities on the other side of the fence supporting legal claims against the industry; flogging useless EMF protection devices; and running training courses in his own brand of pseudo-science and alternative medicine. He could claim the credentials of a scientist, while having taken on the public-spirited burden of whistle-blower and crusader for those afflicted by these dangerous EMF emissions.

The online web blog NeuroDiversity.com has a good summary of this phase in Carlo's working life.

Carlo's disaffection from the telecommunications industry was followed by an unsuccessful lawsuit against his former employer, and a cascade of newly-founded organizations and self-bestowed titles.

In 1998 and 1999, he assumed the mantles of Chairman of the Science & Public Policy Institute, and Director of Health Risk Management Group, through which he marketed his new concerns about the dangers of EMR through advertising, public presentations, and sales of a "consumer self-protection manual," Wireless Phones and Your Health.

After the commencement of his association with BioPro Technology, Carlo added Director of the Safe Wireless Initiative and Founder of EMR University to his expanding list of titles. EMR University purports to provide "professional training" in the "risks and interventions related to electromagnetic radiation exposure." "Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisors" are few in number, and include both Tamara Mariea [recent partner] and Carlo himself.

Tamara Mariea advertises her services as an expert in the treatment of autism, which she attributes to the malign influence of electromagnetic radiation on children made vulnerable by "genetically determined detoxification capacity," "contaminated vaccines," "high levels of toxic burden," and "ever increasing levels of radiation." She also claims to have treated patients with brain injuries, Alzheimer's Disease, ALS, cancer, multiple chemical sensitivities, immune deficiency syndromes, and cerebral palsy. Since 2005, Mariea has lectured at the annual conference of Autism One, the 2005 conference of the Gateway Autism Society of America of St. Louis and the 2008 conference of the Lyme-Induced Autism Association.

On the current version of her website, Tamara Mariea also appends "Ph.D." to her name; however, the doctoral degree is not mentioned on her online CV, and her website gives no hint of the discipline to which it might pertain, or the institution that might have awarded it. [Her website] reveals a "toolbox" largely stocked with nutritional supplements, cosmetics. weight loss products, and devices from affiliate sales and multilevel marketing organizations — most notably organizations led by career direct-sales executive Ray W. Grimm, Jr. of Carlsbad, California [who was also behind the Feb 2004 establishment of] BioPro "EMR protection" products.

Mariea identifies herself as a "Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN)" a credential awarded by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB). CNCB was established in 1990 by the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutrition (IAACN) and incorporated as a non-profit, tax exempt agency in 1994.

According to CNCB, the CCN examination was developed to provide "certification for alternative or complementary medical, clinical nutrition and health care organizations" and "multi-disciplinary healthcare practitioners who wish to incorporate clinical nutrition into their practice." (IAACN counts Doctor's Data, Inc. among its corporate members.)

CNCB grants certification to Bachelor's degree holders who have successfully completed fifteen hours of undergraduate coursework in nutrition, a 56-hour correspondence course offered by the Board and a certification test, but requires no clinical experience or supervision.

George Louis Carlo
Part 1 — Dioxins, Love Canal, Three Mile Island, Agent Orange etc.
Part 2 — Tobacco industry, GEP and miscellaneous chemical industry projects.
Part 3 — Cellphone EMF problems: the CTIA and SAG/WTR
Part 4 — Later tobacco and other — immunology, vaccination, breast implants.
Part 5 — Later problems with cellphone EMF research and the demise of the WTR.
Part 6 — EMF scaremongering and various cellphone 'protection' businesses.


The Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) became the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (still CTIA), and then Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (still CTIA) and then "The Wireless Association". It still used the initials CTIA but branded itself The Wireless Association.

Carlo is the founder and chairman of an organisation called the Science and Public Policy Institute (not to be confused with the conservative think-tank also named the Science and Public Policy Institute) and its sub-project, the Safe Wireless Initiative, which is associated with electrosensitivity.
    He is currently dedicating his life and the work of SPPI, SWI and the affiliated organizations to educating clinicians, consultants and health-care practitioners on protocols of intervention to help victims of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure.
    To this end, he is establishing a Help for Wireless Victims network, whereby people who suffer from "ElectroHyperSensitivity Syndrome (EHS)" and "Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome (MSS)" will have access to health care via a specific HMO.
    He is also developing an educational arm of SPPI and SWI, called EMR University, for clinical, advocacy and consultancy certification in dealing with EMR exposure. Through the Health Concerns Registry, the Safe Wireless Initiative is accumulating an enormous database of people who have symptoms and/or illnesses related to or caused directly by EMR exposure. It is a free registry to anyone and all information is confidential.
    Carlo has spoken before a Parliamentary committee in the UK in February, 2007 and is establishing networks globally to help people return to a state of wellness. His view is that "while we wait for more research, illness will reach epidemic levels"; he believes that "there is no choice now but to establish protocols for those affected".

Some key documents

2000: Carlo's life-long associate, John D Graham of Harvard Center for Risk Assessment was enlisted as a member of the Environmental Protection Agency's first (1994) and second (2000) Science Advisory Board on the risk assessment on dioxin.

    At this time the providers of his HRCA "Restricted Grants" included most of the dioxin-producing companies, and the various chemical and pesticide trade organisations.

2000 Jan: The UK Independent Expert Group had been set up on Nov 11 1999 to provide the British Government with advice about the possible cellphone health problems. It received written submissions and did literature research.

    Throughout January and early February 2000 it also conducted a series of open meetings in Liverpool, Cardiff, London and Belfast (together with some closed meetings).

    The Group was chaired by Sir William Stewart, the science advisor to the Prime Minister, and so this became known as the Stewart Inquiry. The group's report was given to the UK Minister for Health in April, and advised that children not be given mobile phones, and that the precautionary principle should apply to exposures.

2000 Feb 2: The European Commission in Brussels issued its statement IP/00. 96 "Commission adopts Communication on Precautionary Principle". The preamble states [truncated];
"The European Commission has today adopted a Communication on the use of the precautionary principle.

    The Communication underlines that the precautionary principle forms part of a structured approach to the analysis of risk, as well as being relevant to risk management. It covers cases where scientific evidence is insufficient, inconclusive or uncertain and preliminary scientific evaluation indicates that there are reasonable grounds for concern that the potentially dangerous effects on the environment, human, animal or plant health may be consistent with the high level of protection chosen by the EU.

    The Communication recalls that a number of recent events have undermined the confidence of public opinion and consumers because decisions or absence of decisions were not supposed by full scientific evidence and the legitimacy of such decision was questionable.

    The Communication makes it clear that the precautionary principle is neither a Politicisation of science or the acceptance of zero-risk but that it provides a basis for action when science is unable to give a clear answer.

    The Communication also makes it clear that determining what is an acceptable level of risk for the EU is a political responsibility. It provides a reasoned and structured framework for action in the face of scientific uncertainty and shows that the precautionary principle is not a justification for ignoring scientific evidence and taking protectionist decisions. "

2000 Jan 5: Baltimore Sun news story [MD=Maryland] "MD Officials Urge State to Pay Attorney Angelos"

MD Comptroller William Donald Schaefer and Treasurer Richard Dixon called on the state to give lawyer Peter Angelos 12.5 percent of the state's $4.4 billion share of the MSA [Master Settlement Agreement payment], which amounts to more than $500 million, for his work on the tobacco settlement.

    Angelos wants 25 percent and is waging a court battle with the state over his fees. AG Joseph Curran wants Angelos to get his fees from the national arbitration panel before getting any payment from the state, but Angelos has refused to do so. The Baltimore Sun reported that it's not clear how much influence Schaefer and Dixon have in the state's suit against Angelos, but it might give him some "ammunition" as he continues to fight with other state officials.

[Carlo appears to have struck up a relationship with Angelos at about this time. They were to jointly run class-action suits against the cellphone companies.]

2000 Feb: Carlo and Peter Angelos set up the Radiation Protection Project
aimed at accumulating evidence for a massive class action.

2000 Feb: The CTIA received the final Carlo/WTR report.

    In his book Carlo claims that the delay was caused by the CTIA cutting off the funds to pay for written peer-review reports (estimated to have cost $100,000) — and that the industry then used the delay as a way of attacking the science.

[This petty dispute appears highly likely in view of the CTIA's refusal to fully fund the Science Colloquium booklet.]

2000 Feb: REFLEX-Adlkofer: In Europe, the REFLEX study project was launched under the coordination of the Verum Foundation and Dr Franz Adlkofer.

    It has a narrow focus; to answer the fundamental question whether EMFs can damage DNA — and it has divided up the task among a number of European institutions. This is all to be cell culture research (petri dish) conducted over four years. The European Union has funded the work to the tune of $3 million.

    They aim to uncovering the mechanisms that could involve radio waves in the development of cancer — but not necessarily prove that EMF does cause cancer.

Verum Foundation & Adlkofer
The Verum Foundation began life as the German "Research Council on Smoking and Health" which was controlled by the Verband/VDC (the German equivalent of the Tobacco Institute) — and it remains controlled by the industry today (via a convoluted structure).

    Adlkofer had been the head of the VDC's Science Department running numerous scientific scams for the European tobacco industry until his retirement, when they rewarded him with the job of heading the Verum Foundation.

    The tobacco industry was always keen to finger possible causes of disease (other than smoke) which could be aggessively promoted as a more important focus for the zealotry of health activists, and Adlkofer clearly found one in the cellphone industry. He also found a second source of private income in promoting protection devices — like the Combifon mobile phone, which had an 'active chip' to protect the user from harmful radiations.

    He began to match Carlo's doomsaying and intervention ploys, and they discovered that they were compatible and temporarily joined forces. Today on the internet he is second only to Carlo in the number of video-clips and web-sites promoting his concerns.

This is not to say that the REFLEX study was contaminated. Adlkofer's role was just as the coordinator. However he wrote most of the report, so it should be taken with more than a grain of salt.

2000 Feb 8: A report by the FDA's Center from Device and Radiological Health (CDRH) concluded that;

"There is currently insufficient scientific basis for concluding that wireless communication technologies are safe or that they pose a risk to millions of users. A significant research effort, including well-planned animal experiments, is needed to provide the basis to assess the risk to human health of wireless communications devices."
It appears that the FDA has begun a three to five year study to look at some of these effects. This came at the conclusion of the industry-sponsored WTR work and the studies being done in Europe and the USA by Motorola.

In effect, the FDA had decided that the $28.5 million spent by the WTR had achieve nothing trustworthy.]

2000 Feb 17: The FDA agreed to a joint research project with the CTIA, but then recommended that a broader program be done by the National Toxicology Program.

"Animal experiments are crucial because meaningful data will not be available from epidemiological studies for many years due to the long latency period between exposure to a carcinogen and the diagnosis of a tumor,"

    [FCC RFR guidelines] "are based on protection from acute injury from thermal effects of RFR exposure, and may not be protective against any non-thermal effects of chronic exposures.

    [T]here is currently insufficient scientific basis for concluding either that wireless communication technologies are safe or that they pose a risk to millions of users. [Which] translates into a potentially significant health problem should the use of these device even slightly increase the risk of adverse health effects."

2000 Feb 25: Jeff Silva article in RCR "New batch of brain-cancer lawsuits to be filed this week"

WASHINGTON—The mobile-phone industry today is expected to get hit with a new wave of brain-cancer lawsuits, a development that ratchets up the stakes in a legal battle that most likely will play out in grand style later this month in Baltimore federal court as wireless firms go up against high-powered trial lawyer Peter Angelos.
He then lists a half-dozen pending lawsuits, and discusses recent findings and trends.
A study published last week in the Bioelectromagnetics Journal determined that "under extended exposure conditions, RF [radio frequency] signals at an average SAR [specific absorption rate] of at least 5.0 W/kg are capable of inducing chromosomal damage in human lymphocytes."

    Epidemiologist George Carlo, who oversaw the newly published study as part of a $28 million research project underwritten by mobile phone firms, infuriated industry by announcing the results before they were published.

    Carlo defends his actions to this day, and is sharply critical of industry for making him the issue, instead of responding swiftly to protect consumers, after learning of positive results two years ago. "This underscores how inappropriate it is to delay getting this information to consumers," said Carlo.

    A debate is raging in the scientific community about whether non-thermal radiation from cell phones can cause adverse health effects. Some critics, like the EMR Network, argue radiation exposure guidelines do not take into account non-thermal bioeffects from cell-phone radiation. The group continues to challenge the FCC's radiation safety standard, which has been upheld by the courts.
[The EMR Network was an anti-cellphone and anti-tower activist group.]

2000 Feb 28: Jeff Silva has another lawsuit article in RJR "Angelos, Carlo join to head up research program"

WASHINGTON - Baltimore superlawyer Peter Angelos is teaming with George Carlo, who headed the industry-funded mobile phone cancer research program before breaking with the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association last year, to create a new radiation-protection project that will include follow-up studies and establish a comprehensive surveillance system to help identify any health problems among the 84 million wireless subscribers in the United States.

    "We're putting in place a program to follow up the work of the WTR [Wireless Technology Research]," said Carlo.

    The industry insists most research proves mobile phones are safe, but others point to studies that show DNA and genetic damage from mobile phone-like radio-frequency radiation.

    The radiation protection project is under final review by Angelos, who has litigated successfully against asbestos and tobacco companies and is currently pursuing lawsuits involving alleged personal injuries from lead paint manufacturers and from a tape-erasing machine that produces a strong electromagnetic field.

    Carlo said Angelos, a multimillionaire, offered to fund the radiation protection project directly. Carlo said he declined, saying such an arrangement might taint subsequent research. Instead, Carlo said the two men agreed to raise an initial $6 million through outside fundraising. Carlo recently wrapped up a six-year, $28 million research program for CTIA. Most results came up negative, but some findings suggest a possible link between popular phones and illnesses.

    Carlo hinted that he and Angelos might enlist the support of Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who is pushing legislation that would earmark $10 million for mobile phone research and give local regulators authority to weigh health effects in considering applications to build mobile phone towers.

    Scientific data collected from Carlo's follow-up research could become the foundation for class-action lawsuits in the future.

    "It [the radiation protection project] is still in a formative stage," said Angelos. But he added, "Obviously if the program indicates there is a connection — a cause and effect between phones and injuries — then obviously we would go forward [with litigation]."

    Carlo's program includes a passive surveillance system, which would entail advertising, a Web site and a toll-free telephone number to collect information from mobile phone users who suspect health problems from their phones.

    In addition, an active surveillance system will be put in place that looks at the mortality rate of analog and digital mobile phone users from 1995 through 1999.

    The program also may include screening of individuals identified through either the passive or active surveillance system for specific clinical conditions so that expeditious treatment can be given.

2000 Mar - Apr 16: In the run-up to the release of the Stewart Report in the UK the Sunday Mirror grabbed readers' attention with the headline, BEWARE — USING A MOBILE CAN RUIN YOUR SEX LIFE.

    The more dignified Murdoch-News Ltd tabloid, Sunday Times, also ran major articles on "electro-crystal therapy" (March 19) and pendants said to "offer natural protection against harmful EMFs" (April 2).

2000 Apr 1: A Seattle Post-Intelligencer article was headed: "Cell-phone health risks need to be studied, FDA says."

"Federal safety regulators are investigating whether microwave radiation from cell phones causes cancer or other diseases. The investigation was triggered by two industry-sponsored studies that the Food and Drug Administration said require additional research. [These are the two unpublished WTR studies which had not been finished at the time of Carlo's demise.]

The question of cell phone safety recently led Metrocall of Alexandria, Va., the nation's third-largest pager company and a major seller of AT&T cellular phones to warn its sales staff that parents buying for a child or young adult should consider a pager instead of a cell phone 'due to potential health risks.'
[It didn't take long for one part of the wireless business to cotton-on to the idea that they could use cellphone fears to their commercial advantage. However pagers were on their death-throes at the time.]

The Radiation Protection Project is officially launched as a subsidiary of the SPPI.

2000 Apr 26: Microwave News reports "Carlo's New $60 Million Program: Funding Sources Nor Revealed" Another source says New Wireless Phone Health Study Launched.

An independent group, led by Dr George Carlo, the former head of the $27 million industry-sponsored Wireless Technology Research (WTR) program, has launched a new wireless phone health study aimed at assessing a number of consumer related health problems, including birth defects, health effects in women, and impacts on children.
"I am unwilling to make the finances of the new project a public spectacle as they were with WTR," Carlo said, stating only that the funders include both individuals and foundations. "We have received money from the telecommunications industry —I will not reveal from who," he said.
The Radiation Protection Project, under the not-for-profit Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), has initiated the program that includes post-market surveillance among the 90 million wireless phone users in the United States, and a series of specific laboratory and epidemiological studies that follow directly from the work completed by the WTR.

[These research papers, of course, never surfacted.

    The contact phone number given for this new Project was the same as the old Health & Environmental Sciences 202/296-7000 which was supposed to be bankrupt. It was also the phone number of Health Risk Management Group.]

    The Radiation Protection Project will examine how the risks of developing cancer, including leukemia and other blood cancers and birth defects are impacted by wireless phone use. In addition, work focused on the impact of wireless phone radiation exposure on women and children, the adequacy of current radiation emission standards, and interference between digital phones and implanted cardiac defibrillators will be included.
[Note: in 2012] The domain name "www.HRMGroup.org" is now on sale.

    "Because scientific and medical studies have shown possible health effects from the use of wireless phones, it is critically important to find and assess health problems among phone users that they believe may be related to their use of the phone. Monitoring of this type is currently not being done anywhere in the world, and it is necessary to do this monitoring to ensure consumer protection. We have now corrected that problem, at least for the United States," said Dr Carlo in announcing the new tracking and monitoring program.

The Health Risk Management Group, Inc. of Washington, D.C. is coordinating the surveillance project
Note in the article, the explanation of SPPI...
"The Science and Public Policy Institute addresses issues that involve conflicts among science, public health, business and politics.

    Previous SPPI projects include: the health effects of silicone breast implants, the public health ramifications of the recent tobacco settlement, the safety of food irradiation, the impact of ultraviolet radiation from climate change on human health, and the adequacy of the US polio vaccine policy."
[Carlo's charcterisation of the work he has done on silicone breast implants, tobacco and irradiation research leaves much to be explained. But it follows the rules of clever PR... 'always stay as close to the truth as you can, without actually needing to be truthful.']

Carlo's PR Piece Microwave News report Page 7

2000 Apr 28: The Stewart Inquiry [Independent Experts Group on Mobile Phones] report was published. It had looked at "possible effects of mobile phones, base stations and transmitters on health." Their main conclusions were:
  • The balance of evidence to date suggests that exposures to RF radiation below NRPB and ICNIRP guidelines do not cause adverse health effects to the general population
  • There is now scientific evidence, however, which suggests that there may be biological effects occurring at exposures below these guidelines. We conclude therefore that it is not possible at present to say that exposure to RF radiation, even at levels below national guidelines, is totally without potential adverse health effects, and that the gaps in knowledge are sufficient to justify a precautionary approach.
  • In the light of the above considerations we recommend that a precautionary approach to the use of mobile phone technologies be adopted until much more detailed and scientifically robust information on any health effects becomes available.
  • [Re hands-free use while driving] Overall we conclude that the detrimental effects of hands-free operation are sufficiently large that drivers should be dissuaded from using either hand-held or hands-free phones whilst on the move.
  • They also recommended health surveillance of occupationally exposed workers.
  • We conclude that the balance of evidence indicates that there is no general risk to the health of people living near to base stations on the basis that exposures are expected to be small fractions of guidelines. [However they did want changes to the planning processes for base-station siting.]
  • We recommend that particular attention should be paid initially to the auditing of base stations near to schools and other sensitive sites. [They wanted new base-stations to be kept away from schools and hospitals].
They also wanted the government and industry (50:50) to fund health research (under a 'demonstrably independent panel') into the effects on brain function; consequences of exposure to pulsed signals (GSM/TDMA phones); improvements in dosimetry; possible impacts on health of sub-cellular and cellular changes; psychological and sociological studies, and epidemiological and human volunteer studies (electro-sensitivity).

    Less likely to lead to George Carlo's approval would be the recommendation...
...that Government sets in place a national system which enables independent testing of shielding devices and hands-free kits to be carried out, and which enables clear information to be given about the effectiveness of such devices.
[Despite the Nov 11 1999 start date, the report records that Dr G L Carlo of the US Wireless Technology Research, Washington, USA provided evidence to the committee. There is no mention of Science and Public Policy Institute.]

2000 May: Microwave News reported on the Stewart Inquiry finding
The 12 members of the expert group issued their report on May 11. The UK Department of Health, which asked for the mobile phone report last spring, was quick to accept the panel's recommended precautionary approach.In a statement posted on the Internet soon after the report was made public, the Department of Health said that it would make sure that parents are made aware of the panel's advice. It also stated that, "The government will expect SAR measurements to be displayed at all points of sale and with each mobile phone and on the World Wide Web."

    "I have got a grandchild of four and a grandchild of two and I would not be recommending that they have mobile phones," Stewart told the BBC, noting that he would continue to use his own phone.
[Remember these were still the GSM/TDMA type phones at this time. Sir William Stewart was a scientific advisor to the UK government from 1990 to 1995.]

The Stewart Report
    The Stewart Report was primarily concerned with giving recommendations based explicitly on a "precautionary approach" while relying on the current state of scientific knowledge — except for the risk of accidents when using a phone whilst driving. However some recommendations were given concerning local authorities, industry and consumers.

    These recommendations justify lower levels of exposure for the public than for workers, for various reasons: the existence of sensitive subgroups (old people, children, ill people); differences in exposure duration; the possibility that children absorb more RF than do adults.

    The Stewart Group also recommended a register of exposed workers and a study of their mortality which should have been relatively easy in most circumstances (This is done in France for all occupational risks.) It also recommended...
... the rapid establishment (within 12 months) of an obligatory pre-installation regime for base stations, the setting-up of a national register of base stations and their characteristics (with the additional advantage of facilitating future epidemiological studies), an independent measurement audit of compliance with exposure standards, and that emission levels are the minimum compatible with good network functionality.

    The Stewart Group recommended that beams from base stations should not be permitted to fall on school grounds without the formal agreement of the school and the parents, a measure difficult to put into practice. They also recommended the putting-into-place of effective and identifiable exclusion zones, with specific signage, and encouragement of operators towards site-sharing.
The only member of Stewart's Panel to dissent from the recommendation that children should avoid using mobile phones was Mike Repacholi of the WHO EMF Project.

    Five years later Repacholi changed his mind and told Canadian TV audiences that the "With respect to children, WHO recommends that children should use hands-free headsets." And at the same time he told the Toronto Star: "We certainly advocate precautionary measures for children."

    A month later he changed his mind again, and said that children need take no special precautions, unless they or their parents are concerned... and blamed the reporters for getting it wrong.

See Microwave News .

The EPA rules yet again on dioxins
2000 June: The EPA released a draft of its latest dioxin risk assessment study.
[John D Graham of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis was on this SAB panel.]

    The consensus was that exposure to the level of dioxin currently in our environment caused an increase in the average American's lifetime cancer-risk to as high as "1-in-100". The EPA's reassessment also found that dioxin, even at very low levels of exposure, was linked to infertility, immune system damage and learning disabilities.

    But, rather than acknowledging that dioxin posed an additional threat to human health, in his comments to the media John D Graham misleadingly downplayed the risk by comparing the EPA's findings to other types of risks, such as the risk of dying in a car crash. When compared with these risks, Graham suggested, the risk posed by dioxin appears "normal."
[Using the same argument, the risk of dying from a pistol shot would also appear "normal"]
The National Public Radio report which carried Graham's criticism of the EPA findings, failed to mention his position on the Science Advisory Board, (of the EPA) and failed to disclose that his Center is supported by money from 48 different dioxin producers, including incinerator companies, pulp and paper companies, cement kilns, copper smelters, PVC manufacturers, PCB producers and the petroleum industry.
[Shortly after this, John D Graham was elevated to the position of the "czar of regulation" as Director of the OIRA at the Bush White House. Carlo now had another friend occupying this key White House 'regulating the regulator' position ( Jim Tozzi had run the OIRA under Reagan).]

2000 June 19: George Carlo appears as an witness at Expert Group hearings initiated by the French Direction Générale de la Santé (Health General Directorate). He presented the result of the WTR research. Their later report is in admiration about the quality and extent of the WTR research:

It is interesting to describe the organisation of this vast research programme financed by industry, and the processes implemented in order to guarantee quality and independence.

    They include a systematic peer-review of research projects and their results, the process being co-ordinated by a prestigious University Institution (Harvard School of Public Health) and governed by strict rules of quality and transparency. Many public organisations took part in various stages of the process of setting up and implementing research protocols (FDA, FCC, EPA, NCI, NIOSH, etc.).
[The clever use of terms like "peer-review", "Harvard", "independence" and other PR-selected terms can create an image which is 180 degrees away from reality.

The Expert Group issued its report in January 2001 (see below).]

2000 June 26: Carlo and Rebecca Steffens Jenrow release a review article (originally only on Medscape) "Scientific Progress — Wireless Phones and Brain Cancer." This appears to be the same as the one given to the French Experts Group.

Context: The current science is not definitive about health risks from wireless phones; however, the legitimate questions about safety that have arisen from recent studies make claims of absolute safety no longer supportable.

Objective: The objective of this paper is to outline for primary care providers the results of the most current research on the possible impact of wireless phone use on human health. Presented are study results from Wireless Technology Research (WTR) program, the 7-year, $27 million effort funded by the wireless industry in the United States, that represents the world's most comprehensive research effort addressing this issue to date. Science-based recommendations for consumer interventions and future research are presented.

Data Sources: Original studies performed under the WTR program as well as other relevant research from around the world.
[Rebecca Steffens Jenrow had been with Carlo since his tobacco days (apart from a short break working with Ian Munro at Cantox). She is listed in 2000 as the "Director of Research at SPPI".]

Carlo's old WTR associates
2000 Jul: Carlo's friend and WTR associate, John D Graham of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis — who lead the WTR's peer review board — has published a risk-assessment report which revealed examples of his corporate activities. Public Citizen explained:
As many cities and states were considering outlawing the use of cell phones while driving, Graham published a study (funded by AT&T Wireless Communications for $300,000) assessing the risks. The study came out against a ban on using cellular phones while driving, concluding that such a ban would be more costly than air bags and that there was "not enough reliable information on which to base reasonable policy."

    Tom and Ray Magliozzi, hosts of Car Talk from National Public Radio said in response to a similar risk-analysis study by Robert Hahn, Graham's intellectual and political ally at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies: "This seems to us to be a clear case of cost/benefit analysis run amok."

[Source: Ralph Nader's Public Citizen]

2000: July18 Carlo as head of the Radiation Protection Project (funded by Peter Angelos) has attacked the CTIA, which has recently recommended to cellphone manufacturers that they put the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurements on the phone handset packaging to 'inform the public' as to how much radiation the phones emit.

"The SAR isn't appropriate as a safety measure," Dr George Carlo said. Carlo, who heads the independent Radiation Protection Project, previously led a five-year industry-sponsored research panel that looked into safety and cancer risk issues regarding cellular phones. The panel never fully certified cell phones as safe for use, saying that the research remained inconclusive.

    Carlo said he believes that putting the SAR data into the public for easier understanding is "a good thing" because any knowledge is better than none. But he said the data is "pretty meaningless in terms of safety" because SAR doesn't measure time used.

    Carlo suggested that the recent decision by a jury in Florida to have tobacco makers pay more than $100 billion in damages due to tobacco-related illness might have shaken the industry into responsibility. The publishing of SAR data might be an effort, Carlos suggested, to preempt a jury at some point from being able to hold the industry responsible for purposefully withholding critical health information.
[One has to laugh! Even when he is right, it is for the wrong reasons.

    The SAR isn't a rational measure of a cellphone handset emissions, because two phones with radically different SAR values, being used along-side each other, will both emit the same amount of RF if they are talking through the same base-station. The output power of the handset is highly variable and always under the control of the base-station.]
2000 Jul 29 to Aug 2: Carlo's staffer, Rebecca Steffens Jenrow (now of SPPI) and the Desert Reseach Institute (DRI) ran a workshop on Ozone Depletion, UV Radiation, and Health Risks. in Alburquerque, New Mexico.
The goal of the workshop was to foster connections with two- and four-year colleges to establish a UV-Impacts Network. This network will help entrain faculty and students in efforts to assess UV exposure, atmospheric trends, and related health impacts.


The project on UV was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, and a follow-up workshop was planned for Summer 2001.

See mention in NOAA Joint paper with DRI

[This 'radiation' project doesn't appear to have any later involvement either from Jenrow or Carlo.

    Rebecca Steffens (MPH) had been a key member of Carlo's old HES researcher group for tobacco and the CTIA. She had married (Paul), added the name Jenrow, and shifted to Canada briefly to work for Ian Munro at Cantox [using the name "Beccy Jenrow."] They were working on Environmental Impact Statements for oil exploration.

    Now she was back as a spokesperson for the Carlo's Health Risk Management Group (HRMG) and both promoting UV-health networks and commenting on radio shielding devices and antenna radiation patterns for the Safe Wireless Initiative. A year or so later, she joined Abbott Laboratories as a Senior Manager and transfered to Lake Forest IL (Chicago). She now works under the names "Becky A Steffens" and "Rebecca Jenrow". You can't complain that Carlo's staff aren't flexible!]

2000 Nov: "Cell Phones, Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age" is finally published by George Carlo and his co-author Martin Schram. It was heavily promoted and sold well.

    The book was reviewed approvingly at a promotional site for Microshield (who make expensive and useless protection devices) as:

Dr Carlo talks of attempts by industry representatives to coerce and influence the direction of the program, including refusals to accept the results of at least two eminent scientist's research results, returning their papers on at least two occasions to have the findings adjusted so as to show the industry in a more favourable light. [Which scientists? Unspecified.]

    More importantly, Dr Carlo in the chapter called "Piecing together the Cancer Puzzle" says that "There is a definite risk that the radiation plume that emanates from a cell phone antenna can cause cancer and other health problems." This is driven by his assertion that the cancer link with mobile usage now satisfies all of the important seven Koch-Henle postulates used by scientists as a checklist to assess public health risks.
[This is the sort of scientific exaggeration and sensationalism, coupled with the random use of scientific phrases, that became a Carlo trademark in the following years.
  • "plume" became one of his technobabble catch-phrases... meaning unwanted variations in the pattern of transmission in directional antenna. (But cellphones themselves didn't have directional transmission).
  • The Koch postulates are rough rules-of-thumb for identifying the cause of disease.
    • The agent must be present in all cases of the disease;
    • isolateable and grown in culture;
    • injected into a healthy experimental animal, producing the disease; and then
    • recovered from the experimentally diseased animal and shown to be the same pathogen as the original.
Henle added and modified this list, but none of this bears any relationship to EMF exposure. However it has a faux-scientific flair. Naturally the billion-dollar-per-year 'radiation protection' scam-industry lapped it up, as did many activist groups.]

2000 Nov: A [now disappeared] on-line article "Cell Damage - use of cellular phones could be dangerous"

Of the 40-plus studies conducted under the WTR and reviewed by the Harvard School of Public Health, several produced troubling results:
  • Research by Epidemiology Resources, a testing lab in Massachusetts, found that brain cancer mortality was three times higher in users of hand-held cell phones than in users of car phones with the antenna mounted on the trunk.
    [Car phones with trunk mounted antenna were only used by wealthy executives in the early days of analog phones, mostly before the days of AMPS. This is like comparing accident statistics of a modern sedan with those of a horse-drawn hackney cab.]
  • An American Health Foundation study linked long-term cell phone use to an increased risk of tumors in the acoustic nerve, which carries sensory impulses to the brain. [The principle author of this study, Joshua Muscat, disputed this interpretation.]

    Page 8  

  • Research conducted by Integrated Laboratory Systems in Research Triangle Park, N.C., found that cell phone radiation impaired the ability of blood cells to repair damaged DNA. [That was one of several possible interpretations of these genuine results.]
For now, however, the studies have been either too short in duration or too small in size to produce definitive answers. But this doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about, warns Rebecca Steffens Jenrow, of the Health Risk Management Group and the WTR's lead researcher. "These findings could be chance," she says. "Or, they could be early indications of a serious public health problem."

    At the very least, Jenrow believes the industry should be doing more to educate consumers about potential risks, since additional research will take three to five years.

    Meanwhile, the number of products claiming to shield users from phone radiation is growing. The Calgon Carbon Corporation, based in Pittsburgh, recently began marketing a carbon cloth, dubbed the WaveZorb, that's designed to absorb radiation emitted by the earpiece. But the device does nothing to protect users from the antenna — the most potent part of cell phones.

    The merit of devices like this is unknown, says Jenrow. "Moving the antenna beyond two or three inches away from the head is the only recommendation that can be supported by existing data," she says.
[Actually the merits of these devices was well-known to be zero.]

[Calgon Carbon made activated charcoal products for water filters and a few other granulated carbon products. The new CEO was Jim Cederna who had spent the previous 20 years with Dow Chemical, and would have been an old Carlo associate.
During Cederna's tenure, Calgon Carbon began offering consumer products in 2000, some of which were sold on QVC Inc.'s Home Shopping Network. They included Purrfectly Fresh, PreZerve, and WaveZorb, a product that protected cellular telephone uses from microwave radiation.
He was fired not long after, and now runs a business executive's coaching company.]

2000 Dec 13: Carlo was in Spain lobbying Moreira da Silva, a Member of the European Parliament. Speaking later in the European Parliament, Da Silva has a few of the things Carlo had told him, slightly confused:

"Only yesterday in Lisbon, the American professor, George Carlo, who for the last seven years has been entrusted by the Food and Drugs Administration [wrong - CTIA] with a study on the effect of the radiation on human health, revealed at first hand that there is the risk that the use of mobile phones might promote the appearance of brain tumours, Alzheimer's disease and skin lesions."

[Never underestimate the value of exaggeration! And why not throw Alzheimers and skin-lesions into the pot if you are trying to make a point?]

    "Under these circumstances, I invite the Commission to apply the precautionary principle to mobile phones and to draw particular attention to the dangers of their use by children."

Child cancer rates continue to rise across Europe.
[Article in the Sept 18 2004 Portugal News Online]:
An international symposium on the health hazards of mobile phone radiation held in Lisbon in 2001 [actually Dec 2000] concluded that there was a direct link between cell phone use and cancer. The former Portuguese chief medical officer, Dr Mario Martins, who attended the conference, told The Portugal News that all the evidence pointed to a link between mobile phone radiation and tumours.

    Two of the American scientists who addressed the Lisbon meeting, Dr George Carlo and Dr Henry Lai, presented the results of their scientific tests carried out over an eight-year period which demonstrated a direct connection between cell phone and phone mast radiation emissions to cancer.

[To group Lai and Carlo together is close to defamation.

Dr Henry Lai was a genuine scientist, and the first to find replicatable evidence of DNA breaks following experimental exposure to TDMA cell phone emissions. He had neither suggested or "demonstrated a direct connection with cancer" — especially not with the emission from "phone mast radiation." Like most scientists, he doesn't rush to premature conclusions about cancer-causation, and is mainly concerned with the handsets held against the side of the head.

    By contrast, George Carlo, when he was with the CTIA/WTR, had attempted to discredit Lai's fundings, but now embraced them in support of his doomsaying and peddling of cures. He was actively cultivating a new and worshipful audience and potential customer-base among the anti-cellphone base-station groups.]

2000 Dec 20: Peter Angelos, the class-action super-lawyer who had helped win many billions of dollars in damages from the tobacco industry, and who now had Carlo as an associate...

... signed up as co-counsel acting for Dr Christopher Newman, a physician with brain cancer, who recently filed suit against the cellular industry.

    A member of the firm confirmed they would also be filing in no less than ten other cell phone lawsuits. Angelos stressed that he would not become involved unless he was "90% sure" he would win.

    The news that Peter Angelos was getting involved with cell phone litigation sent shares in major cell phone companies sliding according to a front page report in The Times (London) newspaper.

2001: Publication of Part 2 of the WTR wind-up material: "Wireless Phones and Health II : State of the Science" by George Louis Carlo and Polly Thibodeau.
[This is a summary of some later WTR findings]

Continues with the ground-breaking research presented in the first volume in this series by Dr George Carlo. Led by Dr Carlo, Wireless Technologies Research LLC (WTR) set out to answer the following questions: Is there a public health problem posed by the use of wireless instruments?

2001: A statistical study by Peter Inskip and Martha Linet published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that there was a statistically insignificant risk that cell phone usage caused tumors.

[Linet was the chief of the National Cancer Institute's Radiation Epidemiology Branch. She later agreed that cellphone radiation should be classified as "possibly carcinognic". See later material on the WHO's IARC RF research.]

    At the same time, researchers from University of Essen[Stang et al] in Germany reported that people who regularly use cell phones are three times more likely to develop cancer of the eye.

[This cancer is relatively rare, and this finding wasn't robust. They had examined 118 sufferers of uveal melanoma and compared their mobile phone use to that of a control group of 475 people without the cancer. They found a much higher rate of cancer in the mobile group but the study wasn't well planned or controlled.

    When they repeated the study a few years later with 459 patients and 1,194 controls (with much better research standard), there was no statistically significant association between mobile phone use (up to about 10 years) and uveal melanoma incidence.]

    In January 2001, Inskip was ready with a critical article published in Ken Rothman's "Epidemiology" which deals with Strang's uveal melanoma thesis.

Now you see it.... now you don't!
The above two studies illustrate the problem anyone will have in making any rational judgements about cellphone or power-line risks. Of course, they also illustrate how scientific research stumbles between claim and counter-claim even when scientists are both ethical and honest.
  • Increasingly, the risks appear to be proven and a geniune cause for concern. The old industry claims of 'not possible' are disproved convincingly.
  • However both sides of the debate have substantial financial or emotional investments in proving their case, and vested corporate interests exist on both sides. So a wise layman should be wary of any claims of 'certainty'.
  • The most trustworthy aspect of the accumulated contradictory evidence, is that — if EMFs do have serious health effects, the incidence appears to be very low. There are many potentially-harmful environmental pollutants.
  • However while the incidence might be low, the potential cumulative life-long effects when there are billions of exposed young cellphone users, is very high.
  • This is a genuine public health problem, and we need better ways to fund and control trustworthy research and drive out the charlatans, the complient and the complacent.
  • The media also needs to stop sensationalizing trivial adverse findings, treating pseudo-science and worthy of publicity, and publishing what is clearly corporate propaganda.

Carlo creates the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Register (MTHCR)
This is a subsidiary of the Science and Public Policy Institute.

2001 Jan: [From July 2002 entry in a website] George Carlo had created the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Register (MTHCR) as a subsidiary of his main Washington DC non-profit, Science and Public Policy Institute.
[It actually turned up later as a subsidiary of the Health Risk Management Group — but most of Carlo's operations are fluid.]

The project was initiated in January 2001 with $250,000 received by the project director, Dr George Carlo, through an Illinois court settlement that was part of ongoing cell phone health effects litigation.

[This was claimed to be payment-for-services from plaintiff lawyer Peter Angelos, but it is also said to be a CTIA settlement of costs associated with the Debbra Wright case.

    An Indian protection-device distributor, who appeared to be working with Carlo and promoting BioPro products, wrote in July 2002 that the MTHCR "was initiated in January 2001 with $250,000 from Peter Angelos" ... so who is to know?]

    The purpose of this registry is to provide consumers, government and industry critically important information that can be used to understand more fully the health risks that may be associated with wireless technology so that the technology can be delivered safely to the public.

    The registry is the only scientific tracking system in existence in the world that is monitoring the health of consumers who use wireless technology, including cellular telephones. In short, professionals working on this registry are the only scientists actively looking for health problems among cell phone users. The informational website is one of the only independent sources of scientific and medical information for consumers who are concerned about the health risks that may be associated with emerging and expanding wireless technology products and services.

    The registry and website have been established and are operational. The intent is to run the program for three more years and then turn to program over to federal government authorities preferably the Centers for Disease Control. Discussions to facilitate this transfer have begun with federal legislators.

The article has now disappeared:

[This new venture appears to be an extension of the Radiation Protection Project (announced April 2000) which just faded from view after promising to "examine birth defects and other health effects in women and children."       See other related material below.]
SPPI — SPPI Confusion.
Carlo's Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) appears to have no connection with the just-as-dubious Science and Public Policy Institute run by Executive Director Robert E Ferguson (see below), also in Washington DC.

    This other SPPI is devoted to climate denial, with 'mad' Lord Monckton and Willie Soon as celebrity spokesmen. It also has ties to the legislator-bribery facilitator organisation called the American Legislative Exchange Council. (ALEC)

    Ferguson's SPPI shares an address with the Center for Science and Public Policy which was set up by US Sen. Malcolm Wallop (R-WY). Wallop, a keen supporter of the tobacco industry , kept himself busy in Washington DC running a corporate travel agency business and a corporate funded think-tank (which also doubled as a Wallop campaign funding front), known as Frontiers of Freedom.

    This is now virtually a subsiary of the Cato Institute, and it has Exxon Mobil funding ($1m in the period 2001-6). FoF is linked to the SPPI by the shared address and Bob Ferguson, who acts as Executive Director of both, and to the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change (CDCDGC) by executive member Craig Idso. Wallop also runs "Frontiers for Peace" which advocates public property rights, and is part of the "Wise Use" group.

    What makes this SPPI-SPPI distinction even more confusing is that Carlo's SPPI also established a travel agency. [See below]


2001 Jan 16: The French Health General Directorate's Experts Group had been asked to find answers to the question:
Do the conclusions of recent reports summarising our current knowledge of the health hazards related to the use of mobile telephones and their accessories justify the adaptation of the risk management regulations recently adopted by the French and European authorities?
George Carlo and Rebecca Steffens Jenrow wrote "Mobile Telephones, Base Stations and Health" for the expert group, which then reported:
For all of these reasons, and in view of the brief they were given, the expert group recommend a risk management approach based on the precautionary principle, aimed at reducing public exposure to RF associated with mobile telephony to the lowest possible level compatible with service quality and justified by current scientific data.

An English transation exists here:

Old friends succeed
2001 Mar: John D Graham had been selected by President George Bush II to head the office of OMB/OIRA which was the White House agency-oversight group. This gave him control over the EPA, OSHA, FDA and other similar health related agencies.

Ralph Nader's Public Citizen tipped the bucket on both Graham and the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis with its report: 'Safeguards At Risk: John Graham and Corporate America's Back Door to the Bush White House' which says:
There are three major problems with Graham's potential rise to power within OMB.
  • First, Graham is certain to favor the regulated industries that have handsomely supported his Center. Graham has amply demonstrated his willingness to ignore, or gloss over, his own conflicts of interest. This report shows that Graham's Center has accepted money from chemical companies, auto manufacturers, energy and oil interests, and other industries hostile to regulation.

        Yet, invoking the prestige of Harvard University, he has consistently testified before Congress and been widely quoted by the media as though he is a neutral academic "expert," with no disclosure of the sources of his Center's funding in the article or testimony. Graham's research has been used to lend a "scientific" veneer to corporate efforts to roll back safety and environmental standards, and to push for a top-down reorganization of the government's basic regulatory scheme.

  • Second, Graham's methodology appears to be informed more by the wishes of his corporate backers than by anything recognizable as "science." Although he often calls himself a "scientist," Graham's field of risk analysis is a discipline within the field of public policy, and he does not in fact hold any degrees in the hard science disciplines that often form the basis for regulatory policy.

        Graham's Center, acting under the auspices of the Harvard School of Public Health, churns out research in support of industries that have a keen financial interest in seeing health and environmental safeguards dismantled or delayed.

2001 Mar 5: Meg McGinty wrote an overview of the WTR operations for Ziff Davis: "Smells Like Smoke" comparing the cellphone industry to the tobacco industry. However, this wasn't in reference to Carlo, but to another professional tobacco industry lobbyist.

Controlled research? Legal maneuvering? The wireless industry is starting to sound like the next Big Tobacco. You resist the urge to make the comparisons. But the cellular industry invites them. So now it's public knowledge that the rumors swirling around the industry last week are true.

    Turns out the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association did hire Arthur Levine, a partner at Arnold & Porter, an established lobbying firm that has done work for Phillip Morris, to negotiate a contract with the Food and Drug Administration. The contract, known as CRADA — for Cooperative Research and Development Agreement — was enacted early last year with much fanfare by the two parties as a pact to research whether cell phones are dangerous to a users' health. This time, for real.

    As a former bigwig with the FDA, Levine was the perfect candidate for such work. Levine would not confirm the relationship. "I don't discuss one way or the other who my clients are," said Levine.

[Tobacco industry document show that Arthur N Levine was "for more than a decade the Deputy Chief Cousnel for Litigation at the FDA and their to liason offical to the Department of Justice."
The tobacco archives have nearly a thousand documents with his name.]
See deals between the Tobacco Institute & WLF

CRADA has been a sore point with scientists and researchers. Under CRADA, the industry itself has final say over which research projects get the go-ahead.

    The industry is also footing the bill for CRADA. There are reported allegations that under the CRADA contract which Levine helped steer, the CTIA will own the rights to the research.

    That means the industry will control how that research is disseminated to the public. And even the industry says the crux of research will focus only on the findings brought out by WTR, the $27 million, 6-year industry-run research program that had been headed up by George Carlo. Since leaving that project, Carlo has written a book questioning the legitimacy of industry-sponsored research into health effects from wireless-phone usage.

    The FDA will not answer questions regarding CRADA, referring queries to the agency's Web site. A press release on that site states that CRADA was enacted to "reflect the FDA's continued efforts to assure that thorough research is conducted on mobile phone.
[CRADAs give the FDA a way of putting its own pseudo-regulatory gloss on what is essentially corporate funded and controlled research.]

    The most visible critic of the wireless industry regarding its safety research, George Carlo, has had his own credibility questioned by the industry, which portrays Carlo as an opportunist at best and a con artist at worst. Industry critics counter that at least one manufacturer — Motorola — has knowingly suppressed potentially damaging research. [These two claims aren't mutually exclusive!] Others point to what they call a cozy relationship between the wireless industry and federal regulators as evidence that the industry is more interested in protecting itself than its customers.

    But while Carlo has been busy raising questions about the CTIA and its research efforts, others have been raising questions about Carlo. Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News, points out that before his tenure at WTR, Carlo collected big bucks fronting for cancer-causing dioxin industries years back, in a role similar to the one he played with the cellular industry before the falling out.

    "For the six years that he was an employee of the CTIA, Carlo got very little done," Slesin says. "And the two research items he is pointing to now are not on the top of lists of what should be studied."

    Carlo contends that he was misused by the CTIA and now is being martyred. "I feel a deep sense of responsibility and regret that the good work done by the WTR has now been used as a basis to manipulate the consumer and the government and the media," he says. "They used the WTR to set up the consumer, and now they are using me as the guy they hang in the town square."

    The significance of Arthur Levine to any Washington-based writer is that Arnold & Porter is an established Democratic lobbying firm that provided the Democratic Party with its underground links to corporate lobbyists and polluting companies like Phillip Morris.
    [The true relationship between Arnold & Porter and Philip Morris was that they were co-conspirators, until threatened by Janet Reno's Justices Department with RICO charges. Over the years, Arnold & Porter...
    • had held key boardroom position with Philip Morris, and provided legal and secretarial service and numerous staff as top executives.
    • run a secret subsidiary called Clement-Fortas-Krash which became the Tobacco Institute's government lobbying arm in Washington for some time
    • Arnold, Porter and Fortas (dishonoured Supreme-Court judge and third partner) were President Johnston's private advisors and confidants.
    • created APCO [originally 'A&P Co'], which was Philip Morris's private PR/lobbying operation. APCO ran tort-reform (ATRA and CALA) and their junk-science (TASSC & ESEF/EuroTASSC) operations
    • promoted and funded lawyer-lobbyist partner Jack Quinn as a political aide. Quinn did the preliminary legal work to set up TASSC in 1993 [which had Carlo on its Advisory Board]. He was then seconded as campaign strategist, then Chief of Staff to Al Gore and Bill Clinton. This gave the tobacco industry White House leverage.]
See also a later report by Microwave News with reference to Carlo's role in the tobacco industry. "How Big Tobacco Defines Wireless and EMF Health Debates"

2001 Apr 4: Carlo and the co-writer of the tell-all book, Martin Schram, were on a publicity tour for their book Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age. Martin Schram is a so-called "Washington syndicated columnist and editor" (actually a hack writer).

    Schram wrote the book using Carlo's notes cobbled together with transcripts from some Carlo commentary. The book emerged as a wierd conglomeration of Carlo interviews and Schram's third-hand commentary. Most material appears to be reasonably factual, but it is clearly highly selective and self-serving, and manipulative in the way it deals with some historical and scientific details. But, at this time Carlo hadn't yet morphed into his later full doomsayer, snake-oil-salesman-mode so the book is not without some merits.

    The Carlo-Schram book complains that the CTIA's President actively denigrated Carlo's academic status, saying

"[Tom] Wheeler now chose to refer to his former handpicked research chief (who has a doctorate in pathology) as "Mr Carlo."
[Obviously Schram thought Carlo was medically trained. But no one has ever discovered where this oft-repeated claim of his "Doctorate in Pathology" came from — or why it does not appear in Carlo's C/Vs, yet appears in this co-written book. He never claims this himself, but many of his close associates do! This can not be accidental.]

See C-span

2001 May 22: The US General Acounting Office (GAO) has cobbled together a draft report on cellphone health at the request of Senator Joe Lieberman and Rep Edward Markey. According to Jeff Silva, the report focussed only...

"on lab experiments that showed cellphone radiation caused genetic changes in human blood cells and animal tissue changes [which] cancer experts consider a diagnostic marker of 'high risk' for developing tumors."
Reuters then distributed a news release stating:
The report criticizes the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for not keeping consumers updated about the latest scientific knowledge on the safety of mobile phones.

    The GAO report also expresses the concerns of federal investigators that a research partnership between the FDA and the cellular wireless communication industry gives too much power to the industry to withhold study results from the public.
[This was a direct (and well founded) attack on the FDA's CRADA arrangement with the CTIA.]

2001 July 31: At a Washington conference set up by Medscape [the on-line journal], Carlo made a presentation, "Scientific Progress - Wireless Phones and Brain Cancer: Current State of the Science." which was said to be "on the joint WTR and American Health Foundation (AHF) work"

    It was also published mid-December 2000 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) as "Handheld cellular telephone use and risk of brain cancer" and also rehashed in Neurology in 2002 as "Handheld cellular telephone use and risk of acoustic neuroma"

    The research had been done in association with the AHF which was run by his old Nocebo friend and fellow tobacco science-for-sale entrepreneur, Ernest Wynder. The credits for this study went to:

JE Muscat, MG Malkin, S Thompson, RE Shore, SD Stellman, D McRee, AI Neugut, EL Wynder.
[Joshua Muscat was the lead author with Wynder just tagging on his name for prestige. Don McRee was the fourth member of Carlo's WTR's SAG]

    This keenly-awaited article (it was presented in July 2000, by G Carlo — who had contributed to its financing by the WTR — as "suggesting that there is a risk of brain cancer", in particular on the side on which the mobile is used, as the work of Hardell tended to show in 1999), was published in mid-December.

    It presents the results of a case-control study conducted between 1994 and 1998 in 5 university hospitals on the east coast of the United States, covering 469 subjects (aged from 18 to 80) suffering from brain cancer and 422 matched controls. Exposure to the fields associated with mobiles was characterised by a questionnaire and measured by the number of hours of monthly use and the number of years of use.

    Compared to non-users, and after adjustment for confounding factors, the 'Odds Ratio' (OR: standard measurement for "excess risk") for cellular telephone use was 0.85 (95% CI: 0.6 - 1.2). The average length of use was 2.8 years for cancer sufferers, as compared to 2.7 years for controls. The ipso- or contra-lateral position of the cancer depended on the area of the brain that was affected.

[Note: 2.8 years is a ridiculously short incubation period for a brain cancer study. This is why Muscat refused to support Carlo's later characterisation of this study as confirmation of serious harm from cellphones.

    The ipso (same) side relationship claim is even more dubious.This reference just mean they questioned the patient as to which side he used his phone, and assumed he could remember. (Which hand do you use to scratch your nose?)]

    All histological types of cancer had an OR less than 1, except for one rare form: neuroepithelioma (OR = 2.1 [0.9-4.7]).

    The authors concluded from this work that there was no excess risk of brain cancer associated with the use of mobile telephones, but considered that further research was required, particularly to take longer periods of use into account.

[This is a paper-thin scientific finding — and Muscat generally protested Carlo's interpretation of it as highly significant. Naturally, the activist groups believed this was a cover-up. Carlo claims that data was altered after he had first seen the paper.. but this is not one that any outsider can decide. Studies always go through a 'draft' stage — and often figures are corrected or even 'normalized' by the scientists to make them look better.]

Which side of the head?
The study appears to rely to the Hardell theory of correlation of the cancer's location with the claimed "side on which the mobile is used." This assumes that cancer sufferers can, and will, accurately report a pattern of past usage, activities and exposures of their mobile phones — and that their recollections will not be colored by their current knowledge of the brain-cancer location. In epidemiology, this type of misreporting is a well-known confounding factor.

2001 July: /E MTHCR: [From July 2002 entry in a website] In Jan 2001 George Carlo had created the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Register (MTHCR) under his Health Risk Management Group, but apparently nothing was done with it for six months.

During the summer of 2001, the opportunity was presented for Dr George Carlo to move forward with the recommendations that had previously been made by him and other scientists to the wireless industry to establish a post-market surveillance registry and an information resource for consumers. Initial funds to set up the program were provided through a class action settlement in Illinois court.
[Probably an arrangement with Peter Angelos]
See below for other entries on later stages in development of the MTHCR
      • The registry and consumer info website became operational March 2002.
      • The registry and website were launched in mid-April, 2002.
      • The scientific library of the WTR was updated and made functional.
      • The public relations launch was a one half-day satellite-linked news conference.
[Someone obviously had a lot of money available for the launch.]

How cellphone exposure standards are set.
2001 Sep: Microwave News reported IEEE Drafts Major Relaxation of RF/MW Human Exposure Limits: Cell Phone SARs Could Be 12 Times Higher A team led by Motorola's Chief of EME Research, CK Chou, was promoting acceptance of a new exposure standard where...
... the specific absorption rate (SAR) limit for mobile phones would jump from 1.6 W/Kg to 10 W/Kg.
[The power-density of cellphone radiation is measured in Watts of energy per square centimeter of body surface, while the tissue absorption (specific absorption rate) is measured in Watts of energy per kilogram of tissue. At best, it is a vague measurement related to potential tissue heating.]

    The committee also wants to modify the way SARs are measured. The combined effect of the two changes would be to increase by more than 12 times the allowable human exposure to cell phone radiation.

In the same month the German Radiation Protection Commission recommended a policy of prudent avoidance — minimizing exposures to both ELF and EMFs to the extent "technically and economically reasonable".

Also at this same time, the US government closed the Lin Committee which had been looking into exposure standards problems for the National Council on Radiation Protection. (NCRP).
The board of directors of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) has closed down its committee that was updating the council's report on RF/MW exposure limits.

    In a September 6 letter to Dr James Lin, the chair of NCRP Committee 89-5, NCRP President Dr Charles Meinhold stated that the board believed that "timely completion of the report was unlikely."
The committee member CK Chou had recently joined Motorola, and Lin had asked him to resign because of the conflict of interest. Chou had refused, so Lin refused to continue with the standards work.
For a year and a half, the committee's work was held up as the membership issue went unresolved. Lin said that he could not get Petersen to agree to replace Chou.

    Lin heard nothing more from Petersen or Meinhold [NCRP administrators] until August 31, when, he says, he received a phone call from Petersen announcing that the board had decided on July 18 to disband his committee on RF/MW health effects.

    In addition to Adair, Chou, Lin and Lotz, the original members of NCRP Scientific Committee 89-5 were: Drs. Patricia Buffler, University of California, Berkeley; George Harrison, University of Maryland, Baltimore; Richard Luben, University of California, Riverside; and Jan Stolwijk, Yale University.

    In 1998, Dr Robert Liburdy of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab [had] replaced Luben, but he later resigned, as did Stolwijk. Dr Faith Davis of the University of Illinois, Chicago, joined the commitee in 2000 when Buffler became a consultant rather than a full member.
[It is amazing how often the same names keep turning up in these committees and panels. Some scientists must make a career out of attending meetings.]

2001 Oct 29: REFLEX-Adlkofer: At a lecture of the European Union's COST group in Brussels, the coordinator of the four-year REFLEX $3 million study into cellphone DNA damage, Dr Franz Xavier Adlkofer, gives an outline of the research groups and their specific projects.

[He ran the tobacco industry's Verum Foundation] Download


The 'Dead Mice Walking' study '
The Royal Adelaide Hospital Study a few years earlier had found a doubling of lymphomas in the exposed mice in their substantial piece of research... and the research had been directed by radiation-denier Michael Repacholi who was a consultant at that time to the Australian cellphone industry which funded the research. It took years of analysis, and months of media manipulation before the paper was released... in the hope that it wouldn't be noticed. But it created a stir.

    Subsequently another group under Tim Kuchel and Tammy Utteridge were commission to 'replicate' the study at the same hospital. When they found no effect, their results were rushed into print in the industry's favourite 'peer-research' journal, Radiation Research, in 2002.

    Microwave News looked closely at the study and commented that it signalled "a massive failure of peer review".
There were many errors in the paper, but the most obvious and egregious one allowed two figures to appear on the same page in open contradiction to each other. Mice that were shown to have died in one figure were still being counted, picked up, and weighed in the other.
Microwave News reported later that:
Even Q. Balzano, a former senior Motorola executive, told us at the time that, "The paper is chock-full of contradictions. [however] "Whatever its shortcomings, the Kuchel-Utteridge study continues to be touted by Motorola and Moulder as a key indicator that wireless radiation is harmless.

    Peer review is only as good as the reviewers. A flawed paper can be published, if the supervising editor selects sympathetic reviewers who will be likely to overlook them.

2002: The 11th edition of Wireless Phones and Health: Scientific Progress by George L Carlo, was published. This book had been first published in 1996. So someone was making good money out of it, even though the material was already six year out of date and dealt mainly with TDMA, a fast-disappearing wireless technology.

[The pulsed-power TDMA was in the early stages of being replaced by a steady-power Wideband-CDMA technology often known at this time as UMTS ('Universal Mobile Telephone System').]

2002 Mar: SWI: The beginning of Carlo's post-market surveillance database, under the "Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Register" (MTHCR) which was said (in Jan 2001) to be run by his Health Risk Management Group (HRMG).

    'March 2002" is the date for the start of this database as given in Carlo's Letter to the Editor of The Guardian newspaper following a critical article by Ben Goldacre in June 2007. He wrote:

For the past five years, through our Safe Wireless Initiative project, we have operated the only post-market surveillance database in the world systematically collecting symptom information from thousands of patients suffering from the effects of various forms of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR).
At that time he was backdating the SWI to the establishment of the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Register (MTHCR).

2002 Mar 9: Article in Norwegian newspaper "Dagbladet": Dr Gro Harland Brundtland, head of the World Health Organisation (and former Norwegian Prime Minister), revealed that she is sensititive to cellphone radio-waves.
    "It's not the sound, but the waves I react on. My hypersensitivity has gone so far that I even react on mobiles closer to me than about four metres,"
When we sit with her in her office at "Helsetilsynet" in Oslo she asks if there is an active mobile phone in the room. She finds that she has developed a slight headache. The cellular phone of the photographer was turned on but without sound in the pocket of his jacket.

[The chances of this happening are pretty high, but written in this way it suggests this is evidence that she is actually sensitive to active phones in an office environment.]

    The earlier Minister of State [Prime Minister] never had a mobile of her own, but she has close associates who do and she earlier often received calls on their phones. She says there are reasons to be cautious about mobile phone use.
    "In the beginning I felt a local warmth around my ear. But the agony got worse, and turned into a strong discomfort and headaches every time I used a mobile phone," Gro says.
She thought she could escape the pain by shorter calls, but it didn't help. Neither did it help that she herself stopped using a mobile phone. Today it is a tool everybody uses, also at her workplace, the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva.
    "I felt after a while that I had developed a sensitivity against the radiation.

    "And in order not to be thought to be hysterical — that someone should believe that this was just something I imagined — I have made several tests: People have been in my office with their mobile hidden in their pocket or bag. Without knowing if it was on or off, we have tested my reactions. I have always reacted when the phone has been on — never when it's off. So there is no doubt."
[What is meant by the phones being on or off? People will say their phones are off if the audible ring tones are switched off. This raises questions about her concept of scientific rigor and proof.

    No substantial double-blind tests along these "know if it was on or off" lines have ever shown that 'electrosensitive people' can detect the presence of concealed active cellphones; many have shown that they can't. There have been dozens of well-constructed studies of this kind — and this is an easy study for anyone to make given adequate attention to strict controls and blinding of the participants.

    Medical doctors are not scientists in the strict sense of the term, so there is no reason to give her personal beliefs more credence than the many replicated findings of the scientific research industry, just because she headed the WHO.]

2002 July: Carlo's Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) report headed "Proposals for Supplementary Funding." gives an overview of the scientific consensus that children shouldn't use mobile phones.

    A paragraph extracted by EMFacts says about the ollow-up to the WTR reseach

"Special concern for children followed from the research. Studies showed that radiation penetrated deeper into the heads of teenagers and children resulting in more exposure to potentially harmful radio waves than adults; the type of genetic damage that was found — micronuclei in human blood — is more likely to occur in growing tissue undergoing mitosis, such as growing brain tissue in children; the wireless industry had targeted children as a growth market and were succeeding in increasing cell phone usage among children and teenagers."
The SPPI document doesn't appear on-line today [Health Concerns was a Carlo operation] but clearly Carlo was hoping to get money for research into children's risk.

See mention in this summary of scientific opinion about children's vulnerability:

2002 Jul: MTHCR An Indian protection-device distribution website promotes the fact that George Carlo was looking for donations to help his Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Register (MTHCR) which was dragging in the customers. The MTHCR...

... was initiated in January 2001 with $250,000 from Peter Angelos. [Carlo had suggested that the money came from the Debbra Wright case, but this site contradicted that. Clearly the statements here were based on information from Carlo.]

    The informational website is one of the only independent sources of scientific and medical information for consumers who are concerned about the health risks that may be associated with emerging and expanding wireless technology products and services.

    The registry and the consumer information website have been operational since March of 2002. The public relations launch consisted of a one half day satellite news conference to facilitate live television interviews of Dr George Carlo in 15 cities.

Over the past four months, the website has received more than 400.000 visitors from all fifty states, Europe and Asia. Nearly 400 people have registered health complaints ranging from brain and eye cancer to headaches, dizziness and memory loss. With minimal publicity and with the difficulty attendant to reaching the website - the site "www.health-concerns.org" is not easily reached, we are encouraged by the launch.

    These numbers are far beyond expectations and suggest that the visitors were motivated to find the site for whatever reason. We have received and answered several hundred e-mails from consumers with questions. Most recently, we received an e-mail from a father whose teenage daughter, a heavy cell phone user, was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. He indicated that two other young girls in the same school district were also recently diagnosed. We are now investigating this as a potential cluster. Similar suggestions of clusters among teenagers have also emerged from Europe.

    We believe the response we have received thus far indicates that the registry and informational website are filling an important void for consumers. In conjunction with the public health and public policy needs served by the project, we believe we have rationale to take the registry and informational website to a wider audience.

This site was also actively promoting a radiation protection device. It says:
"But we found a way to harmonize the radiation, so it doesn't effect our body negatively like that anymore. We found " Harmonizer" Stickers from German inventor Sascha Witschonke. Check out his website "http://www.con-liv.de" and get your own "Harmonizer" immediately and also learn about other high-tech appliances in order to balance electronical smog etc.. The "Harmonizer" really works! The radiation will be sort of linked to the naturally occuring Scalar Waves (Gravity Waves) and thus harmonized in respect of living beings.
[Sascha Witschonke was another 'electronic engineer' who decided to get in on the protection scam. His German business was known as "Conscious Living". It had been established in 1996 and it combined EMF protection, spiritual and creative advise, with quantum physics and gravitational waves. The Germans were the only group to challenge Americans in the snake-oil and stupidity stakes. ]

2002 July 16: Norbert Hankin of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Air and Radiation, wrote a letter "that raise questions about the adequacy of the government's mobile phone standard." (This wasn't the first that he'd written critical of the industry.) He wrote:

"The FCC's exposure guideline is considered protective of effects arising from a thermal mechanism but not from all possible mechanisms. Therefore, the generalization by many that the guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified."
This was written to an activist network at a crucial time when a federal judge in Baltimore was about to rule whether a $800 million cancer lawsuit (the Newman case with Peter Angelos) could move forward. Carlo and his activist associates were quick to promote the letter, and the plaintiff's lawyers included Hankin's EPA letter in their filings with the court.

    If the case did move ahead, this would be the first time a case against the cellphone industry had made it to a jury trial.

    The CTIA again enlisted tobacco lawyers Arnold & Porter to mount an attack against Hankin and the EPA, and they were joined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) which (along with the ANSI) established the exposure standards.
"Arnold & Porter, which represents us on a number of issues, is assisting us procedurally to arrange a meeting with EPA. The purpose of the meeting is to seek clarification of Mr. Hankin's letter and how this reconciles with previous public statements by EPA and other government agencies," said Jo-Anne Basile, vice president of external and industry relations at CTIA. Basile last week said planning for the EPA meeting was in a preliminary stage.

    This is not Hankin's first run-in with industry. Past statements by Hankin have irked industry and prompted lobbyists to go over his head. In most cases, industry has succeeded in getting the EPA to write a letter that embraces the FCC standard without expressly overruling Hankin. That is likely the result industry seeks in the latest flare-up.

    But this time around, industry — already facing a slew of cancer lawsuits that could grow in number if the Baltimore case goes to trial — appears to be attaching an even higher priority to the Hankin letter.
[The CTIA would never have had a problem setting up a meeting with the EPA itself. Therefore the enlistment of Arnold & Porters, as a well-known powerful Democratic and corporate-connected group of defence lawyers, could only be interpreted by the EPA as a threat.]

2002 July: Attorney Nancy F Lesser has launched PAX Dispute Resolution LLC, (later called Pax ADR) with offices at 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. It has the same address and telephone number as Carlo's Science and Public Policy Institute and his Safe Wireless Initiative — (202) 756-7744.

    Pax Disputes Resoluion later enlisted Tamara Mariea (Carlo's autism partner) as one of their mediators. And, when the Safe Wireless Initiative collapsed in 2010, Lesser immediately acquired a new address and phone number, so clearly there was a close connection — but what this link was, remains elusive.

    The best explanation, is that Lesser took over the lease during Carlo's absence (see below) and then shared the office when he returned to work for BioPro.

Pax Disputes Resolution Llc.

    The filing date for the Pax Disputes Resolution Llc business listing in Maryland is given as Feb 6 2002, and it has been registered by Nancy F Lesser, of Bethesda. MD. It later changed its name to PAX ADR Llc (Alternative Disputes Resolution)

    Pax appears to be solely a Lesser business since it also pays the property taxes on Lesser's Mongomery County, Bethesda property.

This appears on the surface to be a genuine independent legal operation which has an arrangement to share an office with Carlo — except for the shared phone number and the Mariea relationship. However there is no evidence that Carlo was using Lesser or the Pax operation in any way.

Lesser also teachers at the Georgetown University Law Center. Note: Lesser's JD came from Georgetown University, while Carlo's was from George Washington Uni.

2002 July - 2004 Jan: Carlo's 'Gap Years'
He says that he decided to take a break for a couple of years after he'd done his book tour... and that he then came back into the fight in support of Dr Franz Adlkofer who had been accused of faking material in the European Union's REFLEX study.

These dates don't correlate exactly, but they are close enough, although he probably came back primarily to work with the new company, BioPro Technologies.

2003 June: /E BioPro: Chelation therapist Tamara Jo Mariea (nee Tamara Matz), who ran a $1000-per-day Tennessee "detoxification clinic." registered under the business name "Internal Balance." became a member of the Grimm-Hanser "Body Wise Scientific Advisory Board."

Body Wise was a mail-order cosmetics operation which was then still operating under a violation order from the FTC for deceptive advertising.
[Carlo was on his gap year at this time]

    Mariea began to advertise her services as an "Independent Business Associate" of FemOne (the parent of BioPro Technologies), and she set up a web-site flogging mail-order cosmetics and health products. These were distributed via a pyramid franchise arrangement by Ray Grimm Jr.

[Grimm and his partner Alfred Hanser, were the founder of BioPro Technologies which, in 2004, began to specialise in "EMR protection" devices.]

    Before entering the alternative health and cosmetics business, Tamara Matz had been a "biochemist... in hazardous waste management". She says her 'field was toxicology' and that she participated in large scale Superfund Site Clean-Ups. Another site says:

Tamara Mariea's in-depth involvement in multiple underground storage tank removal projects, hydro geological well monitoring for large petrochemical refineries in Ohio and her management of large superfund remedial projects along with manufacture's consulting within her field of environmental toxicology created an eclectic and experienced resume.
Less effusive material suggests that she had only a BS from Bowling Green State (not a PhD as she claimed) and that she worked for Clontech Labs. which specialised in toxic chemicals. A Russian biochemist Mikhail V Matz, (probably her first husband), gave her credit for helping him prepare a manuscript on his legitimate research.

    This background could explain the connection with Carlo, who worked for Dow Chemicals and also for waste incineration corporations and the Cement Kiln Recycling Association which all had dioxin problems. One biog says:
"Early in her career, Mariea became a Sanitarian and a Certified Hazardous Materials Specialist and built a reputation as an expert in industrial and commercial toxicology, consulting with industry management on proper environmental health & safety procedures, hazardous waste management, air emission control standards and water quality.

    She also participated in large scale Superfund Site Clean-Ups, underground storage tank removals and many other waste site remedial projects. She was often the liaison between regulatory entities such as the EPA, OSHA and industry polluters."
[With such an impressive CV there is a remarkable scarcity of any records connecting her to any research or Superfund work. We can find no published study papers (other than a later autism one done with Carlo) under either of her names.

See biog and video

2003 June 22: REFLEX-Adlkofer: At the BioElectroMagnetics Society (BEMS) conference in Hawaii, Franz Adlkofer of the Verum Foundation releases the preliminary findings of the European Union's REFLEX research project. This demonstrated fairly conclusively that cellphone radiations can damage the DNA in cells.

    To ensure that the findings were robust, the REFLEX work had been shared out as a number of distinct and separate laboratory studies conducted at 12 different European research institutes.

    However the up-roar from the cellphone industry was so intense that the release of the study was delayed by the European Union for another year while every aspect is questioned and checked — including the credentials of the Coordinator. Dr Adlkofer had, for decades, been the German tobacco industry's chief scientific lobbyist. However here his role was purely that of coordinator and administrator — much the same role as Carlo played in WTR.

    The most important four studies which found DNA damage, were then checked and confirmed by replication at two laboratories not associated with the original REFLEX group. (Results were due Sept 2005).

    Further analysis of these results were confusing, but seemed to confirm the later Lai-Singh finding that the observed DNA damage depended to a large degree on the intermittency of the irradiation, delays between exposure and assay, and the duration of the experiments — which all appear to modify the activation of the cell's own repair mechanisms.

See Abstract in 2004

However news of the study findings leaked out and were sensationalised, which created an even stronger impression among the public, the media, and activist groups that the cellphone industry was quashing good scientific research.

In December, Prof. Hugo Rüdiger of University of Vienna, went public with claims that the industry was trying to suppress the whole study.

[Which they undoubtedly were attempting to do, via the German version of the CTIA called the FGF. And the industry was supported in this endeavour by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection.]

How independent was the Verum Foundation?
The German tobacco industry funded (and secretly controlled) the Verum Foundation as an 'independent scientific foundation' dedicated to public health research.

[These documents are all from an earlier period, but worth reading]
  • Structure and functions of Verband (German Tobacco Institute) and Verum Foundation (both run by Adlkofer)
  • Funding 50% of a nicotine conference in Canada
  • Helmut Reif of Philip Morris/FTR negotiating with Adlkofer ('A.') to launder research funds via the Verum Foundation,
  • Conspiring to counter the WHO/IARC research findings on the dangers of ETS, and to promote GEP.
  • Helping select only favourable studies for a conference

Wheeler is replaced at the CTIA
2003 Aug 29: Republicans take over K Street By Gail Russell Chaddock staff writer for The Christian Science Monitor
"To encourage such a change of culture, Mr. Norquist and Tom DeLay of Texas, now House majority leader, launched what they call "the K Street Project" in 1995.

    Ninety percent of the new top hires are going to Republicans; it should be 100 percent," says Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, an antitax group. "It would be suicidal of them to go to a Democrat."

    Still, K Street apparently got the message to hire Republicans. Most of the recent new hires in the lobby shops along the K Street corridor, and especially the top ones, have been Republicans, many from the Bush administration and Capitol Hill.

    Last week, the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association [The third version of the CTIA] hired former Rep. Steve Largent (R) of Oklahoma as its next president.
[Ex-football player Largent had just failed in his attempt to become Governor of Oklahoma. So what better way to use his talents?]

2003 Oct 30: BioPro: An article in San Diego Reader, "Crapshoot Park" by Don Bauder describes the way in which Raymond Grimm managed to get his FemOne company listed on Vancouver Stock Exchange by merging it with a defunct gold mining company after his old company, USA Inc. was chargd by the FDA with selling unapproved and misbranded products — causing it to fold. He then started Uni-Vite, FemOne, and BioPro.

Grimm and a colleague [Alfred Hansen] paid a mere $279,350 for five million shares of stock in the gold-mining company.

    After the name change, FemOne stock surged, as Uni-Vite's had, before crashing. It is hard to fathom FemOne's upswoosh. The company's liabilities are almost double its assets, and it has an accumulated deficit of almost a million dollars. The accountant questions the company's ability to continue as a going concern.
The real goldmine followed shortly after: Grimm and Hansen set up BioPro Technologies as a subsidiary and began flogging cellphone radiation protection devices using George Carlo as their main shill.

2003 Dec 15 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) finally takes action against some of the more blatant advertisers of cellphone protection devices. [Complaint filed Feb 20 2002]
Interact Communications, Inc., based in Boca Raton, Florida, sells and distributes products under the names WaveShield 1000, Wave Shield Gold, and WaveShield 3000, all of which are intended for use on cellular or cordless phones.

    The complaint, filed in federal district court, challenges the defendants' claims that the WaveShield prevents up to 97 percent or 99 percent of all radiation and other electromagnetic energy emitted from cellular and cordless telephones from reaching the brains of users.

    The complaint alleges that the defendants fail to disclose that most of the energy emitted by cellular and cordless phones comes from the antenna and other parts of the phone, and that WaveShield products have no effect on these other emissions.

[ Sheldon Kalnitsky was the head of the company Interact Communications which "settled" the Waveshield case with the FTC. [There is also a Howard Kalnitsky involved]

    However, it is important to realize that the order only covered misleading advertising claim about the Waveshield device, because they did not block radiation from the cellphone antenna.

    So it became open-slather for any protection device manufacturer to sell these devices, provided they didn't claim to block antenna radiation.]

Waveshield still flogs their protection products. As they explain:
WaveShield was developed in response to the growing concern about cell phone radiation by our founder Shelly Kalnitsky, a former advertising executive. After seeing an ABC 20/20 report [George Carlo] on cell phone dangers on October 20, 1999 he immediately started exploring a way to protect people from this invisible threat. He discovered a patented material that didn't allow non ionizing radiation to pass through it which led to the birth of the WaveShield.
And another piece which says:
"After watching a segment on ABC's 20/20 in the fall of 1999, on the dangers of cell phone use, it aroused our interest on the topic. We started an extensive search on products claiming to protect cell phone users from the harmful electromagnetic radiation they emit. We found at least a dozen and ordered them to see what they were all about.

    To our dismay, they were all phony shields and stickers with no valid testing, that did little more than decorate the phone. During our research we came across a patented material developed for use in clothing to protect workers in radioactive environments. We had a large piece of this material sent to us for a series of standard tests and found it did indeed block radiation from penetrating it.

    In January of 2000 the Waveshield Series 1000 oval silver shield was created and sent to a United States Government Accredited Lab for official testing. The results were incredible!"
[The claims are still incredible, not just "the results". But note that a sheet of aluminum kitchen foil will block EMF radiation incredibly well. The problem is how to block a working transmitter-receiver from radiating radio waves via its antenna when its whole purpose of the instrument is to beam that radiation a couple of miles in every direction.

    Kalnitsky conforms to the FTC settlement by modifying his explanation as to how the WaveShield protects your brain. He now says that it blocks only radiation entering via your ear — with no mention of any need for antenna blocking.]
WaveshieldSeries 1000 oval and slim style for cell phones and Waveshield Series3000 for cordless phones has been scientifically proven to block up to 97% of the radiation from entering into your inner ear during normal phone use.

    WaveshieldGold Series was developed in 2001, covering the silver shield with pure 24 karat gold. It's long been known that gold has one of the highest conductive properties of all metals, and as expected, the Waveshield Gold Series has been scientifically proven to block up to an incredible 99% of the radiation from entering into your inner ear during normal phone use.
[You might still get brain cancer, but you'll have the least radiated ears in town.]

The old Superfund-Dioxin dispute still continues
2004: Dioxins: Frank Luntz, the Republican environmental strategist for the second Pres. George Bush II term, issued this training booklet for the faithful. It includes material on the Superfund clean up (after nearly 20 years).
' Preserving parks and open spaces is a winner because it doesn't need to be explained to everyday Americans. We need more issues like this. No matter how many experts know that Superfund law or the Clean Water Act or Clean Air rules don't work as they should, the public doesn't perceive them as broken. There is not a public outcry to fix them.

    That is not to say that it is unreasonable to try to "update" Superfund or to "modernize" the Clean Water Act. But you can't do that kind of heavy lifting until you win the public's trust on the basics: protecting and maintaining what we have.

2004: The Interphone Study concluded after five years of research. This multi-centered research program was organised by the International Agency for Research into Cancer (IARC) which is the research arm of the World Health Organisation. It was a series of inteview-based case-controlled studies which looked at cellphone use and brain-cancer, and was conducted in 13 European countries using a common protocol.

    However the results were so contradictory that the IARC did not publish until 17th May 2010, and then only after a fierce factional dispute among those involved. The general opinion is that the only thing this study revealed is how factionalized the research industry has become. By then, the "no effects" faction had taken control of the publication of the results.

[Note that Interphone was only looking at brain-cancer. There are a half-dozen other potential health conditions that have been associated with cellphones.]

See also the later (2010) scientific reaction to the Interphone study: Cellphone and Brain Tumors - 15 Reasons for Concern

Carlo resurfaces after over a year.
He claims to have set up a team of scientists to help lawyers sue the tobacco companies.
We'd love to know what he was doing. He claimed to be broke.

2004 Feb: BioPro: Career pyramid-sales executive Ray W. Grimm, Jr of Carlsbad, California and his partner Alfred Hanser, [a fellow direct-marketer featured in infomercials for Channoine Creame de Beauté and other weight-loss and beauty products] formally positioned their new company BioPro Technologies in the cellphone radiation protection business.

    They had a new "Harmonising EFT product" known as MRET which was credited to an inventor named Smirnov. BioPro Technologies was a subsidiary of FemOne which later changed its name to Actis Global Ventures.

    BioPro's devices incorporate an epoxy polymer developed under license from inventor Igor Smirnov, and described in U.S. Patent #6369399: Electromagnetic radiation shielding material and device, issued in April 2002. The patent claims without substantiation that the polymer and devices made from it,

"when worn, carried or otherwise kept in proximity to persons, animals and even plants, serve to lessen adverse health effects caused by EMR from power lines, computers, mobile telephones, microwave ovens, televisions and numerous other electrical and electronic devices."
Smirnov claims without substantiation that such material is desirable because:
"adverse human health effects which have been reported as attributable to long-term EMR exposure include occurrence of certain cancers, multiple sclerosis and autism."
Smirnov's polymer incorporates:
  • an oxydated hydrocarbon emulsifier, preferably ethylene glycol monobutyl ether or its acetate salt;
  • a galvanic salt, preferably dibasic sodium phosphate;
  • an alkaloid, preferably atropine or its derivatives;
  • a dye or stain, preferably rose bengal; and
  • a polysaccharide, preferably derived from algae.
Devices made from the polymer may be solid, fibrous, powdered or woven fabrics.
In a 2006 article in Explore! magazine, Smirnov added symptoms of headaches, sleep disruption, short term memory impairment, and increases in the frequency of epileptic seizures to the list of ills caused by EMR and supposedly preventable by means of his technology, but offered no references to support his claims.
BioPro literature contends that its "activated water" system "imprints a vital subtle energy signature into the water," improves cellular function and the circulatory system, inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, and stimulates collagen production.

How does BioPro work?
Because EMF is a complex problem, BIOPRO uses a multi-dimensional approach and provides products that work together to help address the implications of electropollution on your whole body. The products fall into three categories: Personal Environmental, Body Worn and Nutritional.

    BIOPRO uses its patented noise field nano-technology Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET™) and its proprietary subtle energy Energy Resonance Technology (ERT™) to harmonise and neutralise dangerous electropollution that bombards you and your personal environment, day in and day out.

    MRET™ emits a field that prevents biological tissue from reacting and ERT™ minimises the symptoms of EMF damage by restoring intercellular communication. This combined intervention represents the most effective means of controlling the harmful frequencies that do battle with your biofield (aura).

    The BIOPRO products are all powered with ERT™, and in addition the Cell Chip and the Universal Chip are also powered with MRET™.

What does it cost?

The BioPro Cell Chip is a cheap, 5 cent plastic (composite resin myar) sticker powered by "BioPro's Proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT™)" for which they charge $30,

You didn't just need one BioPro Chip. They advised the purchase of:
1 for a Cell Phone;
2 for a Cordless Phone;
3 for a Desktop Computer, Laptop or Game Station;
2 for a TV set, Hair Dryer, Refrigerator or Vacuum Cleaner;
4 for a Microwave;
3 for each Automobile; and
1 each for a Coffee Maker, Alarm Clock and each Electric Fan.

    So a two-car, two kids, American working family might need 50 or so at a total cost of $1,500.

[The beauty of the ERT™/MRET™ technology from the viewpoint of the snake-oil salesmen is that it claims to block EMF by generating it, and generate energy without having any energy sources. It is therefore equally capable of perpetual motion and of solving the global energy crisis — which was possibly the next evolutionary step in their line if the FTC hadn't begun to take an interest.

    These pseudo-scientific theories can also be flogged to anyone feeling depressed or listless (or worse) as an positive source of holistic wellness, while simultaneously protecting them external sources of harmful influences such as cellphones, radon radiation, UVs or whatever. When coupled with the concept of heavy-metal poisoning, MMR vaccine fears, and the need for detoxification, it was a virtual goldmine for the scam artists.]

2004 June: /E BioPro: Tamara Mariea abandoned Body Wise product distribution and concentrated instead on BioPro products — but only for a short period before filing for personal bankruptcy.

[The FTC had fined the Body Wise company $3.5 million. — so Grimm and Hanser closed it down and re-opened it later under a different name. The reason for her personal bankruptcy is unknown — but it is quite possibly to do with the pyramid distribution structure of the Body Wise business.]

2004 Dec 20: REFLEX-Adlkofer: Franz Adlkofer of the Verum Foundation finally releases the results of the extended four-year EU 2 million ($3 m) REFLEX study [Risk Evaluation of Potential Environment Hazard From Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field EXposure] which had been funded by the European Union.

The main goal of the REFLEX project was to investigate the effects of EMF on single cells in vitro at the molecular level below the energy density reflected by the present safety levels.

    Most, if not all chronic diseases are of diverse and heterogeneous origins. This variability is to a great extent generated by a relatively small number of critical events, such as gene mutations, deregulated cell proliferation and suppressed or exaggerated programmed cell death (apoptosis). Gene mutations, cell proliferation and apoptosis are caused by or result in altered gene and protein expression profiles.

    The REFLEX project was, therefore, designed to answer the question whether or not any of these disease-causing critical events could occur in living cells after EMF exposure. Failure to observe such events in living cells in vitro after EMF exposure would have suggested that further research efforts in this field could be suspended and financial resources should be reallocated for the investigation of more important issues.

    The now available scientific evidence of such critical events, however, demonstrates the need for intensifying research. Although in vitro data can never prove EMF as a cause of disease, they do support such an assumption. Precautionary measures seem to be warranted.
[This was lab research with cells in petri dishes. They found DNA breaks, and a 'stress response'. So-called (misnamed) 'heat-shock proteins' (HSP) were produced in excess when the cells were subject to EMF exposure.]

    Twelve research groups from seven European countries contributed to the study. REFLEX confirms that cellphones and RFID readers (identification tags) can cause damage to human DNA.     [The REFLEX study, despite the Adlkofer/Verum association, appears to be relatively trustworthy — although the reference to RFID readers is a bit trivial.]

Franz Xavier Adlkofer
This is a case of possibly useful research being done by credible research organisations, despite the coordination and the production of the study document being in the hands of someone carrying baggage from a previous life. [Not unlike Carlo and the WTR]

Franz Adlkofer was, for decades, the top tobacco industry research administrator in Germany. He was in charge of the research side of the Verand der Cigarettenindustrie [VDC. Cigarette Industries of Germany, usually known just as the "Verband"].

    The Verband was the German equivalent of the US Tobacco Institute (plus some research-funding), and so Adlkofer led most of the scientific lobbying activities conducted by the German tobacco industry between May 1976 and 1995-96 when he swapped to the Verum full-time. Like Carlo, he specialised in recruiting corruptible scientists who would act as tobacco industry propagandists — but unlike Carlo, he also did some genuine tobacco (nicotine) research.

    He was also the key European lobbyist on the ICOSI/INFOTAB international working groups which were run specifically to derail the World Health Organisation and block European Union smoking bans.

    He went on to run the Verum-Foundation (Foundation for Behavior and Environment) which the tobacco industry funded with an unknown coalition of other German industries.

[Adlkofer is mentioned in 14,946 documents in the tobacco archives.]

2004 Dec 21: REFLEX-Adlkofer: Microwave News reports "REFLEX Report Highlights RF-Induced DNA Breaks"

The report summarizes the work of 12 research groups in seven European countries. The total cost of the project, which investigated the effects low-levels of RF radiation on cellular systems, was approximately $3 million.

    Experimental data generated in a number of the labs showed that RF radiation could increase the number of DNA breaks in exposed cells, as well as activate a stress response —the production of heat shock proteins. Many of these effects have been reported at scientific conferences over the last few years.

2005 Jan 5: Paolo Vecchia, the chair of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), was quoted in a press release issued by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA):
"Because EMF exposure guidelines are based on worst-case hypotheses and include reduction factors providing safety margins for possible lack of data, the Commission does not need to create separate guidelines to protect special groups such as children."
[This arrogant attitude by the cellphone industry is what ultimately created the trade in fake protection devices.]

2005 Jan 11: The BBC publishes "Child warning over mobile phones." This followed a second offical inquiy under Sir William Stewart into the risks assocaited with using mobile phones.

Parents should ensure their children use mobile phones only when absolutely necessary because of the potential health risks, an expert is warning. The latest study by Sir William Stewart says there is still no proof mobile phones are unsafe, but warns precautionary steps should be taken.

Sir William said children under eight should not use mobile phones at all. In light of the findings, a phone designed for this age group has been withdrawn from sale in the UK.

    Sir William, now of the National Radiological Protection Board, first warned five years ago that children should only use mobiles in emergencies. But he is now concerned that advice is being ignored.

    Sir William's new report, published on Tuesday, warns that if mobile phones do damage health, then children will inevitably be at greatest risk. It also calls for a review of the planning process for base stations. Sir William said he did not favour mobile phone masts being situated near schools.

    He told the BBC Radio Four Today programme there was no absolute evidence that mobile phones were a risk to health — but various studies had raised serious concerns.

[However Stewart and his independent experts group were still not convinced that the dangers posed by mobile phones outweighed the benefits.]

2005 Jun: /E REFLEX-Adlkofer: Klaus Scheidsteger produces a documentary: "Whistleblower: The Truth About Our Cellphones."

    Scheidsteger's documentary redrafted history and selectedly featured corporate propaganda from the protection industry, which exposed WTR research findings after Carlo had left. He promoted the Carlo line that...

The [WTR] findings were suppressed, however, when his findings revealed preventable health hazards associated with cell phone use. The industry then published its own studies which ignored the inherent risks of cell phone use.

    Dr Carlo's house was destroyed by arson, but he still works to bring the issue to light.
[The arson story is regularly repeated by Carlo acolytes, implying that the CTIA torched it as payback. A more likely explanation is that it was a repository of both CTIA and WTR documents that neither Carlo or the CTIA would have wanted exposed in the divorce court.]

    The documentary also features a technology called the memon Telephone Transformer http://www.memonyourharmony.com which is designed to counteract the negative side-effects of telephone and mobile phone radiation.

    In the film, Carlo says "that almost every study that has been done shows some evidence of danger" [and that] there are no studies which provide evidence of safety." The CTIA, he maintains, is engaged in "scientific fraud."

    [The claim of "No studies that have proved cellphones safe" is an old fallacious rhetorical device trotted out to counter science and pseudo-science alike. Scientists can't prove anything safe in this absolute sense. They can only fail to detect dangers. This distinction is elementary to an epidemiologist.]

        The narrator tells us that Carlo has been kept quiet for five years, but free from the CTIA constraints, he is now "engaging himself as an expert witness for American attorneys who are in the process of claiming several billion dollars in damages from the cellphone industry."

    Carlo reveals that he has put together a 'team' to act as witnesses for lawyers willing to sue the cellphone companies, and one of these was Professor Franz Adlkofer who directed the Reflex study on cellphones in Europe.
The two great cellphone radiation scientists meet on camera to discuss the problems of corporate corruption, and fortunately this "historic moment" has been captured on film.

Adlkofer (and presumably Carlo) were promoting an 'absolutely safe cellphone' called the Combifon which had a chip which generated a noise-field of RF (its own electrosmog) to counter the harmful 'Information Carrying Waves' which Carlo says destroyed people's health (and unfortunately, also carried the voice).

    The Combifon came equipped with the "memon Telephone Transformer" (invented in Bavaria) which could create "harmonize water" (and blood) which meant that it could kill bacteria and other nasties, based on the principle of "bio-resonance". The gobbledegook, if you can decipher it, essentially says that it conformed to Carlo's "information wave" theory.

[It comes equipped with the memon ipict technology which neutralises information-carrying waves.]

Carlo's new ventures
He joins forces with both Tamara Jo Mariea and BioPro.
They jointly create "http://www.YourKidsCellPhone.com".
Carlo also sets up the Safe Wireless Initiative as a subsidiary of his
Science and Public Policy Institute.

2006 Jan: /E SWI and BioPro: Early in this year Carlo set up his Safe Wireless Initiative and joined forces with the maker of a 'cellphone protective device' BioPro Technologies as the chief salesman flogging their useless products.

    Even a casual document search on BioPro's two principles (Ray Grimm and Alfred Hanser) would have revealed a mass of evidence that they specialised in mail-order medical scams and pyramid schemes.

    BioPro sold clearly useless devices, which were based on dubious theories, for fallacious reasons. The pyramid aspects of the scheme relied on a base distributorship of con men, reselling to gullible or just greedy sub-distributors — some of whom were probably convinced of the product's efficacy, but most of them they just didn't care.

    Carlo's role, as it had been with the Tobacco Institute recruitment of scientists, was to promote, select and train the distributors and sub-distributors in the right blend of scientific and pseudo-science phrases to be used when talking to the public and the media.

    As with the tobacco industry, he was keen to keep his relationship with BioPro confidential, and therefore retain his credibility as an 'independent' scientist-commentator on radio frequency matters.

    The Australian Distributor of BioPro products, Eric Valtt, has an encapsulated history of his company which reveals:

BioPro Technology began with a mission to energetically transform our highly stressful, electropolluted world.

    In January 2006 BioPro took an important step in realizing that vision when a strategic alliance was formed with the Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI). From this alliance the bioprovention program was born.

2006 Jan: George Carlo struck up a relationship with chelation therapist Tamara Jo Mariea (nee Tamara Matz) who ran a $1000-per-day Tennessee "detoxification clinic." In an interview the following year she revealed:

In the past five years, I've been working with a great deal of autism. 80% of my practice is currently children on the autism spectrum (autism, ADD, ADHD, and other diagnosed psychiatric conditions). It has been very interesting to correlate EMR as a part of their etiology. We believe they are definitely related.

Dr George Carlo met me in January of 2006 when I was giving a presentation regarding some of my findings and concerns. And we have been collaborating now for the past year and a half to publish several papers validating the mechanism of harm that he was describing.

    With the Safe Wireless Initiative, we believe that there is a link, more of an epigenetic exposure correlation, that has a synergistic effect with the toxicity within the child. We're looking at a generation of children who are being born more toxic than you and I were, post 1938, post WWII. Our chemical interventions in this country are astronomical. Well over a thousand chemicals are in use out there, and no one really knows how they can harm.

    George and I have been very diligently in discussion regarding the cell-to-cell communication disruption that occurs in an autistic child, or a child who is on the spectrum.

    On my Web site, I have a link to a new site we're creating called http://www.YourKidsCellPhone.com.

    We fully intend to use it as an advocacy site for parents. It's linked from http://www.InternalBalance.com and http://www.SafeWireless.com.

    When a person detoxifies in an environment that is clean of electromagnetic radiation, they will naturally let go of heavy metals at much higher rates, fecally, and through hair and urine. A child on the autism spectrum will have to be pushed and coaxed and prodded to do that, and repair mechanisms will also have to be in place with nutrition.

We will be bringing up clinics throughout the country that can do this safely and effectively for seriously affected children.

ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS)
In February 2006 a meeting was held in Holland where a neurobiologist Hugo Schooneveld established himself as the new guru of this condition. He had conducted a three year questionnaire study with 250 people who had contacted the EHS Foundation.

    He had concluded that people reacted after various delays to exposure, and with variable reactions to both high and low exposures — often with a 'window' where moderate levels of exposure have no appreciable effect. It was vague enough to be applied to radio frequency (microwave) exposures, household wiring, clock-radios, electric blankets, amalgam dental fillings, high-tension powerlines, computer screens, both handsets and distant cellphone base-stations, electric stoves, low-energy lightbulbs, car electrics, mass transport systems, and just the "field" from metal objects have all been implicated in ES.

    Schooneveld's theory and its extensions have the advantage of being able to explain any and every possible variation detected in any form of research into any possible causal-connections. [Don't confuse the relatively robust links between high-tension powerlines and a raised incidence of childhood leukaemia, with electro-sensitivity. One possible explanation for the power-line problem is the creation of plazma clouds (sometimes seen as a glow) around the lines]

2006 Feb: SWI: Carlo registered a domain name for the Safe Wireless Initiative. Visitors were charged a $10 registration fee to access the site.

    At much the same time

"BioPro's web site began to include references to autism as a possible consequence of EMR. By that time, [Tamara] Mariea had thoroughly incorporated BioPro products into her practice, to the extent of setting up a "ground neutral studio" for detoxification sessions
In addition to consultation fees, she was flogging...
Cell Chips on cell phones [each $34.95], Universal Chips on all electronic and wireless devices in the child's environment [two for $83.00], a Biolife Pendant for the child, the mother, and often the other members of the family [each $269.00], and Home Harmonizers throughout the child's environment [each $199.50].

2006: SWI: A later Carlo Letter to the Editor of The Guardian newspaper following a critical article by Ben Goldacre in June 2007 says that:

For the past five years, through our Safe Wireless Initiative project [The SWI was then only 18 months old], we have operated the only post-market surveillance database in the world systematically collecting symptom information from thousands of patients suffering from the effects of various forms of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR).
[In this letter he has conflated the later Safe Wireless Initiative with the "Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Register" (MTHCR) ]
In addition, we coordinate a network of clinicians who regularly share information about their experiences treating patients with these conditions, another important and unique resource. Thus, we do not rely solely on self-reported information but have corroboration from treating doctors.

[This confusingly appears to refer both to a network of homeopaths who run some SWI clinics and EMF measurement servies, and to the clinics associated with his "Help for Wireless Victims" (MWV) network, run mainly in Germany for people who believe they are electro-sensitive. One possible explanation is that the two ventures had merged.

    Nothing more is known about this 'network of clinicians' — but in 2007 it might also have included those practitioners qualified at his EMF University to treat autism, etc,.]

    It is noteworthy that our health concerns registry will open in the UK through a new local Safe Wireless Initiative branch within the month (eg in July 2007). This is an important public health step because in the UK, there are absolutely no reliable data on the incidence and prevalence of EMR-related conditions. Thus, Goldacre's speculations are all the more misinformed, but clarity is forthcoming.
[It appears to have got underway in the UK only during November 2007]

    In the Safe Wireless Initiative, we have a number of scientific papers in various stages of the peer-review process expected to be published by year's end addressing this emerging medical problem.
[Ten years later we see no sign that any of these papers have emerged in any recognised peer-reviewed scientific journal.]

[Another 2007 document says that the SWI project was established to continue research into mobile phone dangers and more specifically, to monitor health problems among cell phone users. It currently had "over 6000 members and was growing weekly". This document makes no mention of hyper-electro-sensitivity.]
[In a later interview about the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), Carlo back-dated the foundation of his non-profit 'public health research organization' (of which he was "Chairman") to "the early 1990s."

It was actually registered in 1989, while HES was still doing dioxin work for Dow Chemicals, and running fake 'Bias Studies' for Philip Morris and four years before he took up the WTR job with the CTIA and began to learn about radio waves.]
Q: Dr Carlo, what is the Science and Public Policy Institute, and what role does it play regarding the dangers of cell phones?

    A: We opened the institute in the early 1990s as a forum to address public health issues where there was a clash between science and politics. Over the years, we have studied controversial problems ranging from silicone breast implants, to hazardous waste sites and, more recently, mobile phone health risks. In 2002, we established the Safe Wireless Initiative project, initially to continue research into mobile phone dangers and, more specifically, to monitor health problems among cell phone users.

    Q: Is the Safe Wireless Initiative program still in operation?

    A: Yes. In fact, we now have more than 6,000 members and we're growing every week. Our main focus is to provide information to consumers about the cell phone safety problem and helpful solutions to that problem. Our health concerns registry is the only post-market surveillance program in the world tracking health problems among cell phone users.

    Q: How does the Safe Wireless Initiative work to help consumers?

    A: Besides providing up-to-date consumer information on the problem, we critically evaluate prevention products to make sure consumers are not being misled by businesses trying to capitalize on disease fears. We have a dedicated, confidential Web site ("www.health-concerns.org") where we ask people who believe that they have health problems related to their cell phones or other sources of electro-magnetic radiation to confidentially register their symptoms into the database so that we can continue the research.

[..."trying to capitalize on disease fears...." One of the primary rules of corporate and political PR is, when you know you are likely to be attacked for unethical behavior — pre-empt the attack by accusing others of the same behavior. This lets you take and hold the high ground.

    As a scam, the strength of the SWI strategy was that it could be franchised to other operators in Canada (Kerry Crofton, Milt Bowling), and to the UK and Europe.]

Note that the old Carlo domain name for the Safe Wireless Initiative has since been sold off to a Californian dealer who sells a wide range of car fittings, hands-free kits and radiation protective devices. It doesn't appear to now be connected to Carlo. (But who can tell?)

2006 Mar: /E Gaia Health WiFi and EM Radiation —The Rest of the Autism Story by Heidi Stevenson [later in 2007] contains Carlo's explanation for autism, postulating EMF causation.

[Other researchers take years of study in molecular biology, and many more years of painstaking work to discover one new fact about how human cells interact.

    However it is a measure of Carlo, the Superman, that he was able — in a single bound — to leap to firm conclusion regarding a complex theory about the molecular and intercellular nature of autism. And he had enough certainty about his intuitive discoveries to set out on a crusade to convince the world (and gullible parents) that his advice was worth $1000 a day in clinical treatments.]

Carlo developed a theory that low frequency cell phone signals are harmful to cell function. This results in cells protecting themselves by stopping movement of nutrients and waste products through the cellular membrane. Inability to move wastes outside cells results in a buildup of toxins. This led him to suspect a connection with the enormous increase in autism. His hypothesis suggests that autistic children are less able to process heavy metals, so they remain in their bodies —primarily the brain —and cause neurological damage, including autism.
The author of this piece is also promoting the need of "chelation therapy" to rid the body of mercury. [The MMR theory was current] She gives us a history of the amazing discoveries of Carlo and Mariea:
Tamara Mariea and George Carlo met a few years ago. They wondered if Carlo's theory that cell phones, along with other electromagnetic (EM) radiation, could be the reason that some children were not helped with chelation therapy —that EM Radiation radiation interferes with the ability of cells to excrete toxic heavy metals. So, they decided to test Carlo's hypothesis. They chose a severely autistic 10-year-old boy whose parents had tried every therapy they could find, including chelation, but to no benefit.

    First, they removed toxins from the boy's home, including cell phones, pollutants of all kinds, all wireless equipment, and most electrical equipment. All EM Radiation radiation devices were removed from Mariea's clinic, or their radiation was shielded. No wireless devices were allowed to enter.

    Thus, most of the boy's time was spent without EM Radiation radiation. Hair and stool analyses were done to track whether he was able to excrete heavy metals, and gradually, they did. Most thrilling, though, is that this boy, who had been able to say nothing more than "Yes" or "No" started to talk. At one point, he told his parents, "The noise has gone from my head."

    Mariea and Carlo then set up a trial with 20 autistic children. This one was less strict, involving little more than spending at least four hours, two-to-three times a week, in the EM Radiation-free clinic. It did not require such limitations elsewhere and no chelation was done. In three months, analyses showed that heavy metals were beginning to be excreted by the children. This is reported in the Journal of the Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine in the November 2007 issue.

2006 May: The CTIA was becoming concerned about the effects of anti-EMF activist campaigns, including George Carlo's Safe Wireless Initiative. On the quiet, they therefore set up their own front group MyWireless.org which boasted in an on-line press release that it was a...

'non-profit consumer advocacy organization giving wireless consumers a powerful and unified voice to protect the freedom, value, security and mobility they enjoy with wireless services.

MyWireless.org brings together consumers from across the country to protect their wireless rights in their cities, states, and nationally.'
This operation was run by Nelson Lathrop of the "Wireless Association" who had a revealing e-mail address: nlathrop@ctia.org. He was Director, Information Technology & Services, CTIA, Washington DC. It is now run by Amy McLean, and it uses the same phone number as that used by the CTIA's Policy and Administration Group in 1996 ("202/736-2892")

[They are so bad at concealing their involvement, that you've got to wonder why they bother. There's no mention of the CTIA at the site — but who would believe such an elaborate website would spontaneously appear as a 'consumer's advocate organization'?]

    George Carlo, who had plenty of experience with front-groups, quickly saw through the ruse and put out an e-mail to his acolyte mailing list warning them of the new front group:
Sent: Saturday May 27 2006 7.37 AM
Subject: Very Important

Friends: This notice was sent out late last night to millions of consumers in the US. The organization, http://www.mywireless.org is a front for the cell phone industry under the guise of a consumer friendly non-profit organization.

    The industry is concerned about the growing membership numbers of members in the Safe Wireless Initiative, Wireless Consumers Alliance, the EMF Forum, as well as other consumer advocacy groups, and the new willingness of the media to talk and write about studies that show health problems.

    An industry issues management task force was put together to deal with the problem and this is what they came up with.

    It would be very helpful if you were able to put the word out into your contact groups that this new organization is not what it appears. The wolf has taken on sheep's clothing.......and the plan is not consumer or public health friendly.

Thanks for spreading the word.

Dr George L. Carlo
Science and Public Policy Institute
[Note: while still keeping the same initials, the CTIA had changed its name from "Telephone" to "Telecommunications" and "Industry" to "Internet". It is now trying to reband itself "CTIA: The Wireless Association". It tries not to use either 'cellular' or 'cellphones', prefering the term 'wireless']

2006 June: /E (mid) BioPro: Neurodiversity.com reports that:

In mid-2006, Grimm and Hanser announced that BioPro had "formed a strategic alliance with The Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI)" — a brand-new, one-man "organization" consisting of George Carlo — to "raise public awareness about dangers associated with RF radiation and helpful intervention products and programs."

    The fuel for the "strategic alliance" is implied in [ex-FemOne] Actis Global Ventures' financial statements for that period, which describe a consulting agreement under which an unnamed consultant "was granted 2,000,000 restricted shares of common stock and will be entitled to receive up to 8,000,000 warrants to purchase shares of the Company's stock… initially for one year."

    Carlo emerged as one of BioPro's most public advocates, establishing a website for the new SWI "organization," offering presentations on the alleged effects of EMR on the body at BioPro distributor conferences and public information sessions, and advocating for a "BIOPROvention Program" — a "Public Health Intervention Program" the goal of which was "to have everyone using all available intervention product packages" to address "the EMF exposure problem."
Despite the links between the SWI and BioPro being exposed, Carlo continued to insist that he was not promoting the product of any company.

2006 July: Microwave News has publishd "Radiation Research and the Cult of Negative Results" based on Dr Henry Lai's analysis of the more important studies. The colour chart on page 2 gives a good idea of how much funding by the wireless industry effects the outcome.

    It shows that one 'Peer-reviewed' journal Radiation Research (with John Moulder as its senior editor) rarely publishes any paper which produces 'positive' results (those showing health-related effects) — while other journals have a more balanced publication policy.
[As well as being a Professor at the University of Wisconson, Moulder has a lucrative business as an industry consultant.]

    This is an important document from a highly trustworthy scientist which tells us something about so-called 'peer-reviewed journals which attract industry funding.
    See also the conspiracy to publish distorted science.

SWI goes blogging for BioPro
2006 July: The Safe Wireless Initiative has created a blog at MySpace.
If you believe you have been harmed by your cell phone or other source of electromagnetic radiation, please click here and help by telling us about your circumstances confidentially. You will become part of the database that we are studying. This is the only post-market surveillance registry in the world tracking problems among people harmed by this type of radiation. Thank you.

"http://www.safewireless.org www.mybiopro.com/jpmarketing"

[Note the address for SWI above is a surrogate for: "mybiopro.com/jpmarketing" which is BioPro.]

2006 Jul 27: Carlo wrote a long technical/scientific paper which he sent to two anti-tower cellphone activist/supporter, Milt Bowling and Eileen O'Connor. The paper is marked on every page with the stamp "Privileged and Confidential — All rights Reserved - Dr George Carlo — July 27,2006".

This appears to be the first time he had developed a theory based in "Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW)" which became the catch-cry of the anti-cellphone activists and the protection industry from this date on.

[The Acronym ICRW was never widely used in the radio engineering industry — they used terms like 'modulation' and 'demodulation' and 'power-envelope' which is a concept close to Carlo's ICRW].

    Carlo's paper was clearly intended for widespread distribution and promotion, given the wide circulation and ease with which such a leak could be traced. This was a test-run: it pretended to be a private commentary in case too many engineers laughed at his explanation.

    It was a clever blend of salesmanship, politics and PR, and it's written in the language of science, psudo-science and gobbledegook. If you are fluent in all three of these dialects it is worth taking a look.

    On his theory that health problems are caused by "information carrying radio waves" he explains to the ignorant and acolytes that:

It is noteworthy that the carrier wave — in most cases many years of around 837 megahertz and some years of around 1900 megahertz — is not easily recognized by the brain cell membrane. It is oscillating too fast to be picked up biologically. [Right]

    The membrane recognition occurs when the information carrying wave — a secondary wave in the 2-40 hertz range — is present. [Wrong; there's no such wave.] For example, there is a 2 hertz signal identifying presence in range of a base station; also, when talking occurs there is a 40 hertz wave carrying voice information. [Wrong: 2 Hertz is physical vibration. 40 Hertz is about that of the lowest key on a grand piano.]
[If you multiply his figures by 100, then the idea of ICRW was vaguely true with amplitude modulated radio in the analog cellphone days. But such 2—40Hz Hertzian waves (power variations) have never existed in digital systems. That's not how digital systems work.

    TDMA digital mobiles pulsed theit bit-code sequences (D-AMPS at 150Hz and GSM at 217Hz) which are in the low-frequency range, and these do produce variable power pulses which can generate low frequences in the 300-400 Hz region (only the handsets, not the base-stations).

    With modern CDMA cellphones, the bit-codes are phase modulated and submerged in a random noise signal not unlike those generated by the 'active' EMF protection devices that Carlo was flogging.

[Note that the industry continues to use the term GSM, refering to the cable connection standards, despite CDMA2000 providing the wireless links.]

    None of this proves cellphones are dangerous or safe, of course. It just shows that when he talks about the physics and the dangers of 'Information Carrying Radio Waves', he doesn't even undertand the basics of the technologies. He just made this stuff up to promote BioPro, and now he's stuck with it.

    The US TDMA networks were finally shut down in 2008 — and these were the technologies mainly investigated by scientists funded by the WTR. The European GSM form of TDMA was discontinued in the 2004/06 period.

  • Milt Bowling is now a "senior associate at Carlo's Science and Public Policy Institute, and director of Risk Management Partners Consultancy."
  • Eileen O'Connor is director of the UK Radiation Research Trust, founder of SCRAM, and runs UK EMF discussion groups.]

2006 Sept 25: Following the 7/11 attack on the World Trade Center, the The Safe Wireless Institute issued an ALERT authored by George Carlo, Milt Bowling and Jill Ungar:

A new qualitative risk assessment conducted by SWI staff, prompted in part by the recent confirmation of severe lung disorders among first responders and firefighters following the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, indicates an urgent need for preventive intervention steps to be taken among these groups.

    SWI is particularly concerned that firefighters — with jobs among the most hazardous in society — are in danger of suffering serious illness derivative of synergies among electro-magnetic radiation, toxic chemical exposures, biological disease agents, and debilitating post-traumatic stress.

[Never let a promotional opportunity pass! Download

Jill Ungar
This is the first appearance of Jill Ungar who played a key role in the Safe Wireless Initiative — both in the administration, and as a key researcher alongside George. She was hired to run its outreach program and act as SWI administrator, but also took on promotional activities. Her full name appears to be Marylin Jill Ungar.

    She lives in Sarasota, Florida.and appears to be his girlfriend or close neighbour. She uses three Florida fixed-line phone numbers, one of which is shared by George. [Trace via hhcoyote@verizon.net]

    When the SWI folded in 2010 she became a full-time Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner with an impressive list of credentials — CHt, CMDH, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Reiki Master.
I have been a Hypnotherapist and Certified Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist since 1999, as well as becoming a Reiki Master, Animal Reiki practitioner and certified DansKinetics Instructor from the Kripalu Institute of Yoga. I have been a HypnoBirthing practitioner since 2004, [She runs HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education in Sarasota.]

Energy Healing for Animals.
Reiki Master Specialties: [I] will Reiki any animal
Offering: Distant treatments world-wide; in-person treatments in Sarasota, Osprey, Venice, Nokomis, St. Pete, Clearwater, Ft. Lauderdale, Del Rey Beach and Boca Raton, Florida.
She also actively promotes Carlo's old associates, Dr Joseph Mercola and Bau-Biologie.

2006 Oct 14: According to a Carlo Statement circulated by the EMF Discussion Group:

  • The Safe Wireless Initiative now has "more than 10,000 members"
  • SWI now has projects underway in more than a dozen different areas
  • over the past year, the Safe Wireless Initiative has issued six Safety Alerts aimed at particularly high risk groups [ie firefighters or emergency first responders] or issues that rise to a level of significant public concern.
  • the Help Wireless Victims (HWV) operation had morphed into the "www.health-concerns.org" which has now has "more than a million visitors, and now have confidential records of thousands of symptoms (sic) among people with health concerns..."
  • [They are doing] research on the information threshold for retention, credibility factors that most influence acceptance of health mitigating behaviors and the roles of both fear and empowerment in promoting healthful behaviors. [Whatever than means?]
  • [The have found that] the background levels that are the result of the exponential increase in wireless technology infrastructure are causing an unprecedented rise in information carrying electromagnetic fields.[These are the low frequency dangerous ones according to Carlo.]
  • [They have also] provided technical advice to a number of groups producing films addressing various aspects of this problem. One film project, "The Cell Phone War", was produced at the request of French and German television networks as a documentary. [it was supposedly censored and suppressed!] Also a new film for cinema, "The Boiling Frog Principle" and a fictional adventure feature film with a working title, "Degree of Caution".
  • Doing dosimetric research into near-field and far-field plumes.
  • [Also] EMR Disease Mechanism Research... when talking occurs there are hertz frequency waves carrying voice information...[There's a long, wrong, explanation here]
  • Brain Cancer: in 2005 there were 20,000 new cases directly attributable to mobile phones; [Who by?] [and] by the year 2010, the curve [their extrapolation] indicates that number will be on the order of 300,000 new cases worldwide.
  • For eye cancer, the curve indicates 10,000 new cases worldwide in 2005 and 100,000 attributable cases by the year 2010. [Presumably we are now experiencing an epidemic of eye cancer!]
  • by the year 2015, one in every four persons who uses a mobile phone will have a symptom attributable to the phone.

    We have begun a program of cooperation with what we term Strategic Alliance Partners.
This is a reference to his arrangement with BioPro Technologies and their protective devices.

    In this document Carlo has also claimed to have "published studies showing breakdown of inter-cellular communication, even with minute levels of RF (again, secondary or athermic effects)."

    He also brings into play the name of Dr Henry Lai, who was "War Gamed" by the CTIA, Motorola, Burson Marsteller, the WTR and Carlo himself many years before.
Prompted by some early work by Dr Henry Lai, we have continued to array the published studies in terms of funding source — i.e. as either independent or industry-funded or otherwise influenced.

[Lai had pointed out that independently-funded research turns up proportionally more EMF potential problems than industry-funded research. Some of that industry-funded research was done under Carlo's watch at WTR.]

    Our data show that mobile phone industry funded/influenced work is six times more likely to find "no problem" than independently funded work [and in the US] we are exploring how this factual aspect could be used to create a presumption that industry-funded research is biased and therefore should not be admitted in litigation or in public health proceedings.
This is a clever variation on the junk-science ploy; he is suggesting that the technique now be turned against industry: the funding source would now determine which studies were automatically classified as "junk science".

    The tobacco industry first promoted the "junk-science" idea (via TASSC and the Manhattan Institute). Their aim was to selectively block certain scientific research findings from being used by the regulators, and in product-liability court cases — as was their promotion of Good Epidemiological Practices (GEP). They were being stung by numerous independent studies which related health consequences to passive smoke exposure.

    TASSC, which had Carlo as a Scientific Adviser, set itself up as the arbitrator of 'sound-science vs junk-science' to counteract all poorly-funded passive-smoking research. GEP, with Carlo also involved, was an attempt to put these industry-inspired restrictive standards into legislation.

2006 Oct 20: A website "Pure Power Solutions" which provides 'references and papers for Educators' has a piece promoting the Graham-Stetzer Electric Filter to clean up "dirty mains power" which they say causes both children and teachers to get sick.

[This is the company which funded Carlo's publication of the State of Science Colloquium in 1999 when the CTIA refused to pay.]
Most people are not aware that electrical pollution — otherwise referred to as 'dirty electricity' or 'radio wave sickness' — exists, let alone are they are aware of how if affects the body.

    Generated primarily by electronic devices (computers, televisions, energy efficient lighting), electrical pollution flows through our homes and above a certain level, is internalized by the body.

    The damaging effects manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, body aches and pains, ringing in the ears, dizziness, impaired sleep, memory loss and confusion. Children seem to be especially susceptible to this form of energy.
The main promoter of this dirty power idea is Magda Havas who has done numerous studies proving all sorts of problems correlate with dirty mains power (many with co-author Dave Stetzer who owns the company which makes the filters).

    Havas is virtually a parallel guru (in both the US and Canada) to Carlo in the Electrosmog and Electrohypersensitivity field. However they appear to be competitors rather than collaborators.

'Dirty-power' and Cellphone radiation
If you stop to think about it, the "dirty-power" concept is the exact inverse of Carlo's "information wave" theory — yet both are promoted as matching pairs.

    The 'dirty power' theory blames mains-power problems on the accidental generation of radio-frequencies, which are the harmful radiation superimposed on the low-frequency (50-60Hz) mains power. Carlo's "Information Wave" theories blames cellphone problems on the demodulated lower-frequencies of the "information waves" which are being carried into the body by the radio signals. Carlo insists that the cells in the body can't react to these higher radio frequencies.

    However, it doesn't appear at all difficult to believe these two diametrically opposed theories at the same time... if you are so inclined.]

See Filter claims Magda Havas Carlo explanation

2006 Nov: Neurodiversity.com reports

The Research Institute for Applied Bioenergetics (RIAB) went online, featuring a library of papers from various journals that purport to confirm the dangers of cell phones; the domain was registered anonymously, and the site does not name anyone responsible for its content.
The RIAB was a temporary American organization which supposedly tested and confirmed the claims made by BioPro Technologies. In fact the Institute is still being promoted at a number of BioPro sales promotion web-sites (plural).

If you click on a hotlink to the Institute's original site, it will reflects you to the Journal of Clinical BioEnergetics site, which then bounces you to another site-for-sale banner. All of these domain names are available for sale if you want to get into the business..

    One month later, George Carlo debuted as Editor-in-Chief of the "International Journal of Clinical Bioenergetics," — for the publication of research on "the efficacy of energy-based technologies."

    A Google search will reveal a single paper published in this journal: Energy Resonance Technology (ERT): A Targeted Intervention For Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Induced Biological Effects, sponsored by BioPro, co-authored by Alfred Hanser, and "submitted for publication" in the new journal.
    Energy Resonance Technology (ERT): A Targeted Intervention for Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Induced Biological Effects
    Authors/Citation: Ungar J, McGregor S, Rahman M, Taylor D, Torres N and A. Hanser.
    Int. J. Clin. Bioenerg.Relevant Technologies: 2007.
That journal now appears to be moribund; no changes have been made to the site since its inception.


    Bioenergetics is a new name for the old William Reich 'orgone energy' (Jungian) cult which flourished in California in the 1970s. It was adapted by Arthur Lowen to focus on more modern cultish terms like 'holistic' and 'wellness' — with various blends of religiousity and mysticism thrown in (it has many variations).

    In 2007 two of serious players in reviving and extending this psychological cult were Bau-Biologie (Florida) and the BioPro Technology company in Carlsbad, California [along with their many mail-order distributors and agents around the world. Carlo worked with both.

International Journal of Clinical Bioenergetics
This was a short-lived journal which appears to have only been published on-line, and without any normal masthead to indicate the publisher, editor, staff, etc. Safe Wireless Initiative, however, was said by Carlo to be providing 'support'.

    A search via Hot Frog on the term 'Bioenergetic turned up the Journal's editorial phone number (202/756-7744). By an amazing coincidence, is the same as the Safe Wireless Initiative and SPPI in Washington DC. The same search shows that BioPro Technologies in Carlsbad, California, and BipPro Holistic Chiropractic in Honolulu, and the Alaskan BioPro in Anchorage were also major players.

Energy Resonance Technology (ERT): A Targeted Intervention For Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Induced Biological Effects

    This study was conducted by
  • Jill Ungar — Carlo's new Sarasota, Florida-based 'associate' at Safe Wireless Initiative who is also a HypnoPregnancy advisor and Reiki Master for humans or animals.
  • Andrew Hanser — the Partner, President and Secretary of BioPro Technologies and numerous other mail-order and pyramid selling scams.
  • S McGregor — from equipment-maker Biomeridian International of Utah who probably loaned them some equipment, and stayed to show them how to use it.
  • M Rahman — an arts student at the University of Toronto
  • N Torrens — a biochemistry student at the University of Torronto
  • Dr D Taylor — the BioPro agent in New Zealand who also flogged "Taylor Golden Apples" which, when energised with a BioPro Smart Card, cures all sorts of serious health problems.
The research was funded by Actis Global Ventures, which was the new name for FemOne Inc, the parent company of BioPro.
Based on known pathways of adverse cellular damage induced by EMR, it was reasoned that the composite effect of disrupted intercellular communication was responsible in large measure for observable organ specific stress response following exposure to the EMR field. Consequent observations showing reversal or lessening of organ-specific stress response following introduction of the ERT field would thus be mainly due to restoration of the intercellular communication.

    A meta-analysis assessed data across five separate studies of volunteers who were recruited and tested in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia under similar protocols. [The Australian research was probably done by Ian Ross, the BioPro agenty in Burwood, Vic.]

    Measured organ-specific stress was evaluated as a surrogate for disruption of intercellular communication with three comparisons analyzed in each study group: baseline versus phone without ERT; baseline versus phone with ERT; phone without ERT versus phone with ERT. Student's T-tests were used to evaluate the statistical significance of observed differences.

    Results indicate that ERT is a highly effective targeted intervention for EMR induced cellular communication disruption. While larger follow-up studies would provide further confirmation of these findings, the data strongly suggests it is highly unlikely the strong impact of ERT intervention on reversing biological effects observed in these series occurred by chance.
[There is no sign of this study actually ever being published, let alone peer-reviewed.]

Every living system has a vital energy. For humans it is called your Biofield. You absolutely depend on it for your body to function every moment of every day. When it is operating at optimum levels, so can you. Too frequently your bioenergy is being stressed or drained by what you have to do and by invisible electropollition.

      Now you can actually rejuvenate your bioenergy by eating foods that have been energetically enhanced with the Biopro Smart Card. This works best with high moisture content foods. It makes them more beneficial than they would otherwise have been.

      Just look at the bioenergy measurements charted below. In just 10 minutes any item of high moisture content food will have had its energertic potential increased. [N.B. Just leave the food item on the card or place it on a thin plate with the card underneath.]

      Just try the Biopro Smart Card with slices of lemon. Compare two. Firstly, a piece of lemon that has been on a Biopro Smart Card for about 10 minutes. You will actually find it to be quite edible. Then try an ordinary piece of lemon. In contrast it will be very tart (the all too common screw up your face effect).

      Ten minutes is all it needs to energise all your high moisture content foods to enhance flavour and optimise bioavailability. Use yours as much as you can to get the restorative and life-boosting energetic potential of all food you eat, as well as the fluids you drink.
    "Eating a pear energetically enhanced with a Biopro Smart Card increased all my bioenergies by a remarkable degree, by between 5% - 48% bringing them all up to optimum levels."

2006 Nov: /E Milt Bowling, the President of the Clean Energy Foundation and an anti-mast activist from Canada, leaps to Carlo's defense in an article:

"A Real Hero: George Carlo, PhD."
Webster's Dictionary defines hero as: "a man of exceptional quality who wins admiration by noble deeds, especially deeds of courage." George Carlo is such a man.
It provides an alternative view of the history of the WTR, and the threats made by the CTIA when he left their services in 1999.
He was forced to go underground for a few years, for both his personal safety and mental well-being. But by the end of 2004, studies that had been conducted under the oversight of the European Union not only verified Dr Carlo's findings, but added new data making it clear that mobile phones were indeed dangerous.
[Carlo's extended holiday has now become sensationalized as if it were a FBI witness-protection project... with the CTIA playing Mafia hit-men. Milt Bowman has a vivid imagination; so in the world of snake-oil business, he is an ideal partner. Carlo and Bowling joined forces about this time.]

2006 Dec: Carlo and his autism partner Tamara Jo Mariera registered a new web-site YourKidsCellPhone.com to promote their autism cures. Neurodiversity says that after they joined forces:

... the site debuted eight months later. Billed as a 'children's advocacy website,' "Your Kids' Cell Phone" includes links to press releases and articles by Mariea and Carlo, and news reports about cellular telephone usage; references to autism appear throughout the site
[They were keen to share their revolutionary discovery about the cause of autism with the public before the publication of any scientific paper.]

2006 Dec 5: Article: "Study finds no cancer risk from cellphones." This article was circulated by Associated Press just before Chrismas, and it has all the hallmarks of an industry-inspired study. Almost certainly it was also a carefully timed release just before the peak period for teengers to get their first phones.
WASHINGTON — A huge study from Denmark offers the latest reassurance that cellphones don't trigger cancer. Scientists tracked 420,000 Danish cellphone users, including 52,000 who had gabbed on the gadgets for 10 years or more, and some who started using them 21 years ago.

[The same group had done an earlier study of the same kind, not mentioned here. Also the claimed numbers are spurious; they ignored all 'commercial' users of cellphones (those who use them the most) and failed to calculate any sort of reasonable exposure data among the small number included finally in the study.]

    They matched phone records to the famed Danish Cancer Registry that records every citizen who gets the disease — and reported Tuesday that cellphone callers are no more likely than anyone else to suffer a range of cancer types.

    The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, is the largest yet to find no bad news about the safety of cell phones and the radiofrequency energy they emit. [No mention of contrary studies either.]

    "There's really no biological basis for you to be concerned about radio waves," said John Boice, a Vanderbilt University professor and scientific director of the International Epidemiology Institute in Rockville, Md. "Nonetheless, people are."
John Boice, who had worked 20 years for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) maintained a long association with the Danish Register and with the cellphone industry and other industries. His record is one of generally playing down environmental factors (such as radon and X-rays) as a major factor in cancer initiation but there's no evidence that he distorted the science for companies or industries. He simply worked within the limits of the data provided — and wasn't too concerned about the collection and selection of that data.

    The track record of the International Epidemiological Institute (IEI) with which he was associated (while still at Vanderbilt University) leaves it open to suspicion. This science-for-sale operation was set up in 1994 by scientists from the NCI to do outside work. Boice became the CEO and later 'science director', while McLaughlin was 'President'. The IEI did work on breast cancer for Dow Corning, on the health of uranium mining for the Nuclear industry, welding for the welding industry, etc. etc.

2007: George Carlo at the Safe Wireless Initiative attacks John Boice and Joe McLaughlin at the International Epidemiological Institute for the "Danish Study" released this week (which was supporting the cellphone industry position of 'no cancers' from cellphones). He says that they were refused funding for this same study by the WTR when he was running the shop.

The study released this week is the second such study with the same "spin on the findings" from this group of investigators. [The first was released in 2002.]

    Indeed, John Boice and his colleagues have been on the cell phone industry payroll, and for big money, since the late 1990's. The money laundering vehicle is the International Epidemiology Institute — the name sounds like a non-profit by design, but make no mistake, this is a big for-profit enterprise.

[Carlo's characterisation of the IEI as a 'money-laundering vehicle' and Boice and colleagues as being on the 'industry payroll since the late 1990s' smacks of the pot-calling-kettle-black. Carlo's HES science-for-sale operation was doing the same for a number of different industries at this time.]

    When I ran the WTR, the International Epidemiology Institute, with Boice and a fellow named Joe McLaughlin, applied for funding to do this exact epidemiology study that was released this week.

[Carlo would have known McLaughlin and Boice from his Dow Corning breast-implant days.

    Scandinavians were early adopters and keen users of cellphones, and the Danes recorded all cases of cancer and all causes of death. So using the Danish Cancer register is probably the best method available for conducting such an epidemiological study.]

    After much discussion within the WTR, they were refused funding because I felt they were blatantly biased and had overtly given us the notion that they would always create findings that were favorable to the industry. They thought that is what we wanted in the WTR — they thought they were playing to the audience. But, they were wrong.

[Carlo high-minded stance here is laughable. The judgement of most observers at the time would have been that Boice and the IEI were far more credible and trustworthy as scientists than Carlo and the WTR ever were.]

    When we refused to give them funding to do work, they went directly to the industry with the same pitch, and were hired.

[This is how science-for-sale businesses operate, as Carlo would know. Presumably the main funds came from SBS Communications and BellSouth — but the study only mentions two Danish companies and the IEI as funders. It suggests that the IEI was both a funder and a participant.].

    They were able to make good on their pitch of being able to put "put all of this under the radar" by further laundering the industry support money through the Danish Cancer Registry. This is the pitch that was given to me personally and directly. I still have their proposal.

[To characterise payments to the Danish Cancer Registry as 'laundering' and 'under the radar' is a long-bow which depends entirely on the publication of acknowledgements in the paper.]

    In 2001, they also had "one of the largest studies to date", and Boice went on a bit of a television tour — paid directly by the industry — to blunt the effects of my Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age book tour. I faced off with him a couple of times on TV most notably on John Gibson's news show on Fox. It is interesting that Fox is also asleep at the switch on this one.

[If cellphones have a serious EMF problem, then TV stations like those associated with Fox also have one. So there's nothing strange here — just the normal misreporting associated with vested interests, especially those associated with Rupert Murdoch. It's difficult to know who would have been the more credible in a TV debate: a cellphone industry-funded Boice, or a book-promoting, CTIA-hating Carlo.]

[Carlo also includes a substantial attack on Joshua Muscat (of the American Health Foundation). He claims that Muscat changed his data twice to conform to the cellphone industry's requirements — which is really an accusation of scientific fraud, although it is never detailed or supported by further evidence. Boice supported Muscat.

    Carlo also attacks the American Cancer Society, the Journal of the AMA and a few dozen others in this diatribe.]
Note that the web-site EMF-Health.com is flogging completely useless EMF protection devices, and also copies of the book and videos by Carlo.

2007: Carlo and his partners Sharon & Mark Ducette and Milt Bowling create a new entity: Risk Management Partners Llc. It was run from Grand Island, New York, and possibly also from Florida and British Columbia.

International Epidemiological Institute/Foundation
The principles at the IEI in 2007 appear to be
  • John Boice — exNCI — CEO and principle scientist. Also at Vanderbilt Uni.
  • William Blot — ex NCI, who was decidedly anti-tobacco,
  • Joseph K McLaughlin — ex-NCI associate and President. Also at Vanderbilt Uni and also anti-smoking. However he is on the Elizabeth Whelan's board of trustees of the American Council on Science & Health (ACSH)
  • JF Fraumeni Jr — exNCI [See puff piece]
  • Hans-Olov Adami — Karolinska Institute (Sweden), who also works with Jack Mandel and Dennis Paustenbach at Exponent Inc.
Blot and McLaughlin maintained a close relationship with the NCI and did many joint studies with them. However, in keeping with their 'International' name, they also specialised in studies using data collected by associates in other parts of the world. This has exposed them to exploitation by corrupting corporations operating in other countries. For instance, by using data from Hong Kong and China [data provided by Linda Koo and Anna Wu-Williams] they performed the statistical analysis and provided an American/NCI gloss to get the two tobacco-industry funded, spousal-smoking (ETS-exonerating) studies published in credible medical journals.

    Journalists have questioned other similar relationships:
Until October 15, 2000, IEI listed "Corporate Counseling" and "Litigation Support" among the list of services published on its website. (last accessed 3/4/04), Vanderbilt University

    According to Bloomberg Financial News ( Mobile Phones Don't Cause Brain Cancer or Leukemia, Study Finds; 2/26/02), IEI completed a study that cost $373,000 and was funded in part by Denmark's largest phone company, Tele Danmark A/S, which is partially owned by SBC Communications, and the second-largest mobile phone service in Denmark, Sonofon A/S, owned by Telenor AS and BellSouth Corp.
[The published study revealed it was "supported by grants from two Danish operating companies, ( TeleDanmarkMobil and Sonofon); by the International Epidemiology Institute and by the Danish Cancer Society." which leaves the question open as to who funded the IEI.]

The ethical standard of the IEI is also questioned in another article. They had attacked a Swedish study which said acrylimide in food was carcinogenic. They were providing support to Dr Steven Safe (Texas A&M Uni), who worked on the side for the Chemical Manufacturers Association and Electrical Power Research Institute [both industry lobby groups].

Acrylimide attack criticism
Further criticism of IEI

[The principals of IEI seem to have maintained relatively high standards in their own work, but weren't overly concerned as to who the associated themselves with... either other researchers, or corporations/industries having vested interests in the outcome. The IEI appears to have acted as a report-factory; churning out epidemiology studies using a network of data-gatherers from the Shaghai and Scandinavian Cancer Registries.]

Scandinavian Cancer Registries.
Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland all have excellent cancer and general disease registries, which, since their doctors must supply cancer diagnoses and mortality data, can provide a first-class source of material for epidemiological studies. The Danish is generally considered to be the best — and because it is in demand, it operates partly on a for-profit basis.

    A number of studies looking at cellphone links to brain tumors and other health problems have been conducted using data from these registries. However, (1) it is still difficult to get any accurate RF exposure details of patients (only years of ownership and memories of users), (2) early cellphones were mounted carphones, rather than handsets (3) early handset users limited their use to short essential calls because of cost. (4) the data is usually only limited in time to about 12 years (5) modern studies still face the problem of changing cellphone technologies, (6) the incubation period for brain cancers is about 10 years — while successive cellphone technologies have each only survived less than this.

    Some notable Registry studies are:
  • Epidemiologic evidence on mobile phones and tumor risk: a review. by Ahlblom A, Feychting M, Green A, et al. Epidemiology 2009 [Ahlblom published extensively on mobile phones. There are dozens of studies which carry his name]
    The writer of the editorial commentary "Mobile telephones and brain tumours", [Nils Anders] Ahlbom from Sweden's Karolinska Institute has come under increased scrutiny himself for conflicts of interest.

        Mona Nilsson [investigative journalist] has documented a number of these conflicts. Ahlbom recently lost significant credibility when he was dismissed from the WHO's IARC Expert Panel in May. Nilsson reported that he had failed to disclose links to the telecom industry.

      "Ahlbom has been a member of the Board of his brother's telecom consulting company, Gunnar Ahlbom AB [Public Relations and lobbying]. He also did not declare his industry affiliation to the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, where he resigned after this disclosure.

          Ahlbom is a member of the International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRIP), an industry-loyal organisation, and participated in setting the ICNIRP radiation exposure limits in 1998. These standards assume that the only biological impact of microwave radiation from cellphones is heat and fail utterly to take into effect non-thermal biological effects thereby greatly underestimating risk."

    See criticisms

        See also and  

  • Studies associated with both the IEI (Boice, McLaughlin, Blot, etc) and the Scandinavian Registers
    • 2001 "Cellular telephones and cancer - a nationwide cohort study in Denmark". J Natl Cancer Institute. This study seems to have been led by a Danish research group.
    • 2002 "Mobile phones and malignant melanoma of the eye." Br J Cancer
    • 2002 "Epidemiological studies of cellular telephones and cancer risk - a review". Swedish Radiation Protection Authority Report
    • 2005 "Cellular telephones and risk for brain tumors: a population-based, incident case-control study". Neurology
    • 2006 June 27 "The IEI defence against Hardell and Mild".
    • 2006 Dec. "Cellular Telephone Use and Cancer Risk: Update of a Nationwide Danish Cohort". Journal of the National Cancer Institute

    [Numerous letters to the editor of the BMJ criticised the IEI's Dec 2006 cellphone study (which seems to have been led by a Danish group, rather than the IEI).

    [See especially Allan Frey letter: No 4]

  • In 2011 P. Frei et al published another Danish Register study which also concluded "there were no increased risks" from cellphones. And in November of that year Devra L Davis took a critical look at that study:
    "Use of mobile phones and risk of brain tumours: update of Danish cohort study" [published in the BMJ.]

    We note a number of additional serious errors, faulty study design and major contradictions that bias the analysis toward Type II errors (falsely negative results) as detailed below.
    Davis was strongly supported in her criticism by a number of highly credible scientists.
What can the layman deduce from all this contradictory evidence?

If cellphones are responsible for producing brain cancers, then the increased rate is still low enough to test the current limits of epidemiological techniques — even with access to the best cancer registries in the world.

This does not exonerate or condemn cellphones since the RF technologies have changed, and brain cancer has a 10 year incubation period. So the question is almost as open today as it was in the 1990s.

We can, however, reject the claims of physicists, radio engineers, and employed lobbyists that harm from RF at cellphone handset levels is 'impossible'. And we can dismiss as ridiculous their claims that '400 studies show that cellphones are safe.'

We can also deduce that the health-research industry is rife with sell-out-scientists and entrepreneurs out to make a quick buck — and that some of them work as doomsayers for the protection industry. We should be equally concerned that even the more ethical of the research scientists often fail to reveal their sources of funding and conflicts of interest.

2007 Jan 8: A letter from veteran American science journalist, B Blake Levitt to George Carlo sums up the scientific achievements of the WTR in these words.

The WTR program has to stand as a world record for the most amount of dollars spent for the least amount of work published.

    From what I can tell, there were only two studies actually peer-reviewed and published that came out of that entire effort — Muscat and Tice, and Dr Muscat does not even credit the WTR as a funding source in his paper (unless 'Wireless Technology, Inc.' is a typo).

    In addition, Dr Muscat was upset at the time, as documented in Microwave News (May/June, 1999) when you released his test results prematurely, before he had finished his analysis, or been through the peer review process. (In a recent email to activists, you made it seem as if Dr Muscat caved in to industry pressure and changed his results. You neglected to mention the preliminary nature of those results at the time you released them.)

    Drs. Lai and Singh never published their results at all because the entire program had been problematic. Yet you repeatedly claim 50-to-57 studies were done under WTR. Where are they? You also use the possessive "we" in recent statements that lays claim to the work of others as if it was done under WTR, when it was merely an initial analysis of work already published.

    It seems you play fast & loose with re-spinning what WTR actually accomplished, but no one ever questions you very fully about it, least of all the trusting activists.

See full letter

Carlo creates his EMF University
It offers the qualification of Certified Electro-magnetic Radiation Safety Advisor (CERSA)

2007 Feb 17: Carlo and his EMR University are promoting a certification program - Certification Program: Electro-magnetic Radiation Safety Advisors (CERSA)

Central to the mission and terms of reference of the Science and Public Policy Institute's Safe Wireless Initiative, is the development of up-to-date knowledge about the public health risks of electro-magnetic radiation, preventive interventions targeting those risks, and the promotion of public education about both the risks and the remedies. The CERSA certification program is offered to further those educational goals and to facilitate informed, science-based decision-making by those charged with protecting public health and safety.

    The CERSA certification program is comprehensive and is designed to be of practical educational and pragmatic application value for clinical practitioners, public health professionals, government regulators, school board members, product researchers, salespersons, industrial safety personnel, journalists, personal injury attorneys, union officials and corporate management.
  • CERTIFICATE EARNED: Successful candidates will earn the designation, Electro-magnetic Radiation Safety Advisor. Successful candidates will be considered by and supported by the sanctioning body as "SWI CERSA Qualified". Certification is for five years, unless revoked for cause.

  • SANCTIONING BODY: The Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), a Washington, D.C.-based, 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, educational entity incorporated in 1992. The certification is offered through SPPI's Safe Wireless Initiative.

    • Class 1: Professional Clinical Practitioners:
    • Class 2: Public Health Practitioners:
    • Class 3: Others (with previous college level EMR science training):
    • Class 4: Others (without previous college level training):
If you were Class 4 you were required to do 12 hours of classroom instuction at a SPPI-sanctioned CERSA School. Class 3 needed 24 credit hours of classroom instruction in EMR at a university or college, and the other's were exempt.

    All classes needed a "Minimum score of 85% on CERSA Qualification Exam." The CERSA Exam consists of 45 multiple choice questions (one-point each) and 11 short-answer essay questions (five points each) chosen from 15. The exam covers the following three subject areas: The health consequences of EMR exposures; science-based preventive interventions for EMR induced health effects; "Tipping Points" in promoting public health and safety.
  • COSTS:
    • CERSA Sequential Immersion School — weekend program @ $500
    • CERSA Distance Learning School — self paced home program @ $300
  • FACULTY: George Carlo, Dr David James, Milt Bowling and Jill Ungar.
[The others are well known: but see Dr David James, below.]

Dr David R James - Florida naturopath
David James was a British naturopath who practiced in Florida where Carlo had established his EMR University. He and his wife, Ora James [aka Ora Murphy] were co-authors of "Handy Way to Cook Your Brain - What's the damage?" and Cellular Radiation: Is this our next Titanic?

    James believed that because of cloud-seeding, alien organisms from the stratosphere have overwhelmed our immune systems — and apparently effected our climate. Also, unwanted industrial fluoride trash was deliberately being fed to humans in many covert ways because to dump it in the ocean would poison the fish. He also believed that e-smog, produced by everything electrical, floods the earth's lay-lines and disrupts bee navigation. He was taught his EMF theories by Carlo.

    In this video he also talks about "a new technology that can detect any disease in the body and fix it at a quantum-information level.... something which is 100 years ahead of its time."

    Apparently it didn't work for him personally, because he died shortly after recording this video.

However his wife, soldiers on. Ora James Murphy is President of the eSmog-Responders International which promotes and sells the WillauTronic device [$47.95 plus $19.95 US postage] which "reduce esmog-induced stress, thus providing relief for the immune system and re-activating the body's self regulatory properties. By way of a special process (destructive interference) and a unique technology developed by Walter [Laufs] (iHIT™ - Inverted Harmonized Information Technology), the negative information contained in esmog is neutralized."

    They also flog the eSmog-Responder Area Neutralizer which neutralizes areas such as a whole home or workplace for $389.50, and, if you need personal protection there's the eSmogResponder Pendant crafted in sterling silver for $379.

2007 Feb 22: Carlo made a presentation for the UK activist group Radiation Research Trust on 'Electro-Sensitivity' to Members of Parliament at an annex of the House of Commons. Only three MPs turned up to sit among the 150-odd supporters that formed the audience. He discussed the WTR Research program and the new Safe Wireless Initiative, and then explained the...

... mechanism that ensues, information-carrying waves trigger the protein receptors on the cell membrane. The receptors identify such radiation as foreign invasion and a series of biochemical reactions takes place (within 30 seconds). The cell membrane becomes less permeable which leads to a loss of communication between cells.

[In this remarkably short time he has refined his Information Carrying Radio Wave theory to the point where he can identify protein effects on the cell membranes, the loss of membrane permeability, and changes in the communications between cells. Most trained research scientists would be happy to have just one of these discoveries confirmed in a lifetime.]

The solution to the above is three-fold intervention:
  • Primary. The reduction/elimination of exposure, e.g. by shielding, and the employment of measures that prevent the inappropriate triggering of the cell receptors, thus acting on the cause of the problem (headsets and active/passive noise field technologies).
  • Secondary. The support of the extant biological system through the use of measures that maintain/restore intercellular communication. These measures are most effective in conjunction with primary interventions and include: subtle energy technologies, diodes, and some pendants.
  • Tertiary. The use of measures designed to reverse ill effects and to repair cell damage, e.g. by using technologies that act to rehabilitate and correct cell damage. These work only in conjunction with primary and secondary intervention technologies and include: nutritionals, anti-oxidants and repair supplements.
Carlo had also visited Ireland to talk to Irish doctors.

2007 Feb 26: The Jersey [Island] State Health Social Services and Housing Sub-Panel hearings: Telephone Mast Review.The Jersey Islanders were disputing the safety of cellphone masts, and George Carlo appeared for the Phone Mast Group. He gave his qualifications as:

"I have training in medical science, pathology, epidemiology and law and have served on the medical faculties of the State University of New York, Buffalo, the University of Arkansas, and the George Washington University in Washington DC. I have been in the medical faculty in one of those universities over the past 25 years."
He goes on to explain his role with WTR which he says was set up under an agreement...
"... struck between the Food and Drug Administration, the Congress and the mobile phone industry [on the basis that the CTIA would] put forward money for research to fill those data gaps so long as the FDA does not regulate us until the research is complete."
He then explains how the Safe Wireless Initiative came about, following the Illinois class action [An extension of the Debbra Wright case, or a Peter Angelos payment.]
"The plaintiffs came to us and offered a settlement, and the way the settlement worked was this: we had $1.2 million left on our insurance, and we gave the plaintiff's lawyers the $1.25 million (sic) and they gave us back $250,000 to set up a post-market surveillance registry. This was done under the supervision of the court."
[The courts had nothing to do with the 'post-market surveillance registry. This is just a phasing to make it sound as if the SWI was some sort of official organization.]
He also discussed the 'intake questionnaire' called SWEEP ( Safe Wireless Electro-sensitivity Evaluation Profile) and the fact that...
"... in the [peer reviewed] epidemiology literature right now published, there are more than 300 statistical significant findings showing excess risk between mobile phones and brain cancer.
[Complete bollocks! There are only a couple.]

He goes on to criticise the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) exposure standards,
"Every 6 months the technology changes, it evolves, so that the old days are 3 or 4 years ago, The ICNIRP guidelines are 1998, and in this particular area, that is ancient history. [Y]ou are making a huge mistake if you rely on old science....

[Despite this, he doesn't appear to consider that his theories about "Information Carrying Radio Waves" (ICRW) and the evidence he claims exists from 50-57 WTR studies were also grounded in these 'old science' technologies — and therefore now largely irrelevant.]

    Our view is that this is a medical problem now. We have patients in many countries now who have these very frank membrane sensitivity symptoms. Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome has been around for about 25 years. [It was originally] from high chemical exposures [and now] from electromagnetic radiation."
[Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome is disease of Carlo's own invention. It doesn't appear in the literature until after his break with the CTIA, and then only among his staff, associates and acolytes.

    There is an extreme allergic claim to a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome — and clearly Carlo is conflating his EMF theory with this on the basis of no evidence, and no logic.]

On the problem of power-lines he distinguishes the microwave (RF and dirty power) problem from that of ELF (50-60Hz mains-power) which he says produces magnetic fields which effects 'the gap-junction communications between cells', and...
"... we understand how it works. It is a direct magnetic effect and because magnetic fields have been around since the beginning, we, as human beings have developed compensatory mechanisms, so that there is a threshold. There is a degree of magnetic field that we can sustain without having an adverse effect to it.

    The fact that we are not floating around in here, and there is gravity holding us down, is a magnetic field and our bodies know how to compenate. So unless you have a very high amount of power pushing that magnetic field, as you would have underneath a powerline, for example, you do not cross the threshold for this direct magnetic effect. That is the ELF window.

[Despite the garbelled explanation, he probably does understand that there is a difference between magnetism and gravity — but he clearly doesn't understand that it is the alternation of cycling magnetic fields that induces electrical effects — not static magnetism like that of the earth and a bar magnet.]
He then explains, in his unique way, the microwave handset problem , and says they both produce "informational waves".

[He has conflated and confused TDMA and CDMA technologies. TDMA produces power pulses which can generate changing electrical and magnetic fields in the ELF range, while CDMA operates more like a white-noise generator, similar to BioPro's active protective devices.]

    He says that biological cell membrane have both protein (chemical) receptors and vibrational receptors and:
"The vibrational receptors are able to pick up radio signals that oscillate in the hertz to kilohertz range

[The 'vibrational receptor' claim is new. And the Hertz range Carlo claims for the fictitious dangerous informational waves (ICRW) has now been extended from 50Hz to 'kiloHertz'.]

    [Since] they are not natural, the body interprets the information-carrying radio wave as a foreign invader [and sends an internal signal] "We are under siege; we need to protect ourselves" [resulting in] the active transport channels begin to close down."
Re: masts and cellphone base stations (which put out only about 100 watts at considerable distances), he says
"that the intensity of the field really has very little to do with triggering this mechanism, and that is the problem with the ICNIRP guidelines.

    [It has to do with] how robust the individual is and how strong the individual is in terms of being able to counter this insult. We have great concerns about children and we have great concerns about Wi-Fi in schools.

[If the intensity of the field is not important, then there is no threshold. If this is true, why make a distinction between 'robust' adults and vulnerable children?

    This makes absolutely no sense — especially since the natural and man-made worlds are both saturated by low-level EMF radiation, from cosmic rays, satellites, radio and TV stations, radar, etc. etc. as well as cellphones and WiFi.]
He was then asked about "intervention devices" but begs out because...
"I do not endorse any products, I do not endorse any companies. I do not advertise for anybody. So I am sorry. I can talk to you about the technologies, I mean in the Safe Wireless Initiative we make it our job to sort through what works and what does not.

    There are 100 products out there, you know, [and] 95 of them do not work, and I can tell you that the technologies that we have scrutinised that work in terms of primary intervention, are the active noise field and the passive noise field [which] stop the cell membrane recognition from occuring.

[The product that BioPro was flogging.]

    I can not give it all to you, because it would be a violation of our non-profit independence, but if you do Google on "passive noise field", "energy resonance", "cell membrane restoratives", that kind of thing, you will find them.
[Only days later, he had his acrimonious fall-out with BioPro and changed his mind about the protective value "of subtle energy technologies, diodes and some pendants."

    However, it is obvious at this time he is still working with BioPro. He has implied to the Jersey Inquiry that a Google search would turn up the patented BioPro product he was endorsing.

    There is another 50 pages of this gumph. It tells us very little other than that
  • he had a number of scientific studies in preparation about Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome (MSS). None of which ever surfaced in the scientific literature.
  • That MSS "affects the nervous system; the endocrine systems; the immune system, and it lowers the efficiency of all of them."
  • "there is no threshold, and that is why everybody who uses the technology needs intervention to stop the biological response."
  • the potenial liability issue for Jersey Islands was huge — "within 3 years you will have clusters of conditions among groups of people in your community."
  • he was setting up Safe Wireless Initiatives in the UK, Ireland and in the Jersey Islands.

See Jersey Island Hearings transcript

Note that Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome is a condition only recognised by Carlo, gullible EMF activists, and some companies flogging microwave protective devices. Google turns up 3,870 references to MSS, and 93% of them include the name of George Carlo.

Carlo and BioPro fall out for unknown reasons
[probably to do with his share rights allocations].

2007 Mar: BioPro: Carlo and the BioPro partners had a serious falling-out which resulted in Carlo's vicious attack on the radiation protection devices that he had so convincingly promoted. He then began to maintain that he'd been mislead by the company and by the scientist behind MRET

    Since they still needed the endorsement of some 'scientist' for their products, BioPro (and its subsidiary GIA Wellness) hired Howard W. Fisher who was a chiropractor rather than an epidemiologist like Carlo.

    It didn't matter much since he still used the "Doctor" title and could claim to be an expert with a string of qualifications [BSc, BEd, DC]. (Note: There's also a Howard W Fisher, MD, Psychiatrist in Pueblo CO). BioPro's Fisher also promoted Reishi (and Reshi mushrooms) and the Fisher clinics.

Dr Howard W. Fisher is the founder and senior clinician at the Glen Park Wellness Centre and the Director of the Banipur Institute of Medical Sciences. He is a member of the Scientific Committee and Co-Chair of the Dubai Congress on Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine (DCAAAM).

    Dr Fisher has special interests in anti-aging, immunology, electromagnetic radiation and nutrition, and this researching author acts as a consultant and educator for several multi-national nutritional companies and has advised several governments on electromagnetic radiation effects.
Fisher is quoted in all the BioPro literature as an endorser of the MRET technology which lies [pun intended] behind the expensive plastic buttons being flogged by BioPro to ward off harmful EMF rays. Immediately he took over Carlo's role as BioPro guru, the term "Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome" disappeared from BioPro's marketing lexicon. [Carlo must have held copyright on the term!] GIA Wellness also began adding this disclaimer to their promotions:
"Statements made about any products referenced on this website, and/or in any GIA Wellness presentation(s) or literature have not been evaluated by any governmental agencies. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. Any testimonials given reflect the actual experience of each individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical."

Carlo and Radiant Energies Balance (REB)
2007 March 15: A web-site set up to promote REB ('"a unqiue and powerful blend of the most powerful somatic/body centered and energy/information psychotherapeutic methods") and "Thought Field Therapy" (TFT) asks for donations in exchange for the provision of articles on holistic wellness strategies.

    It also advertises CDs and a book, "Pathways to Wholeness" by Master REB Practitioner, Janet Nestor.
A summary of the scientific research about the effects of ElectroPollution on living organisms
      By Dr George Carlo of the Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI)

The principal mission of the Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) is not to engage in scientific debate per se but rather to offer immediate practical solutions to the problem of electro-hypersensitivity.
This website is run primarily by Dr Phillip Warren and Jane Nestor, and it was probably in place before the Carlo/BioPro split (and hasn't been upgraded since). Warren writes
Please make a donation to show your appreciation of these FREE articles on this website with no advertising, popups etc. For a donation of $50.00 or more I [Phillip Warren] will send you all my workshop and other manuals by email. Make the donation via PayPal. Thank you kindly.
[It is not easy to untangle the relationship between Carlo's SWI, BioPro, Phil Warren, and this REB/Delta center]

Intervention programs are also available from Canadian Professor Emeritus Phillip W Warren, B.A., Ph.C., (psychology and music). He is also a Zetetic Scholar, Kinesiologist and developer of Radiant Energies Balance (REB), and he offers many services:
  • A PRIMARY intervention is necessary to minimize exposure to this dangerous toxin.
  • A SECONDARY intervention will restore the biofield (our body's natural energetic field) to its maximum strength by facilitating restoration of proper intercellular communication.
  • The TERTIARY intervention involves nutritional and lifestyle approaches that accelerate the speed at which the body can recover and repair compromised cellular function and create healthy cells.
All aspects of these three-tiered approaches are necessary to combat this modern plague. BioPro Technologies products provide comprehensive interventions for each of these levels. For information see http://www.mybiopro.com/BIOPROventionProgram.aspx? (etc.)
[No longer functioning]
Warren tells us that
I've been interested in "do it yourself" approaches in psychology and health since the early 1950's when I discovered the then current "people's therapy" called Dianetics. [The early name for Hubbard's Scientology!]

2007 Apr 16: "Tissue-Paper Titles and Dubious Degrees", one of a number of articles in Neurodiversity (2009) says about 'nutritionist' Tamara Mariea that...

... in Spring 2007, she added to her list of credentials that of CERSA (Certified ElectroMagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor) an honor awarded her by George L. Carlo, an epidemiologist and law school graduate with a long career in research management and public relations on behalf of various commercial entities.
Until that date her main credential had been that of:
"Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN)" a credential awarded by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB).

    CNCB was established in 1990 by the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutrition (IAACN) and incorporated as a non-profit, tax exempt agency in 1994.

    According to CNCB, the CCN examination was developed to provide "certification for alternative or complementary medical, clinical nutrition and health care organizations" and "multi-disciplinary healthcare practitioners who wish to incorporate clinical nutrition into their practice."

[The CCNB is sponsored by the IAACN, and appears to credential mainly alternate medical practitioners (Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Kinesologists, etc) via short courses.]

    Tamara Mariea advertises her services as an expert in the treatment of autism, which she attributes to the malign influence of electromagnetic radiation on children made vulnerable by "genetically determined detoxification capacity," "contaminated vaccines," "high levels of toxic burden," and "ever increasing levels of radiation." She also claims to have treated patients with brain injuries, Alzheimer's Disease, ALS, cancer, multiple chemical sensitivities, immune deficiency syndromes, and cerebral palsy.

[She should have gone into partnership with Dr Howard W Fisher rather than Carlo... Fisher also treated all of these conditions, while maintaining a highly profitable relationship with BioPro.]

    Tamara Mariea has described her "Multiple Therapeutic Modality Approach" as a combination of nutritional support, detoxification, far-infrared Sauna, the Quantron Resonance System, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), craniosacral therapy, and lymphatic drainage, and more recently, as the application of tools that purport to neutralize the influence of electromagnetic radiation.

    Mariea's website, launched in mid-2003, reveals a "toolbox" largely stocked with nutritional supplements, cosmetics. weight loss products, and devices from affiliate sales and multilevel marketing organizations — most notably organizations led by career direct-sales executive Ray W. Grimm, Jr. of Carlsbad, California [BioPro].
[There's a group of well-researched articles here at Neurodiversity on Tamara Mariea, George Carlo and the BioPro shonks.]

2007 Apr 16: Business Wire reported that

The Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) based in Washington, D.C., has just appointed [Tamara] Mariea Director of Clinical Protocol Development and a member of its Board of Directors.

[So the SWI now has two Board Directors — but still only one telephone shared between the SPPI, SWI and Pax Disputes Resolution Llc. in one 7th floor Washington office.]

    Dr George Carlo, world-renowned scientist, epidemiologist and attorney, is the founder of the Institute. He and Mariea have worked closely for the past year to help educate those on the front line of treating disorders regarding the hazards of electromagnetic radiation on people.

    "I am proud to have my research and clinical data presented by Dr Carlo as he lectures throughout the United States and Europe. We are working together on the front-lines of one of the greatest public safety issues to ever confront our children," says Mariea.

    She has addressed electrical pollution from a direct magnetic effect on the body as it relates to dirty power as well as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) created from cell phones, computers, radios, cell phone towers, etc.

[This appears to be the first reference (indirectly) which signals Carlo had now moved into the adjacent snake-oil business of protection from "dirty electricity" and help for the hyper-electro-sensitive.]

    This toxic pollution entering the body is created from transmitting data as information carrying radio waves. Mariea's research has validated a direct biological effect on the cell membrane discovered by Dr George Carlo. She has developed therapeutic interventions to detoxify these trapped toxins from the body.
[Her own research has 'validated a direct biological effect on the cell membrane' — a fact that none of the highly qualified research scientists working the the bioelectromagnetic field with specially-equipped laboratories have ever been able to do.]

2007 Apr 16: Bees in his belfry: Carlo appeared on the TV program "Good Morning America" discussing the possible link between cellphone radiations and Colony Collapse Disorder of bees.

    The disruption to Honey Bee colonies in the USA was now also claimed by Carlo to be a version of Membrane Sensitity Syndrome (MSS). He also wrote complaining to his associates that he had suffered from "the mobile phone industry 'hit squad'" after appearing on the program.

[See Wikipedia: Occasional collapses of bee colonies was known from the 17th century, but first documented scientificially in the USA in 1918, about the time that ship-to-shore Morse Code was being introduced.

Clearly the dots-and-dashes were disrupting the navigation membranes of the worker bees during their transAtlantic crossing. Australia and New Zealand, being Down-Under, didn't have the same collapse problems because the dots and dashes were inverted by the antipodean ley lines which cause the colonies to flourish.]

2007 Apr 16: The F2C — Freedom to Connect group (Municipalities which want to install their own fiber-optic broadband, rather than have a telecom monopoly) has managed to get involved in Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.

    Entemologists and biochemists were suggesting that fungal infections and pesticides + drought were playing their part in the US. However the Washington lawyer James Baller — Carlo's friend, lawyer and co-author of many anti-EPA/FDA diatribes decides to set them straight by writing to the DewayneNet Technology List:

This sounds nutty, but I wouldn't dismiss it until we learn more. This article mentions a Dr George Carlo, "who headed a massive study by the US government and mobile phone industry of hazards from mobiles in the Nineties." I was legal counsel to George and the scientists who conducted that study. George is a really conscientious guy, and his group did extraordinarily good work — the results of which the cellular industry really hated.
James Baller had also split with the CTIA and became a firm advocate for anti-cellphone actions. He specialised in helping municipalities to install their own broadband fibre networks, rather than allowing the telecommunications industry to monopolise areas.

    In June 2005 a bill signed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush in an attempt to ban cities from offering their own telecommunications systems, and Baller had been hired to fight the ban.
In Florida, Republican Gov. Jeb Bush signed into law legislation requiring local governments to approach incumbent telecom and cable companies before pursuing large-scale Wi-Fi deployments like those planned by Philadelphia; San Francisco; Corpus Christi, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Spokane, Wash.; and many smaller communities.

    The Florida legislation is similar to a Pennsylvania law that went into effect soon after Philadelphia announced its plans to build a municipal Wi-Fi system. The law allowed Philadelphia's project to go forward but other Quaker state communities will have to wait for established players to offer broadband before considering municipal systems.

    Though apparently not as active as wireline and cable operators in the states, mobile-phone carriers — several owned by regional Bell operating companies — oppose cities treading on their turf. They argue municipalities are ill-equipped to offer broadband service and actually could hinder uptake of high-speed Internet access in communities if citizens have unpleasant experiences with municipal Wi-Fi service or other telecom offerings.

    "The [ban] bill would be a major step in the wrong direction for America," said James Baller, a lawyer involved in a Missouri municipal-broadband lawsuit decided by the U.S. Supreme Court last year. "A century ago, when the private sector was not moving fast enough to electrify America, particularly in rural areas, thousands of communities stepped forward to create their own electric utilities. As a result, millions of Americans obtained the vast benefits of the electricity decades faster then they would have if they had waited for the private sector to get around to them. Now, the same thing is happening in the broadband area."

    The high court ruled that a provision of the Telecommunication Act of 1996 forbidding states from barring "any entity" from providing telecom services does not include local governments. At the same time, the Supreme Court decision did not prohibit municipalities from providing Wi-Fi and other broadband services, but rather gave states the last word on the matter.

    Baller was honored a few years later as the "Community Broadband Visionary of the Year" when he created the US Broadband Coalition.

Baller Herbst

[The comparison with Carlo is interesting. While Baller has swapped sides for similar reasons to Carlo, he didn't descend into the promotion of dubious products and doomsaying, but chose instead to work in the promotion of municiple broadband fibre systems. One can only applaud.

    However it is a pity he still didn't have a measure of Carlo. Note that his publishd biog doesn't now mention Carlo or the WTR.]


2007 Apr 17: Autism: The Safe Wireless Initiative's new Director of Protocol Development, Tamara Mariea, issued a press release announcing the findings of a new study linking autism to "electromagnetic radiation stress" — the culmination, she asserted, of her "years of clinical research" and collaboration with George Carlo.

    A subsequent bulletin heralded the publication of Wireless Radiation in the Etiology and Treatment of Autism: Clinical Observations and Mechanisms in a more-than-dubious Australian alternate health journal with the grandiose title "Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine".

Press Release Article

Later critics have unfairly suggested that the "Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine" was another figment of Carlo's imagination. But, while no one has ever seen a paper copy, there is an e-publication with this name from the "Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine" (ACNEM). However the ACNEM is not much more substantial than its Journal.
This College now offers postgraduate Certification in Chelation Therapy, in Injectable Nutrient Therapy and in Natural Management of Hormonal Problems.
What it doesn't offer is details of who owns and operates it; and material about its faculty and courses.

    The ACNEM's Journal site was last updated 16 October 2006 and its search engine now doesn't register Carlo and Mariea's paper... but it was widely circulated and turns up at many activist sites.
[The ACNEM seems to be a casual association with a weird combination of genuine medicos and nutritioners, along with the quacks and chelation/detoxication practitioners. If you want certificiation in anything unconventional, they will provide it. ]

2007 Apr 29: An article: "Scientists demand inquiry over Wi-Fi" runs in the Independent on Sunday (London). This is a followup to a previous article which said...

... that teaching unions and scientists have been pressing for an official investigation into the potential risks of Wi-Fi.

    The Health Protection Agency (HPA), chaired by Sir William Stewart, has yet to announce publicly its intentions, but senior sources have admitted to this newspaper that proper research needs to be done to ensure that Wi-Fi does not present a danger to children, acknowledging there are ethical issues and public health concerns.

    It emerged yesterday that Professor Lawrie Challis, the head of the Government's committee on mobile phone safety [Stewart's deputy], is also urging caution. "Since we advise that children should be discouraged from using mobile phones, we should also discourage children from placing their laptop on their lap when they are using Wi-Fi," he said.

    And Dr George Carlo, chair of the Science and Public Policy Institute in the US, is setting up a global registry of people suffering from symptoms relating to the technology. Commenting on Sir William's stance, he said:
    "I know he is under enormous pressure from the mobile telecommunications industry, and the official stance being taken by HPA is one that is different to his personal views. That is the reality. The HPA has dropped the ball in not requiring testing before Wi-Fi goes into schools."

2007 May 20: Panorama saga: The BBC's most trusted documentary series, the Panorama program, boosted public hysteria about Wi-Fi in schools. It had a section promoting the use of Q-link pendants and other devices for ameliorating EMF radiation pollution.
[Q-link was owned by the Clarus Institute. It is virtually BioPro's MRET in disguise.. so BioPro registered the name QLink (without the hyphen).

At the heart of all Q-Link products is Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), which is based on the fundamental scientific discovery that every physical system has fields of energy that permeate and surround that system.

    When systems vibrate at their optimal frequency spectrums, they are able to function more efficiently and deliver expected, even enhanced, levels of performance. When these systems are not vibrating ideally, reduced efficiency and performance can result.

    In humans, the principal energy system is known as the "Biofield" - a term officially recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.
Later in November 2007 the BBC's Editorial Complaints unit found that the Panorama program was 'misleading".]
[T]he Beeb internal watchdog sharply criticised the way the Panorama editors went about their business, giving extensive airtime to three WiFi-fearmonger scientists and featuring only one voice of sanity. This "gave a misleading impression of the state of scientific opinion on the issue".
[The director of the WHO's EMF Project, Michael Repacholi, is quoted as being critical of the Panorama program. Which is almost stating the bleeding obvious; he and the wireless internet industry would have been apoplectic!]

2007 May 31: Panorama saga: The Independent published "My war on electrosmog: Julia Stephenson sets out to clear the airwaves." Subtitled: How one woman fought back after being diagnosed by her naturopath with overexposure to Wi-Fi and mobile phone frequencies.This is written by the environmental journalist for the newspaper ("The Independent's Green Goddess").

A few months ago I noticed I was feeling dog-tired and drained all the time. Usually a good sleeper, I'd suddenly begun waking up early in the morning and finding myself unable to go back to sleep.

    It wasn't only me that was drooping. My once-lush plants had lost their lustre too. Ridiculous, considering how well I look after myself - and my plants.

    I am well-doctored, to put it mildly. I probably consult more doctors than Woody Allen, who has separate screenings of his movies for his doctors. Everyone is entitled to a hobby; mine just happens to be my health, and what a fascinating hobby it is. When at a loss to explain my new malaise, I visited my naturopath. It may sound unorthodox, but if it works, who cares?

    She insisted that my exhaustion was caused by electromagnetic "smog" in my flat.
Remote diagnosis is so much easier than actually visiting the flat and measuring the levels of 'electrosmog'.
Fortunately there are steps that concerned individuals can take to reduce the amount of "electro-smog" to which they are subject. Like many people, I'm mobile-dependent, but I now use a headset that delivers sound through an air-filled wireless tube similar to a doctor's stethoscope (but much smaller, so you don't look like you're on call). Conventional headsets transmit sound to the earpiece through a wire, but as wire is an electrical conductor it may also deliver radiation directly to your head. Since I've started using the tube I no longer experience headaches or a slight ringing in my ears.

    You could also try the Q-Link pendant, which employs "sympathetic resonance technology," something that the makers declare "repairs and tunes your biofield". Friends who wear a Q-Link report that they feel healthier and more energetic.

    The homeopathic medicine company, New Vistas, and the Australian flower essence company, Bush Flower Remedies, both make drops that claim to reduce the amount of radiation stored in the body.

    Also, for the past two months I've been using an electro-magnetic field protection unit plugged into a wall at home. The device was created by engineer and homeopath Gary Johnson.
The hot-links in the article give direct connections to where these devices can be purchased.

2007 Jun 2: Panorama saga: Ben Goldacre writes a 'Bad science' article for The Guardian (UK): "Watch out for that blob of radiation!" It is a commentary on the Panorama Wi-Fi scare story, which had been followed up and supported by The Guardian's rival newspaper, The Independent. Goldacre wrote:

The most important background for any "electrosensitivity" story is the issue of the "provocation studies". These are simple. Sufferers explain that they can tell when they are exposed to, say, a mast, a computer monitor, or a phone, because their symptoms get worse.

    So in a provocation study, an electrosensitive person sits in a room with the source of electromagnetic waves hidden from view: they don't know whether it is switched on or not.

    There have been 36 such studies published to date. This is very active work. This field has not been neglected. Thirty-three have shown that the subjects were unable to tell if the signal was present or absent, and the other three were flawed, as I have previously explained (references at badscience.net).

    Could the Independent and Panorama have deliberately ignored these, in the name of propagating their scare, and selling themselves?

    But the reality is clear. The symptoms of electrosensitivity are real, and deserve our compassion, but they seem not to be caused by electromagnetic signals.
The article in The Independent was written by a staffer who believes she is hypersensitive to EMF, and she recommended the Q-link pendant, detoxification, etc. and also a microprocessor 'holograph field' generator invented by a homeopath which she maintains is an 'electro-magnetic field protection unit" which cancels out any EMF with a 'special beam'.
People who believe their symptoms are related to exposure to electromagnetic fields are almost certainly mistaken — I would now say misled — about the cause, but they are very right about their symptoms.

    Symptoms are real, they are subjective, some people experience them very severely, and this is real distress that deserves our compassion. Alternatively, you could cynically exploit them - and mislead them, and frighten them - to sell your quack products, your newspaper, your TV show, and your freelance articles.

    I'm not judging. I'm simply laying out the alternatives.
[One of the three provocation study which did show positive findings was done by Dutch scientists at their national scientific-research organisation TNO.

This organisation operates commercially. It was always available to Philip Morris for studies disproving claims of harm from passive smoking... or to write propaganda books... or to run 'selected' scientific symposia.

    Be suspicious of any study done by the TNO.]

2007 Jun 2: Panorama saga: George Carlo immediately writes to the Editor of The Guardian newspaper in the UK objecting to the Ben (who he calls 'Andrew') Goldacre article on the supposed condition of hypersensitivitiy to R/F (which has never been shown to exist in any scientific tests).

To the Editor of The Guardian:
I am appalled by the insensitive, mean-spirited and factually incorrect opinion put forth by Andrew Goldacre in The Guardian (Saturday, June 02, 2007). His premise, that patients suffering from symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity are misinformed hypochondriacs, reeks of the adage: "Those who are saying don't know; and those who know, aren't saying." Goldacre does not know. It is time for those who know to speak up.

    For the past five years, through our Safe Wireless Initiative project, we have operated the only post-market surveillance database in the world systematically collecting symptom information from thousands of patients suffering from the effects of various forms of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR). In addition, we coordinate a network of clinicians who regularly share information about their experiences treating patients with these conditions, another important and unique resource.

    Thus, we do not rely solely on self-reported information but have corroboration from treating doctors. It is noteworthy that our health concerns registry will open in the UK through a new local Safe Wireless Initiative branch within the month. This is an important public health step because in the UK, there are absolutely no reliable data on the incidence and prevalence of EMR-related conditions. Thus, Goldacre's speculations are all the more misinformed, but clarity is forthcoming.

    It is a fact that every serious public health problem man has faced has first been identified through clinical observations, the historically confirmed first line of evidence for preventing epidemic spread of disease. It is a disservice to the public when uninformed speculation serves to lessen the acuity with which important early signs that can save lives are seen and heeded.

Dr George L. Carlo
Science and Public Policy Institute
[ In his response Carlo's claim of "uninformed speculation" is a reference to the 33 studies which found no evidence of electrosensitivity among those claiming to have this heightened detection ability.

    We can't say how credible or trustworthy these studies were — but with moderate scientific skills, they are easy studies to perform. And we see no commerical interests which would have a reason to distort the evidence by boosting the number of negative findings — but plenty of reasons why protection device manufacturers would want to promote the positives.

    Carlo never considered the evidence from these 33 studies in any way — yet he was one of the great promoters of the 'Nocebo' effect when it suited his commercial interests and vested-interest clients.]

2007 June 5: Bees in his bonnet. Dr Carlo Speaks: Radiation Is Killing the Bees Despite the Cell Phone Industry's Disinformation Campaign.

    Carlo has appeared on Good Morning America. Apparently he conflated the supposed collapse of bee colonies with a German study which showed that bees could be disoriented by radio signals (which was never confirmed).

    However because bees live in colonies, they are prone to epidemic disorders. Bee colony disappearances have been reported for a few hundred years, and are usually due to wide a range of genetic, weather, food-supply and disease conditions (and causes which are unknown mainly because they weren't scientifically investigated).

[In 2007 it was probably the result of a combination of genetic inbreeding, fungal and two virus diseases — perhaps with one vector being a bee mite.]

    His EMF/EMR-causal theory was another fake scientific discovery coupled with a conspiracy theory which Carlo actively promoted for a short while. He wrote:

Taken together, EMR is the only explanation that makes sense regarding the disappearing bees: the timing is correct — the problem has occurred primarily within the past two years... when we have nearly tripled the background level of information carrying radio waves; the pattern is global so that suggests a cause that is globally present; there is at least one peer-reviewed study that supports it, and there is a mechanism documented that lends biological plausibility.
[Typically makes unsubstantiated claims: We hadn't "nearly tripled the background levels of cellphones in two years", and the Colony Collapse Disorder (as it was known to cellphone activists) wasn't a global condition. Australia and New Zealand, both without bee mites, didn't suffer any collapse.]

    This was merely another chance for Carlo to propound his old EMF- ICRW theories. There may have had some validity for looking at low-frequency demodulation in the GSM/TDMA days, because the theory is based on the fiction of electric or magnetic fields/currents being generated on the surface (or between) body cells by these "information-carrying waves."

    But this is not relevant to modern W-CDMA/UMTS phone systems.

[Note he also manages to turn bee-collapse into a CTIA conspiracy. See below]

2007 June 8: /E Bees in his bonnet. Carlo has [later] written to a disciple in Amherst Massachusetts following his appearance on "Good Morning America".

Dear Carol:
Unfortunately, the situation with the bees is a page out of the playbook that we deal with all the time with the mobile-phone industry.

    When the bee story first broke, it was based on a German study that showed information-carrying radio waves disrupted the ability of bees to make it back to their hives. That work was made public about two months ago. There were other data to support it as well. You can see some of that on our SWI website — note especially an exceptionally insightful article by Milt Bowling posted there.

    The news media ran with the story, bolstered a great deal by a quote attributed to Albert Einstein [The world-famous entomologist?] something along these lines: "Watch the bees! When they disappear, man will disappear within four years." The mobile-phone industry was caught off-guard by the widespread-media attention the story garnered.

    After the first news cycle, the mobile-phone industry 'hit squad' went into action. First, they planted stories that cast doubt on the Einstein quote. Never before have I seen such a desperate attempt to distance a quote from a figure as revered as Albert Einstein. In the process, his name was besmirched ? Very sad.
[If this weren't email, there would have been crocodile-size tear-drop spots all over the page. Actually this an urban-myth-quote; Einstein never said it.]

    Next, they conscripted scientists from a number of universities to begin going public with other explanations... viruses, bacteria, pesticides etc., etc., etc. These alternatives have been making the rounds over the past month.
[Actually, for many years — and many are still current. Bees are social insects which get epidemic diseases just like humans.]

    The mobile-phone industry is putting quite a bit of money into the pockets of these scientists by supporting their work regarding viruses and alternative explanations. The industry is dealing with it as a politics and public relations problem ? thus, manipulation of the public perception is the appropriate remedy for them. Sadly, this is business-as-usual for the mobile phone industry.
[We still await these cellphone funded studies of viral-cause bee diseases. So the CTIA has missed the PR potential of all that funding. It needs someone like Carlo again to advise them how to exploit science. ]

    Most people in the public don't know the back-story, so they do not see the manipulation coming or have the necessary bases for skepticism to see through it. But here is the bottom line:
  • The colony collapse disorder has occurred concurrently on four continents within a very short time frame.
    [The disorder didn't hit Australia which had strict importation rules to block the spread of the bee mite]

        If the reason was biological or chemical, there would be a pattern of epidemic spread - we would be able to trace the spread of bee disappearance or Colony Collapse Disorder from a source similar to the spread of SARS a few years ago. That is not the case. The condition has hit each continent at roughly the same time. That would mean the cause has to have hit the continents at the same time as well. Mobile phones meet that criterion.
  • None of the biological or chemical hypotheses actually have a mechanistic explanation that is plausible. The science for the biological and chemical alternatives is far thinner than the science supporting the EMR connection. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.
    [ It is difficult to imagine a more stupid statement than that the EMF theory is more plausible than viruses or chemicals?]
  • The disruption of intercellular communication hypothesis that we now know effects cell membranes in most species is biologically plausible — and no other theory has that support.
  • The basis for a biological mechanism, coupled with the saturation in information carrying radio waves we have globally in the past 14 months, provides the underpinning.
  • Taken together, EMR is the only explanation that makes sense regarding the disappearing bees: the timing is correct — the problem has occurred primarily within the past two years — when we have nearly tripled the background level of information carrying radio waves. The pattern is global so that suggests a cause that is globally present — there is at least one peer-reviewed study that supports it, and there is a mechanism documented that lends biological plausibility.
    ['One peer-reviewed study which supports it?' Anyone can get a study peer-reviewed and anyone with money can get it published in a "Peer-reviewed scientific journal." The implication that "peer-reviewed = honest science" is one of the stock tools of the science-for-sale con man.]
In our view, this is a serious "red flag" of risk that should be heeded. This is yet another example of mobile phone industry orchestration aimed at distracting the public from data that can save lives.

Dr George L. Carlo

2007 June: 8-9 Panorama saga: Ben Goldacre of The Guardian returns to attack Carlo's operations, with this report on the Safe Wireless Initiative and its key (only?) staffer Jill Ungar...

Jill Ungar, who is the main contact on the "faculty" at safewireless, and there she is specialising in "Marine mammal care and rehab, especially involving more holistic medical care and less western medicine. Probiotic, herbal, energy work."
[This piece under-reports Ungar's various professional credentials and the extent of her extraordinary expertise. See special piece below]

2007 Jun 16: Panorama saga: The British Medical Journal (BMJ) publishes a column by Ben Goldacre (who is also a medical practitioner)

"Why don't journalists mention the data?"

"Have stories about "electrosensitivity" simply been lifted from those promoting this new diagnosis?"

For two years now the British news media has been promoting the existence of a new medical condition, called electrosensitivity, or electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The story — or in medical terms the hypothesis — is that a wide range of symptoms are caused by acute exposure to electromagnetic signals, and that these symptoms are ameliorated by this signal being removed.

    The features have a lot in common with what might often conventionally be called "medically unexplained symptoms": tiredness, difficulty concentrating, headaches, nausea, bowel complaints, aches in the limbs, crawling sensations or pain in the skin, and more, for which no explanation is found. Such symptoms have existed since long before the appearance of "electrosensitivity," and the absence of a clear cause is extremely troubling to both patients and doctors.

    If these symptoms were caused by electromagnetic signals, then it should prove possible to study that, ideally in double blind conditions: and yet the media coverage invariably focuses on the scandal of how research into this area has been neglected. But the research has been done. In fact, dozens of double blind studies have been performed, but they have been systematically ignored by almost every single journalist covering the issue.

    So why doesn't the media ever mention this data? Perhaps they deliberately and mischievously leave it out. Perhaps they never came across it, and are incompetent. Or perhaps they simply lifted their stories verbatim from aggressive and well coordinated lobbyists who promote this new diagnosis (some of whom also sell expensive equipment to sufferers, such as insulating paint at £50 a litre, and insulating beekeeper hats for trips outdoors).

    Not only do these lobbyists observe a monastic silence on the issue of the provocation studies, but they also viciously attack anyone who even dares to mention the data, accusing them of insensitivity, of attacking sufferers, and of denying the reality of their symptoms.

    Symptoms, of course, stand as real, regardless of their cause; and if you were going to offer guilt trips around, you could fairly argue that those who obfuscate on the causes are themselves hindering better understanding and treatment, and so harming patients.

Goldacre's May 2006 list of 31 studies: BMJ Column

Carlo's published response in BMJ had a claim: "Competing interests: none declared." However the Safe Wireless Initiative was fingered by alert BMJ readers as promoting financial interests:

"The Safe Wireless Initiative proudly supports the International Journal of Clinical Bioenergetics. This peer-reviewed journal publishes original research addressing interventions for EMR related-health effects."

    [And even more to the point] "Now you can donate to SWI without spending a dime! Just book your business or personal travel through our new travel site."

[We've been unable to find further details of Carlo's travel business. Any information is welcome.]
At this time Carlo's SPPI, SWI and HRMG associates published their scientific study material in the International Journal of Clinical Bioenergetics. where Carlo was both the Editor-in-Chief and also conducting the peer-reviewing. The whole operation, both the Institute and the Journal, were run by Carlo's group for BioPro Technologies.

[See the phone number 202 756 7744 — which belongs to SPPI and SWI.
Both the Institute and the Journal disappear after the Carlo-BioPro breakup.]

2007 June 22-24: Carlo is in British Columbia, Canada, running some of his EMF University accreditation courses (CERSA). This is the home territory of his sometimes partner, Milt Bowling. One of Carlo's agents (Kerry Crofton) writes to an activist blogger:

Dear Paul (Doyon],
Here's the information on the program I told you about that Dr Carlo is doing in Victoria. Would you circulate this cover letter and attachment throughout your networks?

    Many thanks, Kerry.


    As you know, the debate about wireless technology and cell tower safety continues and it is difficult to get the scientific facts about the health risks.

    Recently, Dr Carlo was invited to address the UK Parliament, and continues to teach worldwide on the health risks — and effective interventions — of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR).

    He is coming to Victoria June 22- 24 to conduct the CERSA (Certification Program, Electro-magnetic Radiation Safety Advisor), specifically for professionals — health care providers, educators, IT and EMR-related specialists, lawyers, government officials and others in related fields.

    Getting this information and certificate-granting training to people like you is part of Dr Carlo's global strategy to combat this serious health issue.

    The vision also includes clinics where people can be properly assessed and treated for EMR-related symptoms, and online registries to gather and analyze data on the range of symptoms.

    Dr Carlo has identified information-carrying waves as the primary cause of the biological damage, and has given the term "membrane sensitivity syndrome" (MSS) to the range of symptoms associated with this exposure.

    On behalf of Dr Carlo, may I invite you to attend the CERSA program.

    Please look over the attached file and email, or call, me with any questions. All the best,

    Dr Kerry Crofton
Director of Clinical Registries
Safe Wireless Initiative - Canada Victoria, BC

Kerry Crofton
Kerry Crofton PhD is a clinical psychologist, but characterised herself as a "mom-on-a-mission" and a "health educator".

    She was also President of the Wellbeing International Ltd consultancy: the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; and the Doctors for Safer Schools. She has also
  • authored a couple of books on EMF ('Wireless Radiation Rescue', 'The Healthy Type A'.)
  • She was the operator of "Wireless Radiation Rescue" web-site,
  • a paid associate of Carlo at Safe Wireless Institute,
  • had other linked to Carlo via the BauBiologie Institute.
  • was co-founder and Executive Director of the International Advisory Board; Doctors for Safer Schools
  • member of the International EMF Alliance which acts as an international cheer squad during Carlo's global tours.
There is some confusion about her formal credentials. She claims a PhD from the Union Institute & University, Cincinnati Ohio, but another source (BioInitiative Group) credits the University of Victoria.

    It also strips the "Dr" title from her associate, the Connecticut metabolic cardiologist and certified bioenergetic psychotherapist, Stephen T Sinatra (MD FACC). Who can tell? She has close links to the Sinatra family who have members running clinics and symposia in the UK and Canada, and promoting their Heart MD Institute.
Meanwhile is a recent book Wireless Radiation Rescue, by Kerry Crofton, PhD University of Victoria, bestselling author and cardiologist Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, FACC, warns of wireless radiation risks.

    "Electro-pollution (cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, etc.) is the greatest medical threat of our times," Mr. Sinatra said.

    "We have seen clinical evidence that electro-pollution affects the normal functioning of the electrically sensitive heart, including the rate and rhythm, and other systems of the body
Wikipedia explains that he also...
... advocates a controversial alternative health practice called "grounding" or "earthing." According to the theory of grounding, the earth's surface is negatively charged and contact with the earth transfers allows electrons to neutralize free radicals in the human body. Advocates say this can be accomplished by lying or walking barefoot on grass, sand or earth, or by lying on a special pad connected to the earth by grounding wires or a rod, or plugged into a wall outlet with a "modern earth ground system."
[WARNING: Don't try this yourself!]

A trace on Crofton's Wellness International Ltd., shows that it has the same address and phone number as "Enviro-Food Consulting" and "International Enviro-Food Consulting" both at 2188 Rufus Dr, North Vancouver, BC.

Apparently three employees work at this location, and the company has three "Food Facilities Consultants" subsidiaries at other locations.

[There are no links to Wellbeing International Ltd or cross-links from any Kerry Crofton web-sites, although the food business also promotes articles on the dangers of Smart Meters, and EMR]

    The principal appears to be Sally de la Rue Browne who is a Health Officer and Food Safety Consultant. She runs one-day $75 food handling courses for restaurant workers, and her students receive a certification letter upon successful completion of the exam. She also heads the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada at the same address and phone number.
[So this could be just an address-of-convenience to Crofton.]

2007 July: The Birds and the Bees: ACRES, The Voice of Eco-Agreculture, publishes an long intereview with Carlo: "Nuking the Birds and the Bees: The Explosion of Wireless Technology — At What Cost?" The Chief Scientist of the WTR now explains that:

  • every cell in the body has an energy or an electromagnetic signature that is unique to that cell. Every group of cells that form a tissue have a unique electromagnetic signature, unique to that tissue. The same is true with organs — every organ has a unique electromagnetic energy signature. In fact, each and every human being has a unique electromagnetic energy signature that the medical community now calls the "unique biofield."
  • When we have 3 billion cell phones that are on all the time, and those cell phones have to send signals to a base station to stay connected, that creates a mesh of these information-carrying radio waves that we now know are dangerous. What happens is that these waves trigger certain responses in the cell membrane level, one of which is that the biological tissues of the brain cells or any type of nervous system cells lose their ability to communicate with surrounding cells.
  • As you know, bees navigate based on electromagnetic fields — they can sense fractional changes in the gravitational (sic) field of the earth, and those changes in the gravitational (sic) field are the basis for their homing instinct. When you disrupt intercellular communication, you take away the ability of the bee to figure out where its home is based on these gravitational (sic) sensing differentials, so the bees are not able to make it back to the hive.
  • the same thing with flocking instincts in birds. We now have studies that look at both of those phenomena, and we see the same thing with birds that are flying south for the winter, for example.
  • We have similar problems with humans in that the information-carrying radio waves are recognized by brain cells and blood cells and liver cells as a foreign invader in the body [leading to an] inability to focus, young children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, difficulty learning, temper tantrums — all of those symptoms are consistent with the disruption of intracellular communication.
  • Noise-field technology essentially emits a low-energy magnetic field that attaches to the information-carrying radio wave — in the cell phone signal, for example — and makes that wave appear incoherent, or invisible to your biological tissue. Your biological tissue does not recognize it, and therefore those protective responses do not occur.
[The puff piece says "He holds degrees in pathology, epidemiology, medical science and law...."

A qualification in "pathology" usually takes most people many years of dedicated study. Modestly, he only uses the qualification PhD, MS and JD... there's not any sign of an MD or Sur-Gen — after his name]

2007 Aug: Autism: Tamara Mariea and George Carlo publish "Wireless Radiation in the Etiology and Treatment of Autism" in the [Alternative medical] Journal of the Australasian College of Nutrition & Environmental Medicine.

These data also suggest that wireless device EMR is a synergen in the etiology of Autism, acting in conjunction with environmental and genetic factors, and offer a mechanistic explanation for the correlation between concurrent increases in the incidence of Autism and the use of wireless technology.

    [The Authors are credited as] Tamara J Mariea, Internal Balance Inc, Nashville TN and Safe Wireless Initiative, Washington, DC and George L Carlo, Science and Public Policy Institute, Safe Wireless Initiative and The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, DC
[Carlo has never been a paid faculty member of the George Washington University. However he appears to have levered some connections with their School of Medicine. He was listed for a while as an "Adjunct Professor" (which can mean anything) and he managed to plant Martha Embery and her Breast Implant Public Health Project on the university in some way.]
    See the debunking of the above study and information about the "peer-reviewed" Australiasian journal.

Pax Dispute Resolution
2007 mid-year: Tamara Mariea is a 'Fellow' of Pax Dispute Resolution Llc in Washington DC. which is now being run by Nancy Lesser, who is the principal and an attorney.

This company has the same address and phone number as Carlo's SPPI and Safe Wireless Initiative.

    This long puff-piece for Pax Disputes Resolution Llc gives an extensive outline of her C/V [click on "Read More"] including details of her dealings with Carlo.
For the past year Mariea has been collaborating with George Carlo, Ph.D., M.S. ,J.D., founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute. The conclusions from her years of clinical research are often included in Dr Carlo's speeches which he presents at scholarly/medical meetings through out the world. Mariea's research is helping to clarify the issues and challenges surrounding an environmental increase in biogenetic toxins.

    Recognizing that there may be a significant connection between the increases in incidence of many diseases today and the exponential increase in cell phone use for the past three decades, Mariea has implemented Bioenergetic Medicine into her detoxification process. She and her clients are realizing truly remarkable results.

    Mariea's education and research is expansive in the area of personalized wellness care for the individual and, as such, she has been asked to present her research in the inaugural issue of The Journal of Clinical Bioenergetics to be published in late 2007.
[This was actually the one and only "International" Journal of Clinical Bioenergetics, which has the same phone number as SPPI, SWI and Pax Dispute Resolution LLC.]

Mariea also lists http://www.yourkidscellphone.com/ as an associated website.

2007 Aug: REFLEX/Adlkofer: In a long interview for a Carlo-centric article in Life Extension magazine, Carlo claims that Franz Adlkofer's European experiences with cellphone industry manipulation mirrored that of the WTR. He explained...

"The industry exerted pressure on the scientists who conducted the work, including renowned German scientist Dr Franz Adlkofer. It first tried to change the conclusions of the work, then to delay its public release. Then Dr Adlkofer, the lead scientist, was attacked in the media and threatened privately with no more research money, a ruined reputation —similar to what we experienced in the WTR.

    But this situation attracted the attention of a German documentary filmmaker, who decided to do a film on the cell phone issue." It was enough to bring Dr Carlo into view again, as he was asked to participate.

[Carlo persisted with the idea that he was dragged out of his modest retirement by the need to defend the credibility of Adlkofer and the REFLEX study.

Since both Adlkofer and Carlo were life-long science lobbyists for the tobacco industry, there may be an element of truth here. But not much. It is difficult to know how much they kept in touch over the years.]

    The film, The Boiling Frog Principle, by Klaus Scheidsteger, builds on information from his first film, The Cell Phone War, and will be released in 2007. Its intent is to integrate the latest political and scientific evidence from around the world, and bring forth to consumers important information on cell phone dangers that was previously withheld.
[And to promote a 'safe' cellphone and protection devices.]

2007 Sep: The Psychologist, the journal of the British Psychological Society, published details of the Essex Study into HyperElectroSensitivity.

More evidence has emerged that the unpleasant symptoms some people report experiencing when close to mobile phone masts and devices like computers, are not caused by electric fields, and so are more likely to be of psychological origin.

    Stacy Eltiti and colleagues at Essex University exposed 44 self-reported electrosensitive participants and 114 controls to electromagnetic signals equivalent to those emitted by mobile phone base stations. The electrosensitive participants, but not the controls, reported lower well-being and more symptoms when they knew they were being exposed to the signal compared with a no-signal control.

    Crucially, however, under double-blind conditions (i.e. when they didn't know whether the signal was on or not), none of the participants showed any difference in well-being and symptoms when exposed to the electromagnetic signal, as compared with a no-signal control.

['Double-blind' means that neither the subject OR the symptom recorder knew when the signals were on and off. The switching in randomised and controlled by someone not present in the room. Notes are then compared after the completion of the testing.

    This is important, since it has been found in earlier studies (See ''Clever Hans effec") that both humans and animals are sometimes able to detect tiny involuntary body signals (expressions) given off by a knowledgeable investigator. Double blind trials, therefore, are the mark of a meticulous study protocol because they have gone to some lengths to ensure the integrity of their findings.]

    Writing in Environmental Health Perspectives, the researchers said that people who think they are electrosensitive generally have a poor quality of life and that it was 'imperative to determine what factors' are responsible for their distressing and serious symptoms'

    Carlo immediately circulated this letter among the EMF hypersensitivity activist groups:
Sun, 02 Sep 2007 11:36:28 -0400

I find this article in The Psychologist to be offensive to those who participated in the Essex study as well as to those who suffer from debilitating electo-sensitivity and other membrane sensitivity syndrome conditions. It also underscores a serious deficiency in the system that takes what should be 'reliable' information into the public domain.

    The Essex study was seriously flawed as scientific research, and it is a shame that such a sweeping and unwarranted indictment of the lifestyle and mental state of seriously ill patients is being made based on that work. It is indeed a breach of professional responsibility.

[There are other breaches of professional responsibility at play here — such as not accusing a study of being seriously flawed when you don't know anything about it other than that it produced adverse findings to your own promotional propaganda. How else was a double-blind study to be conducted?]

    I would suggest that whatever responses put into print as context for interpretation of the Essex study are also targetted to The Psychologist. It is a serious problem that this misinformation is continually propagated through collateral professional channels and put out there as credible. It is important for us to stop those erroneous communications in their tracks before they gain any momentum.

[ie He is asking them to flood the journal with objections. This is anti-science at its worst. ]

This misinformation propagated by The Psychologist ironically will cause deep physical and psychological harm to thousands of afflicted patients who will now be misdiagnosed and sent into a path of frustration and spiralling ill health. That this is a preventable consequence makes this a true tragedy.

Dr George L. Carlo
[In fact it is Carlo's rejections of hard scientific evidence and his pandering to popular prejudices, which has caused "thousand of afflicted patients " to be misdiagnosed.

Mind you — this is not an area where professional treatment is much better than snake-oil taken by the pint.]

2007 Sep: Stewart Inquiry followup: Britain's largest investigation into the health risks of the cellphone technology, the £8.8m Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) [Part 1] programme — funded by "government and industry sources" — reported that

"mobile phones have not been found to be associated with any biological or adverse health effects".
But its chairman, Professor Lawrie Challis, admitted that only a small proportion of the research had covered people who had used the phones for more than a decade. He warned: "We cannot rule out the possibility at this stage that cancer could appear in a few years' time."

    He said the investigation had discovered "a very slight hint" of increased numbers of brain tumours among those exposed for more than 10 years, and called for more research. [Search for both MTHR1 and MTHR2]
The first of the 28 research project supported by the Programme started at the end of 2001. To date, 23 studies have been completed and the results of many have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (23 papers so far).

2007 Oct/Nov: An UK Electro-sensitivity site reports that Carlo and Mariea had managed to combine the then-current fears about the multiple measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine with EMF purging:
Dr George Carlo and Tamara Mariea are preparing to conduct a one month pilot ES/EHS treatment for 3/4 EHS in late October/November 2007. The Internal Balance clinic is located in Franklin, Tennessee.

    The treatment protocol working on the degree of membrane sensitivity syndrome exhibited by each individual, is being written up currently and will be circulated to any interested participants. The costs will include accommodation, travel and clinicians and tests.

    The Internal Balance, Inc. studio is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment that opens and detoxifies the body, or pulls the toxins that are negatively affecting people's health, out of their bodies. Often when children see the studio for the first time they think it looks like a place where astronauts might hang out.

[The costs were about $1000 per day.]

    Although Mariea believes that autism is a complicated condition that must have several factors at play for a child to fall to this diagnosis, she does believe that the three largest factors at play are:
  • Genetically determined detoxification capacity,
  • Early insult to immune system via contaminated vaccines and
  • Being born with high levels of toxic burden and into a technologically advanced society riddled with ever increasing levels of radiation.
These are the key areas for research regarding the cause and etiology of autism spectrum disorders. Perhaps the genetic mutations that are being discovered in autism research are created through the DNA damage from radiation emitting devices used by families and in the households of every member of our global society.

Carlo is now in full recruiting mode. He is expanding his
Safe Wireless Network and developing clinical service franchise operations.

2007 Nov: Conscious Design magazine of the Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology (in Clearwater, Florida) records that:

The International Institute of Bau-Biologie & Ecology (www.buildingbiology.net) and Safe Wireless Initiative (www.safewireless.org) have joined forces to provide training seminars at EMR University for anyone who wants to get involved or just to understand the situation more. For more information about the classes and schedule, please consult the websites.

2007 Nov: Dr Joseph Mercola, who has his own quack-site (http://www.mercola.com) and also contributes to the next-up.org web-pages, has become a convert to the Carlo-Mariea autism theory. He explains to readers that:

  • In October, I spent two full days with Dr George Carlo, who is the co-author of this groundbreaking study and an undisputed world expert in cell phone safety. I was so compelled with the information I heard that my next book in 2009 will detail the reasons why I believe using cell phones is far more dangerous than smoking cigarettes ever was.
    [Tobacco-scientist George should know!]
  • [On Carlo's credentials] He is an MD [Who would have guessed?], taught as a professor at George Washington Medical School, and has a degree in public health.
    [This is 'evidence-based medicine' at its best!]
  • [On the demise of the WTR] The cell phone industry offered [Carlo] a position for $1 million a year to silence him, but he refused, and started a non-profit institute called The Safe Wireless Initiative to inform the world of this danger.
    [What a hero. Who could have told Mercola this $1 million story?]
  • I am absolutely convinced that the explosion of cell phone usage around the world is one of the primary contributors to the autism epidemic. The information-carrying radio waves from cell phone base stations and cell phones makes children's exposure to vaccines and heavy metals much more dangerous than they typically are.
    [This, of course, says more about Mercola than about Carlo.]
Mercola also supplies a convenient hotlink to purchase a Blue Tube headset at his own web sit at Mercola.com. He concludes with the endorsement:
I feel SO STRONGLY about the dangers that cell phones pose to your health, and your children's, that I agreed to host an event with Dr Carlo in Chicago in the near future.

[The page devoted to this December 7th EMF event has now been scrubbed from Mercola's website.]

2007 Nov 15: Distributed via PRWeb: " Link Between Wireless Technology and Autism Unveiled in new Scientific Report." Carlo has published an article which claims that Wi-Fi signals (used for short-range computer local area networks, and computer-to-peripherals transmissions) are a 'clear factor in the development of autism'.

The children studied were seen by Tamara Mariea, a certified clinical nutritionist based in Nashville, Tennessee, specializing in treating autism. She is the primary author of the paper, along with Dr George Carlo, an expert on the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), who headed the world's largest research program on mobile phone health hazards in the 1990s. Their work revealed the autism-wireless technology connection following a series of tests on autistic children monitored during 2005 and 2006.
[What happened to the 'studied for five years' claim?]

    The autistic children followed specific detoxification protocols in an environment that was mitigated with regard to sources of EMR including mobile phones and WiFi. Heavy metal excretions were monitored from hair, urine and feces over periods ranging from several weeks to several months.

    The researchers found that with protocols administered in the mitigated environment, heavy metals were cleared from the children's bodies in a pattern dependent on time and molecular weight. The heaviest metals, such as mercury and uranium, cleared last. In many of the children, the decrease in metals was concomitant with symptom amelioration.
[Tamara Mariea is Director of Internal Balance, Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee, but the contact given for the media was Jill Ungar, Carlo's one-and-only staffer at SWI.]

2007 Dec: Carlo has now recruited a body of cellphone (EMF) and Electrosensitive (ES) activists — but still finds himself categorized as a snake-oil salesman by some of those who in the activist camp who have been concerned about the potential of health problems from cellphones for many years.

See these email-exchanges

Help For Wireless Victims (HWV)
A franchise network of ElectroSensitivity Clinics

2007 Dec: HWV: Carlo established the "Help for Wireless Victims" (HWV) network for electro-sensitivity sufferers. This was promoted as a worldwide organisation with chapters in various countries which will...

"make individual recommendations for medical treatment, which the claimants can take to their personal primary care physicians. You have a very dedicated team who has the common goal of getting medical help and compensation to people who are sick.

    [It also intends] to continuously grow a network of informed physicians who are competent in treating EMF related conditions."
[The term 'Grow a network of informed physicians' is a euphemism for 'Recruit and train clinic franchise holders'.]

It has an (unlisted) "Board of Trustees" and an "International Board of Directors" (in the UK and Europe, Australia, New Zealand). However appears to mainly operate in the USA (it is difficult to isolate among the related holistic medicine clinics) and especially in Germany.

Mobilfunk-Geschädigten-Hilfe [hwv@mobilfunkkritik.com] — A German operation, runs under the direction of:
Clinical Director: Dr [Hans-Christoph] Scheiner, utilizing his unique background and experience in this area, has been treating thousands of patients with a combined approach of traditional and complimentary medical interventions for over 15 years. [Assisted by Ana Scheiner and Ms Tripp]

Advocacy Director: Dr [George] Carlo is uniquely positioned as one of the worldwide leading experts in EMR science. He is directing the science and oversight of the HWV organization. The funding for this program falls under the auspices of the Science and Public Policy Institute founded in 1992.

    After the initial €250 Euro to join, there will be no further costs for participants in the HWV Program. Your package includes a melatonin screening, risk assessment, customized diagnosis protocols, and customized intervention prescription, all delivered by top experts in the world. If you were to have these tests conducted individually by your physician, it would cost twice this one time fee.

[The €350 fee was essentially for reading answers to the questionairre and sending back what they say are "customised diagnoses and intervention prescriptions." (probably churned out by a PC)]

    Once you register and HWV receives your payment, we will send you a Medical Risk Assessment package. It includes the scientifically developed Risk Assessment Questionnaire which is used internationally, and is designed to provide relevant information to our research analysts so that your symptoms, exposure levels and subsequent illnesses or injuries due to EMR exposure can be evaluated.

    The package also includes a demographic questionnaire to gather your insurance information, practitioner information and any other important case history documentation. In addition, there is an option to participate in a melatonin risk screen and study. The cost of this option is included in the initial payment.

    Intervention Recommendations will be developed for you based on your individual Medical Risk Assessment evaluation. Once we are able to analyse your condition, symptoms or exposure level, we will be able to determine immediate actions for you to take to minimize your exposure and symptoms.

[The Help Wireless Victims operation was still raking in the €250 joining fees in April 2008.

See this appeal which was still being circulated around the anti-cellphone and hyper-electro-sensitive activist groups]

The ever expanding PUFF-PIECE (2008)
George Carlo is a public health scientist, advisor, and research and development director. He has owned his own research and advisory firm since 1984, serving as chairman and CEO. He has also overseen the management and communication of all research results to government, the media, and the public.

During the past decade, George has managed over $57 million of research support.

George serves in numerous scientific advisory capacities for public and private groups, including the U.S. Congress, World Health Organization, National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control, and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

When Carlo presented his findings to the US government, they included his estimations of 500,000 US citizens a year by 2010 contracting cancer and 25% of the population by 2014 as a direct result of mobile phone abuse.

    Carlo and his family were threatened physically, his finances were threatened, one of his homes was burned down and the fire brigade suspected arson.

[But he bravely battles on... and Krytonite doesn't bother him at all.]

[Marylin] Jill Ungar

2008: Jill Ungar is listed as, Assistant to the Chairman, Science and Public Policy Institute, Safe Wireless Initiative, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave 7th Floor. Washington, DC 20004

These four web-sites all belong to Carlo [and many many more]. Jill Ungar (herself was an associate of Tamara Miriera) and featured at the last two sites.

    When the Safe Wireless Initiative was closed in 2009 Unger set up in Florida as a HypnoBirthing practitioner, and as a long-range vet for ailing pet animals, using remote Reiki and various faith-healing techniques.

2008: A Pamphlet entitled "Collateral Damage: A Dangerous and Insidious Legacy of the Wireless Technology Explosion" has been published by Carlo and Brian G Bowling. [Milt Bowling is a Carlo associate from British Columbia]

    This is a reprint of material from American Trial Lawyer Part 1 of 2 [Part 2 was mentioned here in 2010 but not found at the hyperlinked site]

2008 Jan: to March: At a September 2008 conference Carlo discussed research conducted duing this period via "Questionnaire distributed through Electro-Sensivive/UK related networks amoung 256 participants.

    These Powerpoint slides give informstion about clinical feedback, etc. and have a lot of medical-sounding gobbledegook to impress the gullible.

2008 Jan 1: Carlo writes to an acolyte about the disappearance of birds from the environment:

Dear Paul: "Canaries in the Coal Mine" is the operating concept to be sure. But it is a bit more complicated than the historical example, and therein lies the risk of missing the truth. What we have found in our work with Autistic children, electrohypersensitives, and other patients with membrane-hypersensitivity-related conditions is that the ability of the person ? or species ? to counter environmental insults becomes severely impaired. EMR [electromagnetic radiation] is most likely a synergen in these cases, including the case with the disappearing birds. The exposures such as pesticides, chemtrails, harvesting of forests, and urban sprawl are not causes competing with EMR ? they are additive and synergistic causes. They are insults to the system that require strong biological compensation to overcome. EMR depletes that ability to compensate, and thus the person ? or species ? succumbs to the effects of the environmental insult more severely and more rapidly. To me, it is a matter of perspective. There are some naysayers who would have us look only one-dimensionally at causes of disease and other catastrophes. This is to be sure the tactic now being supported by the mobile phone and electric utilities industries ? sort of like a 'bait and switch' tactic used by magicians. The truth is there, but they focus your attention on something else so that the truth is covered and not seeable. The problem is 'the bait' and the other causes are 'the switch'.

    Epidemiologically, when one looks only at one etiologic factor at a time, the additive and synergistic aspects are lost in the mix. We now know that for almost every disease that befalls mankind, there is a combination of factors that lead to demise ? or healthy compensation. Those factors are a mix of genetics, epigenetics, environmental timing and plain, old-fashioned luck ? good and bad. When the ability of the organism or ecosystem to compensate is surpassed by the impact of damage itself, there is disease, disruption and sometimes extinction. This is simply the way it works.

    There is no doubt that the science supports the hypothesis that the explosion of EMR exposures in these ecosystems is having an impact on the disappearing birds. Based on the mechanisms of harm we know to be operating, the impact likely includes ability to navigate and flock because of EMR disruption of magnetite and magnetic grid-related physiology, immune compromise, neurophysiologic disruption with resultant adaptive deficits, as well as indirect impacts on species food supplies and other survival necessities.

[Carlo has learned to flatter his disciples by a clever blend of common-language and a smattering of scientific terminology, which suggests that they are in the camp of scientific understanding.]

2008 Feb 4: Industry Seeks to Discredit Findings, Scientists In this widely circulated Video, Carlo preaches about the "Dangers of cellphone and wi-fi radiation in schools" (Part 2 from EMF Man)
    To learn more go to and to

    In the video Carlo [justifiably] attacks the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) which had employed him to block any real research. He claims that "manipulation by the industry had begun almost immediately at the start of research" and they were actively involved in misleading Congress:

Carlo video transcript. His explanation is a highly slanted and truncated version of how he became involved: "During those congressional hearings it became clear that, cellphones had not been tested for safety — that we had no idea whether or not they were safe. There were 15 million Americans and 50 million at the time worldwide, around the world using cellphones.... and we had a problem.

    But the industry stepped up to the plate and said "We'll put... what became $28.5 million into a research fund, and that research fund will be used to study the safety of cellphones." And the deal was "If the government doesn't regulate us until the research is done... then we have a deal.

    And, of course, that deal was struck... and a big program was put together.. and I was the person they gave the $28.5 million dollars to. We went forward and did work.
His explanation as to why cellphones create health problems is that the radio-frequencey (RF) carrier passes right through, but the information being carried on the carrier wave creates the problem. He says that these secondary (demodulated) waves are vibrating down at biological frequencies (Heart = two cycles a second).
It is the equivalent to putting data packets on a carrier wave, because it is necessary for information to be interpreted from your cellphone to the person who is answering the phone on the other side. In order for that to happen, information is put in packets, and those packets are put on the carrier wave.... and that's exactly what happens with the information secondary wave.

    It begins to oscillate on top of the carrier wave, in the Hertz range, and that can be recognised by the human body.

[This was only true of the radio technology called TDMA or GSM, used only until the early 2000s. Later technologies have no such variation in waveform.]

    The danger comes from information-carrying radio waves. Anytime you have an information device that is sending information somewhere — it is packeted information — and that packeted information forms a secondary wave that is recognised by the body.

[If this were so with modern W-CDMA phones, it could be easily demonstrated on an oscilloscope... but it can't, because such a secondary wave doesn't exist.]

    Now how is the information recognised?

    Well it all goes down to the cell. And the cell membrane has protein sensors, on the outside of the cell membrane, that vibrate. And when this information carrying wave comes in the vicinity of the vibrating protein, then they communicate with each other. It's like the duelling-banjos song. The incoming wave goes "da-de-de-dah dum" and the protein goes "da-de-de-dah dum".(etc)... and then there's recognition.

[Carlo — a man with no molecular biological credentials, no laboratory and no systematic investigation, is the only scientist to have discovered this synchronised 'recognition' activity.]

    But for recognition to happen you need to have resonance. They both need to be vibrating in the same way. But once the recognition happens, the cell membrane has to interpret "Is this good information or bad information" And it has had no experience with information carrying radio waves, so it interprets it as a foreign invader.

[If resonance occurs anywhere, it must be at the level of the body's organ, not at the cell level, since the wavelength of these phones is in the multiple centimeter range.]

    So if you have this recognition on the cell membrane that occurs in millisecond... just like that... it takes about 3 to 5 milliseconds for the interpretation to happen — the cell membrane to work out whether this is good or bad. And it always interprets it as bad, because it doesn't know what it is. Because those information carrying waves do not exist in nature.

    And when the cell membrane interprets this as bad, it sends a message to the surrounding cells through the microtubuals, which says "We are under attack — we are under seige, Protect yourselves... we are going to protect ourselves."

    And one of the things the cell membrane does is send a message that results in closing down active transport channels.

[There is more of this rubbish which can only be labelled as 'science' at the intellectual level of cartoon TV advertising, with figures which apparently inhabit your bowel and express joy when you drink some patent cure-all for constipation.]

Cellphone EMF radiations
Carlo's explanation is all codswallop, as any biological scientist can easily demonstrate. It was vaguely possible with the earlier more powerful cellphones — but not with the current ones.
  • The first cellphones used the AMPs analog technology and transmitted a signal at fairly high power (base stations were at a distance). They used Frequency Modulation (FM), but some communications systems used Amplitude Modulation (AM) like commerical radio. This generated a signal with a 'power-envelope' roughly as described by Carlo. This was possibly capable of being 'decoded' at human cell and biological structure level and of therefore having some biological effects. (Never really proved scientifically.)
  • The next generation were digital phones which used a TDMA (time-division) technology [one type called GSM] which put out short bursts of high-power energy with the information carried as phase-changes. The first digitals were definitely capable of causing radio interference and may have been able to damage cells (Especially DNA in its division phase) because the power was pulsed.

        However it is likely that most of the cell damage was quickly repaired, because there was little solid scientific evidence linking these phones to adverse health outcomes except some disputable epidemiological studies.

    [Some researchers would dispute this. And most would say it certainly is possible, even if not proved.]
  • The current generation of digital phones uses a Wideband form of CDMA (code division) which has no appreciable pulsing or power-variations in the signal envelope. They also operate on very low power (Wi-Fi is even lower). It is highly unlikely that these phones can cause cell-damage. But with some scientists the jury is still out on some of the more esoteric effects.
The absence of any validity to Carlo's theories should not be taken as evidence that cellphones are entirely safe — only that his scaremongering isn't justified.

    Considerable research has gone into this question over twenty years, and the only certainty is, that the question is still disputable. Therefore any adverse health effect arising from cellphone radiation cannot be epidemic among the billions of daily users, many of whom have now used mobile phones for decades.

Only shills acting for companies which sell fake 'protective devices' to the gullible, or those who rely on flogging measuring equipment or alternate medical services, would rely on a theory of the kind being spelled out here.

2008 Apr: BioPro: The Fall out with BioPro:

George Carlo published a message denouncing "what Biopro does in their business" and "the misleading portrayals of their products;" two months later, he issued a "Medical Alert" warning consumers of "aggravated symptom relapses" after the use of widely available EMR protection products." Reports of symptoms and their relapse are unverifiable, and Carlo's insistence that BioPro principals misled him about their efficacy of their products lacks credibility.

    The deterioration of the relationship followed the one-year anniversary of BioPro's 2006 stock-option agreement with its unnamed consultant; according to the company's quarterly report filed November 19, 2007, the agreement was not renewed. Nonetheless, the "Medical Alert" reveals, at the very least, one man's consistent personal style in dealing with soured professional relationships, and a significant shift in business alliances for BioPro's leading scientific pitchman and co-author of a paper promoting EMR protection products as an "intervention" for disabled children.

2008 Apr 2: Letter circulated by Carlo to his anti-EMF disciples at the EMF Refugee group

Subject: BioPro's Fabricated Science Fiction:
From Dr Carlo
Date: Apr 2, 2008 7:27 AM

I deeply regret the misleading message that is portrayed in this video.
  1. The video is the product of fabricated science presented to the Safe Wireless Initiative by Biopro to manipulate the Safe Wireless Initiative into a working alliance that could be leveraged by Biopro to sell its wares.
  2. Information presented to the Safe Wireless Initiative by Biopro and the person who sells them the MRET technology, Igor Smirnov was science fiction.
  3. In 2005, when the data were presented to us at the Safe Wireless Initiative, we took it at face value — we took Biopro and Smirnov at their words. We erred. And, unfortunately did not make it a priority to perform the proper due diligence with independent testing until the middle of last year.
  4. With that independent testing and evaluation now completed, there is no doubt that the Biopro technology does nothing of what it claims. Indeed, it has little value in helping prevent EMR related health effects.
  5. I am firmly opposed to what Biopro does in their business and opposed to the misleading portrayals of their products.
  6. The strategic alliance with Biopro has been severed now for almost a year, and was indeed one of my most regrettable professional mistakes. Please accept my sincerest apology for any harm this misrepresentation has caused you. I regret that this video now has a life of its own on the Internet being propagated by Biopro people trying to sell pyramid-type business dreams and products that have no independent scientific support.

    Please help us by circulating this e-mail to whoever else might be harmed.
    It is critically important that those who are potentially being damaged by this misinformation are given the proper information.
    Thank you.
    George L. Carlo
    Safe Wireless Initiative, Washington, D.C.

[BioPro's competitors quickly jumped on the bandwagon. EMF Blues, the distributors of Handcrafted Electromagnetic Protection Devices, saw Carlo's condemnation of BioPro as reason to celebrate the efficacy of their "Crystal Catalyst"

    The Biomagnetics Research Inc. family business run by Robert and Charmion McKusick "produces ceramic dielectric resonators which are individually made, by hand, with love and intention (sic... probably intentional) to absorb harmful emanations and rebroadcast the energy in neutral to beneficial ranges".

"[As with] Solar Panels which absorb solar energy and transform it into electricity: Crystal Catalyst absorbs electromagnetic radiations and transforms them into harmonious frequencies that are beneficial to the body".

They added a disclaimer in case Carlo tried to charge them for the promotional support.]

2008 Apr 4: The UK PowerWatch anti-EMF activist group published this article: BioPro Fabricated Science Fiction. In this open letter Carlo claims to have been mislead by the company, and to have severed his connection with BioPro now for almost a year.

    He says this "was indeed one of my most regrettable professional mistakes."

[Which, given his history is rather remarkable in its modesty.]

To Those Suffering from EMR Related Symptoms: I deeply regret the misleading message that is portrayed in two videos of my image being shown on YouTube by people from Biopro Technology.

    The videos are the product of fabricated science presented to the Safe Wireless Initiative by Biopro to manipulate the Safe Wireless Initiative into a working alliance that could be leveraged by Biopro to sell its wares.

    Information presented to the Safe Wireless Initiative by Biopro and the person who sells them the MRET technology, Igor Smirnov was science fiction.

    In 2005, when the data were presented to us at the Safe Wireless Initiative, we took it at face value — we took Biopro and Smirnov at their words. We erred. And, unfortunately did not make it a priority to perform the proper due diligence with independent testing until the middle of last year.

[The fall-out with BioPro had nothing to do with any testing of the products in the middle of the year.

    Anyone able to formulate a Cell Membrane Syndrome theory cobbled together with even the most elementary molecular biology knowledge, would know from Day 1 that such a protection system could not possibly work.

    Clearly the conflict took on a vicious edge because, at this time, BioPro's public relations staffer was phoning journalists around the world trying to dish the dirt on Carlo. Two members of this group had phone calls. ]

2008 Apr 11: Help For Wireless Victims franchise business was being promoted in Europe. It now included the offer to help electrosensitive people sue for damages.

We are pleased to invite your participation in a global action to support the provision of medical care and financial compensation for victims of wireless radiation exposures. This invitation is directed to consumers around the world who have sustained health damage from exposures to radiation from the ever expanding and unregulated networks of mobile phones and other forms of wireless technology.

    We are reaching out to help any person who has experienced loss of health, loss of home value, loss of employment, or the loss of loved ones that they believe to be the result of exposure to wireless radiation-emitting devices and structures.

    The Help for Wireless Victims (HWV) organization is a global network of both professionals and people who have suffered damage, developing an administrative system to compensate victims, funded through all possible sources including the wireless technology industry, appropriate government agencies, philanthropists and political organizations around the world.

All administrative and legal remedies are being pursued for victims participating under the HWV umbrella, with non-litigation avenues explored first and litigation avenues second.

    Specifically, the HWV program anticipates the following for every participant:
  • Medical monitoring and screening for wireless radiation induced health effects
  • Treatment for wireless radiation induced medical problems
  • Monetary compensation for wireless radiation emitting device induced damages, including past medical costs, loss of income, loss of consortium and loss of employment.
We invite your participation in this necessary and timely global victim's compensation effort, Individual participation requires a one time premium of 250 Euros, which guarantees inclusion in the program in perpetuity.

2008 Apr 19: Larry J Gust, chairman of the IBE ( International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology) addressed the organisation's Building Biology Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

The Institute itself stands ready to fill the need for wider public education. And the Institute stands ready to educate and certify more professionals to meet growing demand. And finally, the Institute stands ready to join in mutually beneficial alliances with like-minded groups.

    In order to meet these needs IBE has undergone amazing changes in the last 18 months. In the area of Alliance Building:
  • We are in the process of finalizing contracts with University of Colorado and Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa.
  • IBE seminars will be offered in Australia. More on this from your next speaker Alison Wilson.
  • We have developed a relationship with the Safe Wireless Initiative and Dr George Carlo to provide training in Electromagnetic Radiation Detection and Assessment for people interested in becoming Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisors. You will hear more about this later in the program.

    Gust was able to speak so authoratively on the subject since Carlo had already accredited him as a "Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor" (CERSA) to add to his impressive list of photocopied diplomas. He probably had a head-start with George, since:
For 25 years Lawrence was a member of management at Dow Chemicals.

2008 Apr 20-23: A course was run by the 'non-profit' Institute for Bau-bioloige & Ecology at the Radisson Hotel at Opryland, Nashville, Tennesse for training people in:

IBE 312 - Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Detection & Mitigation (24CEU)... presumably as part of the EMR University.

IBE 312 - Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Detection & Mitigation combined with IBE 204.1 - Electromagnetic Radiation are approved courses as part of the requirements to become a preferred provider as a "Help for Wireless Victims" screener with Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) a program of the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI).

    Proper identification and mitigation of problems related to low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic issues, specifically in the non-ionizing radiation band, which includes the power frequency and communications band.

    This advanced seminar is designed to reinforce the basic knowledge obtained during the Level 200 courses and from practical experience. Topics include:
  • Current industry trend in sampling and mitigation for electric fields
  • Current industry trend for sampling and mitigation for magnetic fields
  • Current industry trend in sampling and mitigation for communication frequencies
  • Current industry trend for sampling and mitigation for other radio frequencies
  • Review of research and their significance
  • Case study discussion
[The event web-site was given as "http://www.buildingbiology.net/ibe312elraed.html" which now reflects to non-profit Institute for Bau-bioloige & Ecology (IBE)'s Health Building Environmental Learning Center which runs seminar "taught by working professional experts in the field of ElectroMagnetic Emissions."
Early-bird registration for this 2013 seminar ($1,275 USD, a $100 savings) will open in early 2013.

    Tuition includes our prerequisite online course: IBE 204.3 Electromagnetics (a $210 savings). This seminar conveys 40 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), accepted by AIA, ACAC, and InterNACHI.
Carlo's name appears only in the list of course designers — as does Magda Havas with her "dirty power" courses.]
[This organisation is membership-based (dues $45, $100, $1000), and also a diploma mill which certifies 'expert practitioners' who want to work as consultants on 'the built environment', indoor air, etc.problems. They clearly have German links, but they also promote the American Academy of Environmental Medicine which publishes on Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health using many of Carlo's boiler-plate phrases.

    In 2008 they were associated with creating a set of BauBiologie 'Safe' EMF indoor environment standards.]

2008 Apr 20: BioPro: An unnamed blogger has set up a web page specifically to attack BioPro Technologies.

    Who would have gone to all this trouble? Could it possibly have been...?

2008 Apr 23: Carlo was interviewed on Vancouver's Co-op Radio, CFRO 102.7 FM audio, [Organised by his disciple Milt Bowman] discussing his research and stating that a health risk definitively exists with mobile phones.

    Roxanne Nelson of Medscape Medical News reports on the confusion of the cellphone controversy in an unusually detailed and non-partisan manner giving the opinions of: George Carlo, the CTIA, The National Cancer Institute, Sam Milham, John Moulder, the IARC (Interphone study), and the dissenting factions.

[This article illustrates just how confusing the science can be when you have opposing factions, each supported by opposing lobbyists out to sensationalise each finding, and a media which is generally unwilling or unable to investigate with any depth.]

2008 May: BioPro: Neurodiversity records:

Although no longer associated with BioPro, Carlo continues to function as a publicist for distributors of "EMR protection" devices.

    During a two-hour interview broadcast on Air America in May 2008, Carlo promoted the RF3 Headset from UB Concepts, which claims that their product "prevents 99.9% of RF energy from reaching your head" during cell phone use. [The UB Concepts "www.buyrf3now.com" site has since disappeared].

    This is a domain privately registered by a firm catering to fly-by-night mail-order electronics and clothing retailers [and it] provides no information about the basis for this claim; the distributor's toll-free contact number does not trace to a manufacturing firm, but to the California Association of Business Brokers.

    Little technical information is available about the "RF3 Headset" for those who might wish to verify its manufacturer's claims before adding one to their Yahoo! shopping cart.

    The RF3 airtube headsets are however now sold by pHMiracleLiving.
Developed with "AirCom™" Technology to keep harmful radiation away from your head. This technology utilizes a state-of-the-art SPL enhanced sound chamber which delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube (almost like a doctor's stethoscope). $39.95 + mail
[There is nothing wrong with using these headphones. They keep the radiating antenna (now most of the phone body) away from your brain, although placing the phone in your lap might irradiate your testicles or ovaries.

    This company also sells 'organic green drink powder' (so you don't need to eat vegetables) and the Ph Water Ionizers to help you fight off any testicular cancer you might develop from having the phone in your lap.]

2008 Jun 2:

EMR University
Carlo has begun rolling out $250 basic on-line courses in Electro Magnetic Radiation at his university. This supplements his courses aimed a creating Certified EMF therapists and also EMF counsultants who would go into the business of measuring RF levels, and advising potential and gullible citizens of 'interventions' available.
2 June 2008
It is my pleasure to announce that our online EMR health and safety course is now available at:
This is an entry level course based on our intensive weekend CERSA program which we have offered periodically over the past two years in various venues across the U.S.. The online version is self-paced and loaded with the same content.

Course Description: EMR 101 is a new on-line course from EMR University. This is the first requirement for CERSA certification (for mitigation and consulting professionals), and provides the student with an overview of the scientific and medical issues regarding electromagnetic radiation exposure and resultant health effects. It is also the first requirement for practitioners who wish to join the SPPI global Clinician Referral Network. Finally, the course provides a user friendly, fundamental foundation for any person with an interest in protection from EMR health risks.

Tuition: $250 US We have designed this course to be iterative and we will be posting additional support materials regularly. Once registered, you will have access to the new materials so long as the course is offered. As such, we hope this course experience will serve students as an ongoing reservoir of knowledge as the science, medicine and politics around the EMR issue continues to evolve globally.

    There are scholarships available for those with special needs. Please spread the word. Thanks.

    Dr George Carlo, Science and Public Policy Institute
[Note CERSA = Certifed Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor.

    Also note that the UK organisation Mast-Victims also actively promoted BioPro products]

2008 June 28: BioPro: In the word-war, BioPro reacts by issuing a statement attacking Carlo. CEO Ray Grimm sent an email to all distributors following an "emergency conference call".

    According to one commentator this was:

"... an extremely lame attempt to turn the tables on Carlo and pull themselves out from under the BioPro bus. The funny thing is, this was two crooks at odds with their own deals, how damn ironic is that!

    George Carlo leaving was a huge blow to BioPro. He was their number one claim to credibility. They must have had a very hard time in giving an explanation for his departure.

[Now removed]

2008 July 7: BioPro: "George Carlo Abandons BioPro!" Carlo's involvement with this obvious 'protection scam' had created problems for some of his more gullible supporters in the anti-cellphone groups (others saw through his 'Paulian conversion' from the start).

Surprisingly as this may be, most of the "public" disinformation seems to be coming from Carlo right now as he distances himself.

    He shamelessly excuses himself for abandoning BioPro with his "newly found enlightenment of the truth about BioPro's long known bogus science". Plain and simple, this is just crap! Carlo had plenty investigative meetings with BioPro, he had plenty of time to become very familiar with BiPpro's science prior to his support, and if not, he is not qualified to be a Doctor!

2008 Aug 7: Danger looms, warns top US scientist

CAMPAIGNERS calling for the demolition of the High Acres tower [in the UK] have won support from a leading American scientist.

    Dr George Carlo is a globally recognised expert on the effects of radiation from mobile phone masts who advises the World Health Organisation and US Congress.

    The researcher, lawyer and author has pledged his support to residents in High Acres who say radio waves from phone masts on the massive disused water tower may be putting lives at risk.

    Dr Carlo said: "The scientific facts are clear that danger looms for users of wireless devices, those who live in the vicinity of wireless infrastructure and the general public." He told the High Acres campaigners: "It is a mistake to subject the residents of your community to the dangers attendant to the provision of wireless service that goes far beyond your community usage or need." Dr Carlo is set to meet members of the The High Acres Base Station Mast Action Group during a visit to London for an international conference on health and mobile technology in September.

2008 Sep: / (Fall) The American Trial Lawyer publishes a long cover article by George Carlo "Illusion & Escape: The Cellphone Disease Quagmire." It is an extraordinary blend of factual information and Carlo gobbledegook.

    Naturally the cellphone mast activists have promoted this as the gospel.
    [In September The American Trial Lawyer also published a two-part series "Collateral Damage: A Dangerous and Insidious Legacy of the Wirless Tehcnology Explosion" by George Carlo and Brian G Bowling (said to be the real name of Milt Bowling)

George Carlo and Milt Bowling have teamed together to write this excellent article, covering the extensive possible damage to human health that may be being caused by the mobile phone industry, considered acceptable due to the large profits the industry bring in as compensation.

2008 Sep: The Radiation Research Trust (activist group) has funded a Carlo speaking tour of the UK. Carlo writes to an Electro-sensitive (ES) group.

I will be in the UK during the early part of September to speak at the Radiation Research Trust (RRT) conference on EMR dangers, my travel being graciously paid by the RRT. That visit has given us the opportunity to provide a confidential and personal briefing to you about the ES study results.

    In addition, a number of clinician colleagues have offered to donate their time, so that we would be able to offer you an open consultation clinic at the time of the briefing. The consultation clinic will address ES and other membrane sensitivity related conditions such as Autism and Alzheimer's Disease.

2008 Sep 7: Homeopath in Practice publishes "In search of a mechanism to explain electrosensitivity: Research in the UK"

On Sunday, 7 September, an audience of over 100 people suffering symptoms as a result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) assembled at The Friars, a tranquil and EMR-free priory in Kent, to hear the results of the first clinical research carried out in the UK.

    We sat in the gloom of a rainy autumnal day (all lighting being prohibited because of the extreme sensitivity of some people present) while Dr George Carlo, an epidemiologist working with the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) and Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) in Washington, took us through what had come to light as a result of his analysis of the 256 UK cases, which made up this study, carried out over the last 12 months. Many of the people present had contributed to this data, and were clearly extremely ill as a result of exposure to EMR, and had come in search of help and treatment for this disease.

    Dr Carlo explained why this can indeed be classified as a disease. He had identified key markers which he said defined this condition as a medical disease, rather than a functional impairment caused by environmental pollution.

    To date, these sufferers have found it difficult to convince medical doctors that they are ill, and what little research has been carried out into this condition has focused on proving that these people's symptoms are psychosomatic, brought on by the so-called nocebo effect.
[Carlo's Nocebo effect research has finally paid off.]
Based on clinical diagnosis, case histories detailing symptoms, and laboratory markers, he has identified a common pathological process at work in several conditions (multiple sclerosis, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism) which he says are triggered by what he has termed membrane sensitivity syndrome, with electro-sensitivity being a sub-category.

    According to Dr Carlo's working definition of Membrane sensitivity syndrome (MSS) the normally permeable cell membrane becomes locked down when the cells' vibrational receptors perceive a threat from unfamiliar, external radio frequencies. When the cell replicates, this ion channel impermeability is passed on to the new daughter cells, leading to epigenetic disruption of inter-cellular communication which compromises the functional efficiency of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems; and intracellular build-up of free-radicals including heavy metals which leads to cellular dysfunction, genetic damage and vertically transmitted epigenetic changes. Patients with severe cases become disabled and bedridden.
The same old rubbish about ICRW (Information Carrying Radio Waves) is also thrown in for good measure along with "parasympathetic mode" and a few dozen medical terms like "free-radicals" which most health-obsessed alternate medicine victims would believe to be harmful.

    Carlo's list of ES symptoms is impressive. Most older readers would identify a dozen or more in themselves every morning, and the homeopaths would have a field-day. The overlapping intervention regime he recommends to cure these problems are:
  1. Neurological rebalancing — 4 weeks to stabilise DHEA and cortisol hormones.
  2. Ion-channel opening — 5 weeks with supplemental magnisum chelated with amono acids.
  3. Mitochondrial enhancement — 4 weeks to stop toxics from reentering the cells.
  4. Interstitial cleansing — 3 weeks to clear toxins from between cells
  5. Intracellular detoxification — 5 weeks to release toxins safely from the cells themselves
  6. Cell membrane rebuilding — 16 months - using supplements and nutrition in an EMF-free environment.
Dr Carlo stressed that clinical evaluation of this treatment protocol continues, and said that: "...we are now sharing and studying variations on this protocol from those within our network of clinicians, here and in the US as this research continues."
A range of practitioners were on hand at The Friars priory to discuss their services with participants.

2008 Sep: 8-9 Carlo is speaking at "Radiation Research Trust Conference," in London UK; "What Is Missing In Post-Market Surveillance of Wireless Technology?" He has posed his Powerpoint slides.

2008 Oct: The World Foundation for National Sciences carries an article which reveals that George Carlo (EMF denier turned activist) received a 17 page secret document from a JD Brady who says he had served as secretary to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. No one was able to trace him.

    The letter supposedly exposed the fact that the military establishment had been studying R/F health effects since the late 1940s [A well-known fact, due to high-intensity exposures of many radar operators].

But it goes on to say that evidence of health problems had been removed before declassification in 1992 "so as not to alarm the public" under an Executive Order by President George HW Bush. President Clinton then signed an Executive Order for the original research data to be destroyed.
[This is all certainly possible — but knowing the dubious nature of the source, such claims should be treated with extreme caution.]

    The article also deals with techniques used by the cellphone industry to manipulate public opinion, and he lists their main consultants and collaborating institutions.

  • Dr William Bailey — Exponent Consultants
  • Dr Linda Erdreich — Exponent Consultants
  • Dr John Moulder — University of Wisconsin
  • Dr Michael Repachioli — University of Rome (Italy)
  • Dr Bernard Veyret — University of Bourdeax (France)
  • Dr Michael Thun — American Cancer Society
  • Dr Joseph Roti Roti — Washington University (St. Louis)
  • Dr John Boice — International Epidemiology Institute
  • Dr Paolo Vecchi — International Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
This section, at least, conforms with checkable information, and is known to be reasonably accurate. After all, Carlo should know this stuff from his personal involvement.
    [While no one can fault Carlo's characterization of these science-for-sale exponents, one intriguing fact emerges. John D Boice, who works with Joseph K McLaughton at the private science-for-sale operation, International Epidemiology Institute" has also worked for Dow Corning on a major Breast Implant Rupture project. Their study (with another scam artist name Adami) was published by the BMJ in 1998 — at the same time that Carlo was also working for them. http://www.prevention.ch/amjinmed2006.pdf

2008 Dec 17: "Detoxification Specialist" Sued for Misrepresentation

Courthouse News Service reports that the proprietor of a Tennessee "detoxification clinic" has been sued by a client for misrepresentation, consumer law violations and intentional infliction of emotional distress following a "bizarre series of treatments" for a variety of inaccurate diagnoses. [He wanted to recover the $8,900 fee, and the cost of having all his amalgam fillings removed by a dentist]

    Defendant Tamara Jo Mariea, owner and operator of Internal Balance Inc. in Brentwood, Tennessee, describes herself as a "Biochemist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist," "Biochemical Detoxification Specialist" and "Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor," and claims to possess a Ph.D. degree.

    Mariea explained that many of her problems were caused by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and wireless frequencies. Mariea and her staff are said to have then persuaded the plaintiff to purchase a device manufactured by BioPro Technology to protect her from this radiation, without informing her that as an "independent consultant" in BioPro's multilevel marketing organization, Mariea receives funds for every sale made through her clinic or through distributors in her "downline."

[These extracts can only touch on this story. See the original]

2008 Dec 13: The Courthouse News Service offers "Woman Claims Quack Put Her Through Hell"

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (CN) - A woman claims a "self-proclaimed" doctor wrongly diagnosed her with mercury toxicity, cancer and hepatitis C, and dragged her through a series of bizarre treatments that ended when the quack told the patient's skeptical brother that the tests did not work on him because he was "blocked by God." She sued Tamara Mariea, who owns and operates Internal Balance Inc., in Brentwood, Tenn.

    Plaintiff Sarah Walters claims Mariea advertises on her Web that she has a Ph.D. and is a Biochemical Detoxification Specialist and Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor.

    Walters claims that Mariea is not a medical doctor, but said upon seeing blood test results that Walters needed to go to her clinic immediately for a two-week detoxification program - for an advance fee of $8,900.

    Walters demands punitive damages for misrepresentation, consumer law violations and emotional distress.

2009 /E: A web-site titled "George Carlo Explained" runs some puff-material with the addition of:

Through collaborative efforts and research with top scientists, Carlo is proving the mechansism of harm to the cell membrane from all forms of wireless exposure and the synergistic effects with accumulated environmental toxins.

    He is currently dedicating his life and the work of Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI) and the affiliated organizations to educating clinicians, consultants and health-care practitioners on protocols of intervention to help victims of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure.

    To this end, he is establishing a Help for Wireless Victims network, whereby people who suffer from ElectroHyperSensitivity Syndrome (EHS) and Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome (MSS) will have access to health care via an HMO specifically for EMR victims. He is also developing an educational arm of SPPI and SWI, called EMR University, for clinical, advocacy and consultancy certification in dealing with EMR exposure. Through the Health Concerns Registry, the Safe Wireless Initiative is accumulating an enormous database of people who have symptoms and/or illnesses related to or caused directly by EMR exposure.

    SPPI also published a document WARNING the electro-sensitive against snake-oil salesmen, to direct them to qualified professionals like himself and the people he has trained at the EMF University.
If You are Symptomatic, Do Not Self Medicate or Take Advice on Your Condition from People Selling Products Who Are Not Clinically Qualified or Otherwise Professionally Knowledgeable of EMR Health Effects and Mitigation.

    Any person with symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity, including multiple chemical sensitivities, Autism, ADHD, anxiety syndrome, Parkinson's, alcoholism, drug addiction and Alzheimer's should only use EMR intervention products with appropriate guidance from a qualified clinician.

    The underlying pathologies in these conditions are similar and thus require careful monitoring whenever EMR targeted interventions are added. If this is not done, severe adverse reactions can occur — sometimes as part of the normal healing process, and sometimes not. Only qualified professionals can identify which is which.

2009 Jan: Radio interview at the time of his creation of a Safe Wireless clinic at Saratoga. He offers a creative version of the history of the WTR, and an even more creative theory for cellphone waves damaging cells. http://tss.podomatic.com/entry/2009-01-01T11_00_09-08_00

2009 Jan 12: Who Wants to be a Millionaire based on Courthouse News Service story Dec 31 2008.

In Spring of 2007, [Tamara Jo] Mariea added to her list of credentials that of "Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor," an honor awarded her by George L. Carlo, an epidemiologist and law school graduate with a long career in research management and public relations on behalf of various commercial entities.

    In 1988, as Chairman of George Carlo & Associates, Carlo conducted research for R.J. Reynolds on the effects of second-hand smoke. In 1989, as Chairman of the Carlo Institute for Public Health Policy, he recruited and trained academic scientists for tobacco research, and taught courses on "Media Relations" and "Effective Management of Research Funds." In 1991, as Chairman of Health & Environmental Science Group, Carlo headed a pesticide industry task force to evaluate the relationship between pesticides and cancer.

    Carlo's involvement in the cellular telecommunications industry began in 1993, when the Health & Environmental Science Group appointed him Chairman of Wireless Technology Research (WTR), responsible for directing a six-year, $25 million epidemiological study sponsored by the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA). Also during the mid-1990's, in his capacity as Director of the Breast Implant Public Health Project, Carlo co-authored a study on the risks of breast implant rupture sponsored by Dow Corning.

    By 1999, only three out of fifty studies sponsored by WTR had found signs of a possible link between cell phones and cancer. Contemporary reports indicate that as the WTR project drew to a conclusion, Carlo had sought to persuade CTIA to fund more research but was unsuccessful. Carlo resigned from the project in 1999 and took to the airwaves with news of the one study that purported to find an increased incidence of a form of brain cancer in cell-phone users. In June 2000, the FDA announced that CTIA had agreed to fund an additional $1 million worth of scientific studies, but by then, Carlo was no longer involved.

    Carlo's disaffection from the telecommunications industry was followed by an unsuccessful lawsuit against his former employer, and a cascade of newly-founded organizations and self-bestowed titles. In 1998 and 1999, he assumed the mantles of Chairman of the Science & Public Policy Institute, and Director of Health Risk Management Group, through which he marketed his new concerns about the dangers of EMR through advertising, public presentations, and sales of a "consumer self-protection manual," Wireless Phones and Your Health.

    After the commencement of his association with BioPro Technology, Carlo added Director of the Safe Wireless Initiative and Founder of EMR University to his expanding list of titles. EMR University purports to provide "professional training" in the "risks and interventions related to electromagnetic radiation exposure." "Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisors" are few in number, and include both Tamara Mariea and Carlo himself.

    Carlo earned his doctorate from the State University of New York at Buffalo and graduated from The George Washington University (GWU) law school. Although not a medical doctor, he often refers to himself as "Dr Carlo" when writing and speaking on medical subjects.

    A 1991 biography identifies Carlo as an Adjunct Faculty member at GWU, and a committee roster published in 2000 refers to him as a full Professor; however, GWU personnel records from 1989-2008 indicate that he has never been a Professor or salaried employee at GWU. A 2003 events announcement from GWU School of Medicine refers to Carlo as an "assistant professorial lecturer of Medicine."

    On the current version of her website, Tamara Mariea also appends "Ph.D." to her name; however, the doctoral degree is not mentioned on her online CV, and her website gives no hint of the discipline to which it might pertain, or the institution that might have awarded it.

2009 Jan 12: See a long article in Neurodiversity.com on George Carlo and Tamara Mariea's activities in the field of autism — also with information about BioPro. "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."

An investigation of the promotion of "EMR shielding" products as a quasi-medical treatment for autism and chronic illness,

2009 June: /E Interphone Study: The European Interphone study organized by Michael Repacholi with industry funding, but under the auspices of the WHO's EMF Program, has split into factions for and against declaring cellphones have the potential to cause serious health effects/

The Interphone studies to date have largely reported negative results, finding no association between tumors and cell phone use.

    One study did not find a link between an increased risk for malignant or benign parotid gland tumors and exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, but the authors concluded that cell phones "have not been used long enough to exclude their possible carcinogenic effect after long-term use, and more epidemiologic studies including long-term users are clearly warranted" (Am J Epidemiol. 2006).

    However, the results of an Israeli Interphone study suggest a positive association between cell phone use and the development of parotid gland tumors (Am J Epidemiol. 2008). The authors noted that this was a single study, and therefore did not provide enough evidence to assume causality. They recommend additional investigations of this association, with longer latency periods and large numbers of heavy users, to confirm the findings. "Until more evidence becomes available, we believe that the precautionary approach currently adopted by most scientific committees and applied by many governments should continue to be used," they wrote.

    Some of the strongest evidence supporting a link between brain tumors and cell phone use comes from a series of Swedish studies, led by Dr Hardell. Overall, the researchers found that risk increased with the number of cumulative hours of use, higher radiated power, and length of cell phone use. They also reported that younger users had a higher risk. In fact, the highest risk was among people who were younger than 20 years at the time of first use (Int J Oncol. 2006; Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 2006; Arch Environ Health. 2004; Pathophysiology. 2009).

    A meta-analysis that incorporated 11 long-term epidemiologic studies in this field also reported a link between cell phone use and brain tumors. Using a cell phone for 10 years or longer was positively associated with the development of an ipsilateral brain tumor; in fact, it doubled the risk ( Surg Neurol. 2009).
The CTIA quickly throws its support behind the 'no-dangers" faction of the European Intraphone study:
John Walls, vice president of public affairs at CTIA, told Medscape Oncology that "since we are not a scientific organization, with respect to the matter of health effects associated with wireless base stations and the use of wireless devices, CTIA and the wireless industry have always been guided by science and the views of impartial health organizations."

    Peer-reviewed scientific evidence has overwhelmingly indicated that wireless devices do not pose a public health risk, Mr. Walls said. "In addition, there is no known mechanism for microwave energy within the limits established by the [Federal Communications Commission] to cause any adverse health effects," he said. "That is why the leading global heath organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the World Health Organization, and the US Food and Drug Administration, all have concurred that wireless devices are not a public health risk."

The Interphone study comes under attack
A new report, "Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern. Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone," was released by the International Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Collaborative, a group that includes Powerwatch and the Radiation Research Trust in the United Kingdom, and the EMR Policy Institute, ElectromagneticHealth.org, and The Peoples Initiative Foundation in the United States.

    More than 40 scientists and officials from 14 countries endorsed the report, which concluded that:
  • Studies that are independent of the telecom industry consistently show there is a "significant" risk for brain tumors from cell phone use.
  • The EMF exposure limits advocated by industry and used by governments are based on a false premise that a cell phone's electromagnetic radiation has no biological effects except for heating.
  • The danger of brain tumors from cell phone use is highest in children, and the younger a child is when he/she starts using a cell phone, the higher the risk.

FDA Radiation Emitting Device Chief Resigns
2009 Aug 13: Daniel G. Schultz, MD, director of FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, has resigned by "mutual agreement" with Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, MD.

    Schultz has headed the CDRH since 2004 and has spent a total of 15 years in the unit, which regulates medical devices and other hardware, in vitro diagnostics, and radiation-emitting products (including nonmedical devices such as microwave ovens).

    His resignation follows accusations from inside and outside the FDA that the division was too cozy with the device industry. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has probed allegations that devices were approved despite unfavorable reviews by the center's professional staff.

    Last year, a group of CDRH staff reviewers sent a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee complaining that they had been pressured by their superiors to recommend device approvals against the evidence.

2009 Sep: REFLEX-Adlkofer: A workshop held in Vienna, "Serious research or 'junk-science'?" was run by the German Research Association for Radio Applications (FGF) and the Austrian Forum Mobile Communications (FMK). Both organizers represent the interests of the mobile industry.

    The workshop was designed to provide an opportunity for the industry to present the objections raised against the REFLEX project and subsequent accusation of scientific corruption. The Medical University of Vienna had been asked to provide independent evaluation.

    In the same month a seminar was organised by Franz Adlkofer and some associates in Washington DC, Cellphones and health: Is there a brain tumor connection?. It coincided with a US Senate hearing at which Adlkofer appeared.

2009 Sep: /E (Fall) Health Keepers Magazine published a detailed article by George Carlo of his theories about Bio-Fields, with emphaisis on the "Bio-Energetic Loop" (BEL) and its "outer and inner layers" in managing environmental illnesses like Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS)

The Bio-Energetic Loop is the means through which any external or internal environmental stimulus is able to instantaneously cause a cell membrane level reaction under certain circumstances defined by the characteristics of the person at a specific point in time.

    In short, the BEL is the connection between cells and the environment. Cells communicating with each other to effectuate joint function form tissues. Cells and tissues communicating with each other to effectuate joint function form organs. Organs communicating and functioning together form organ systems. Organ systems working together define the organism or in this case, the person.
If you've got ten minutes to waste, it is worth taking a look at this flap-doodle and pseudo-science.

2009 Oct: /E Carlo's Science and Public Policy Institute publishes an advertisement for: The Management of Environmental Illness Research Study.

  • Join the Referral Network This is for people who suffer from 'environmentally induced cell-membrane damage.'
    • Autism, Electromagentic Hypersensitivity, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.
    • Attention-deficit conditions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.
    • You suffer from other environmental illnesses not listed above.
  • Dates of enrolment 6 Oct 2009 through 10 April 2010
  • Initial costs of participation: $600 (US)
  • Estimated total costs $2,500 (US)
    SPPI offers a variety of payment plans.

See Actual Advertisement

    Also "Consent to participate in research: The Effectiveness of Guided Self-Help Administered Integrative Interventions in the Prevention and Management of Environmental Illnesses' The strategy was the now-familiar one of combining a so-called study (paid for by Carlo) and the intervention program (which cost the hypersensitive victim and arm-and-a-leg.
This study is not funded at the present time by any outside sponsor. However, this work is critically important in terms of addressing the emerging health care burden of environmental illness and no one who meets the eligibility requirements will be denied participation.

    These considerations have led SPPI to commence this study in lieu of waiting for other government or private sector funding. Therefore, the costs of the study are jointly borne by the non-profit SPPI and the participants.

    SPPI is covering the scientific aspects of the work with its contribution of resources. Collaboratively, each participant will contribute, either directly or indirectly, a participation fee that covers the professional services you will receive in the study process over the 12-month study period.
    The charges you will have to pay, either through insurance coverage, through a benefactor or personally, will be as follows:
  • $600 participation fee that covers your initial and ongoing questionnaire- based evaluations and other costs associated with your enrollment in the study and following your progress throughout.
  • Standard costs for treatments such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, ABA, CBT and other integrative interventions that might be part of your customized pathway.
  • Professional assessment of the need for and purchase of intervention tools such as fragrance-free soaps, lotions, deodorants, laundry detergents, furnishings, linens, cell phone headsets, electrical shielding materials or devices, and non-toxic remediation of mold and mildew.
  • Purchase of intervention tools such as fragrance-free soaps, lotions, deodorants, laundry detergents, cell phone headsets, electrical kill-switches or filters and remediation of mold and mildew.
  • In cases where necessary, laboratory tests
  • Nutraceuticals, probiotics and other medicines that range in cost from $40 to $60 per month at the early stages of the study and up to $150 per month at the late stages of the study
The New York part of the project, franchised to Sharon Yates, estimated the total cost to be $2,500 per participant

New York

2009 Dec 30: (Refered email from a Carlo-watcher]:

I happened to notice that Carlo's web page is back up, and he is now promoting a "study" he is going to do next year. Participants are self-selected (probably also by their ability to fork out $2500 in fees) and will self-assess their progress. Sounds scientific.
Also see

2010: The Consequences of Choice; Managing Environmental Illness
    By Dr George L. Carlo The Bio Energetic Component. This collection of pseudo-scientific guff is in promotion of his new theories of radio-induced health issues — especially for Muliple Chemical Sensitivies and Electro Hupersensitivity.

The Bio-Energetic Loop is the means through which any external or internal environmental stimulus is able to instantaneously cause a cell membrane level reaction under certain circumstances defined by the characteristics of the person at a specific point in time. In short, the BEL is the connection between cells and the environment.

The Bio-Field
    At each level of coordination is a transfer of energy that effectuates a transition of cell membrane energy potential to kinetic energy. The sum total of the kinetic energy scaling from cells to tissues to organs to organ systems to the organism forms a bio-energetic field that radiates a distance away from the corpus or body of the organism. This supra-organism or bio-field can be measured and, in most cases, it radiates from six inches to about three feet, depending on variables including the person's health status, activity and level of sympathetic stress.

    Internally, the bio-field reaches across the digestive and excretory tracts. From an embryonic development perspective, the digestive and excretory tracts are 'external' to the organism, the result of internal folding of ectoderm and endoderm. Thus, it follows that the bio-field is the result of cumulative energy radiating outward.
http://www.esmog-responders.com/research-science/f (etc.)

2010 Jan 14: BioPro: Ray Grimm of BioPro Technologies has create a new company, CAL Nutrasciences, Inc. This is a new name for the Body Wise International operation.

Carlo has registered a unit-warehouse for his new company
Healthful Adaptations Dispensary.
He appears to have taken over an existing mail-order operation in Bradenton, Florida.

2010 Feb: The American Trial Lawyer carried Part 1 of a two part series by Dr George Carl and Brian G Bowling labels "Colateral Damage: A dangerous and Insidious Legacy of the Wireless Technology Explosion." In it, Carlo explained his theory of mechanism by which the 'unintentional or incidental damage' occured:

"The nature of wireless communication requires that each device, in order to be functional, must be constantly in contact with geographically located transmitters and repeaters.These necessary connections are made through technologically unique electro-magnetic field configurations called Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRW).

    While there are naturally occurring electro-magnetic fields in nature, with characteristics of either spatial or temporal coherence that most living systems have developed adaptation to, ICRW are man-made and unnatural. (In a previous article in this journal, a detailed presentation of the adverse health effects of ICRW was included. (See: Illusion and Escape. America Trial Lawyer, Fall 2008).

    With the unbridled global deployment of wireless technology, the specter of an unprecedented mesh of exposure to a dangerous matrix sustained by those who are not using the devices emerges. With that comes the certainty of continuing collateral damage.

Institute for Healthful Adaptation
This new organisation was created by Carlo as part of SPPI and its so-called "Health Sciences Consortium". It's climed intention was to provide:
Research and Clinical Services for the Health Sciences Consortium
It had two major studies underway during the 2010 to 2012 period:
  • Study 1 - Environmental Illness Study — including debilitating conditions ranging from Autism, anxiety and sleep disorders to hypersensitivities, heart disease and cancer.

      "A fundamental pathology in environmental illness is cell membrane oxidative stress, impacting both genetic and epigenetic physiology.

      The good news is that this knowledge of mechanism renders environmental illness both preventable and controllable when proper interventions are applied at the earliest stages of the illness progression."

  • Study 2 - Mental Illness/Mental Wellness Study — including debilitating conditions such as depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Mood Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, Eating Disorders and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

      "A newly discovered fundamental physical mechanism of environmentally induced mental illness, and its positive counterpart mental wellness, is cell membrane oxidative stress.

      The good news is that this knowledge of underlying mechanism renders mental illness both preventable and controllable when proper interventions are applied at the earliest stages of the illness progression."
The same pattern of scamming developed by Carlo for the Safe Wireless Initiative was also used here. The victim enrols in a program which has two or more aspects:
  1. They agree to participate in a long-term study into their condition — one that will use data extracted from numerous questions answered by the participants in a questionnaire.
  2. They will also get individual analysis of their problems based on the questionnaire data.
  3. A customized intervention program will then be designed for each individual, which might include
    • referal to a clinic or a particular therapist, etc.
    • the purchase and use of certain essential therapeutic products.
The victim is encouraged to believe that participation in the study is a public duty — they owe it to their fellow sufferers. The organisation stresses its non-profit nature, and always maintains that it will either fund the study itself or seek government or outside funding. This is their generous contribtuion to solving the problem.

    The sting comes in the second and subsequent aspects: the participant is required to pay for both the individual analysis, and for the 'customized' intervention program — and this can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to many thousands.

[Remember this is often nothing more than a computerised analysis of a questionnaire [using a mark-sense form] which can churn out boiler-plate 'customised' intervention programs by the minute.]

    This became an established pattern in Carlo's subsequent scams. And he became so adept at writing proposals using both plain English and a conglomeration of real and pseudo-scientific gibberish that he obviously began to keep boiler-plate text on his computers — ready to be rolled out for the next scam.

See the various IHA proposals:
    Consent form and Charges

2010 Feb 1: Email from Carlo [sent by the Institute for Healthful Adaptation]

From: "G. L. Carlo"
Date: 1 February 2010 1:03:16 AM
To: [Long list of EMF activists]
Subject: Re: Chemical Mechanisms leading to EMF Sens[itivity]
         ...Dallas 6-3 thru 6-6 2010

    As we continue to learn more and more based on causal studies (published and unpublished), efficacy experience with various intervention protocols, clinical observations, and feedback from those both adversely effected and helped, the following emerge as fundamental to the mechanism based on our work:
  • A common mechanistic thread: cellular level oxidative stress reactions that cause cell and mitochondrial membrane permeability changes. These changes are measurable in the laboratory and can be both adverse and adaptive. Symptoms occur when the adverse impact becomes greater than the adaptive capacity.
  • Virtually all of the resultant biological effect cascades — intracellular (e.g. DNA repair), extracellular (e.g. heat shock proteins) and intercellular (e.g. communication) — that lead to symptoms derive initially from ROS and RNS impacts
  • Our data show that there are many pathways to cell membrane-level oxidative stress response — physical, chemical, biological. These include environmental chemicals, internal biochemical imbalances caused by anxiety and life-stresses, EMR, viral and bacterial infections, etc. However, once the resultant cascades ensue, it appears that the pathophysiological condition is the same. This is good news on the treatment side.
Thus, our data do not suggest that one type of sensitivity leads to another. Certainly there are additive and synergistic effects when multiple stressors are involved. However, it appears that there are diverse pathways to the pathophysiologic effect, but once that effect occurs, the disease conditions are essentially similar. That is one reason why, at least in our experience, intervention protocols that work for EHS also work for MCS, PTSD etc.. One key appears to be eliminating the myriad sources of oxidative stress while the interventions are being tried..... the proverbial "stop the bleeding" first....

Dr George L. Carlo
The Science and Public Policy Institute
The Institute for Healthful Adaptation

[Source private e-mail]

2010 Mar 6: BioPro Technologies was converted by Alfred Hanser and Ray Grimm into a new company called Gia Wellness

"Conceptualizing the name GIA Wellness and bringing it to the world literally moved us to the core. It encompasses our authentic desire to create a perpetual legacy... to start something eternally significant which builds well beyond our lifetime. The three letters - GIA - stand for Growth, Inspiration, and Abundance. Each area is weighted equally and represents our purpose - to enrich the overall quality of someone's life.

    We accomplish this through transformational, revolutionary wellness products which facilitate optimal health - personal development, leadership, and team training that truly inspires - and a dynamic Compensation Plan which enables people to develop significant incomes from home.

    GIA Wellness is an industry leader in the areas of wellness products, hydration, nutrition, beauty and energy. Because we supply excellent products and it's our belief that living well is more than just feeling good, we also offer a competitive home-based business opportunity as a direct distributor of GIA Wellness Products.

2010 Mar 9: BioPro: Attorney Brad Catlin brought a class action against Ray Grimm and Alred Hanser, the owners of BioPro.

My name is Brad Catlin and I am a consumer class action attorney who has recently filed a class action against BioPro, Gia Wellness, and others based on their manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of products purporting to contain MRET technology. If you would like more information about this lawsuit, please feel free to contact me at bcatlin@price-law.com.

Also [See also the extraordinary list of attorneys who managed to get in on this action]

2010 Jun 18: Carlo & Adlkofer: A web site at http://bit.ly/cpL1sU reflects to the "Institute for Healthful Adaptation" web pages. The speil on the original hotlink says:

"We conduct research studies on mental and environmental illnesses to promote wellness."

    Do you know someone with a mental illness that would like to get well? Join the study.
The Health Sciences Consortium is located by FaceBook at Bradenton, Florida, 34212 with the phone number 866/620-4459. "www.healthfuladaptation.net"

    It has a twitter feed at http://twitter.com/TheHSC

    A "To Whom it May Concern" letter sent by Carlo and Adlkofer, together with some activists and genuine scientists to the European policy makers on WiFi and DECT [another time-division standard]. This requests further research and work on exposure standards.

    It has been circulated by the Bio-Electromagnetic Research Intitiative (BEMRI) which sounds as if it is connected to the BioElectroMagnetic Society (BEMS) but is, in fact, a distince entity. "http://bemri.org"

    The document has Carlo using two phone numbers: one listed for the Institute for Healthful Adaptations in Bradenton, Florida, 866/620-4459 and another at 571/277-1332

2010 Jun 28: The Health Sciences Consortium (a subsidiary of the Institute for Healthful Adaptations, which was a subsidiary of Science and Public Policy Institute — but now based in Florida) has embarked on a new study on the effects of the gulf oil spill.

2010 Aug 23 - 27: The International Institute for Bau-Biology & Ecology is now running Electromagnetic Seminars (part of their course, IBE 212) at Clearwater Florida.

Classes will be held in the eco-friendly Environmental Building at the Moccasin Lake Nature Park, where you'll learn the techniques for identifying, detecting and mitigating electromagnetic radiation (EMR), with emphasis placed on bedroom toxins as well as EMR that may enter the house via the public water supply system.

    Your instructors will be Larry Gust and Rob Metzinger. Larry is an electrical engineer, a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor through the Safe Wireless Initiative, and a Certified Mold Remediator; Rob is an Elec- tronics Engineering Technologist, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor (CERSA) Consultant, President of Safe Living Technologies Inc., and one of Canada's top EMR Technical Experts. [He ran an Ontario consulting company, Safe Living Technologies.]

    The seminar's $100 early registration discount has been extended through 31 July! Take advantage today of our Early Registration Discount, and save $100 off your IBE 212 tuition!

[Metzinger's company sells both EMF testing equipment and services. He is listed as being "of the international Advisory Board, Doctors for Safer Schools." and also as the North American 'partner' of the German firm GigaHertz Solutions which makes measurement and shielding products.

    They have a paint for interior and exterior application @ €59.90 a litre. plus fabrics to hang over your windows. @ €69.90 per metre. Bed canopies are between €649.89 and €989.00.

    Kerry Crofton, the director of WellBeing International, is also closely associated with this group. She writes books and runs the Canadian franchise for the Safe Wireless Initiative and the EMR University]

2010 Oct: Microwave News reports on the old Carlo involvement in the BioPro scam selling of EMF protection devices:

The gizmos promising protection include bracelets, pendants and headbands. Two of the best-known are BioPro and Q-Link, which have been around for years. They are really no different from all the others. That's to say, they don't work. The most charitable way to describe them would be as placebos, or more appropriately, very expensive placebos.

    What sets BioPro apart is that its business model is not too different from a pyramid scheme, or to use a more genteel term, it's a multilevel marketing company. You too can get in on the scam and make money by becoming a BioPro Independent Consultant and selling these worthless gadgets and recruiting others to do so too.

    For a time, the most notable proponent of BioPro Technology was George Carlo, the sometime epidemiologist, lawyer and entrepreneur. They formed a "Strategic Alliance" about five years ago. In a video archived on YouTube, Carlo describes this alliance as a way to fulfill his "moral and ethical obligation to get [BioPro] in the hands of thousands and thousands of people as soon as [possible]."

    In 2008, however, the relationship soured and Carlo confessed that BioPro is nothing but quackery. This was one of "my most regrettable professional mistakes," he said.

    That's saying quite a lot given that in the 1990s he ran a $25 million scam, known as Wireless Technology Research (WTR) on behalf of the cell phone industry trade group, CTIA. Carlo and CTIA had promised a research program on the health effects of cell phone radiation but delivered practically nothing, except to show, yet again, that H.L. Mencken knew what he was talking about [when he said] "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public,"

2010 Oct 6: The supposed date for the conculsion of the "Management of Environmental Illness Research Study" conducted by Carlo's SPPI operation. People had to pay to participate: Initial cost of participantion was $600, and Estimatedd total cost was $2,500.

    However they could earn a 'referal fee' if they enlisted other paying participants. [Which makes it rather unlikely that this would be a double-blind randomised trial]

2011: David Solomon and George Carlo now run a project alwong with "Protege Sports inc" to improve the performance-enhancement techniques of baseball. It is a 'clothing enhancement' which protects the user from radiation, and enhances their sports performance. [I kid you not!]
    See this video

2011: A Parade of Video's promoting George Carlo's schemes. See

2011 Feb 22: The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study of the effects of cell phone usage on brain cell activity by NIH scientists and their colleagues at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory.

    They found that 50 minutes of cell phone usage (with the phone muted to avoid confounding effects from auditory stimulation) elevated brain glucose metabolism significantly in the parts of the brain closest to the phone's antenna. Elevations in glucose metabolism, a measure of brain cell activity, were correlated with the estimated strength of the electromagnetic field emitted by the phone in those regions.

" Although we cannot determine the clinical significance, our results give evidence that the human brain is sensitive to the effects of radiofrequency-electromagnetic fields from acute cell phone exposures," said Nora Volkow, the study's lead author.

    Discrepancies among studies on the effects of RF-electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) from cell phones on the human brain highlight the need for additional research. Prior studies of the acute effects of cell phone use on human brain function, including measurements of cerebral blood flow monitored by positron emission tomography (PET), have yielded inconsistent results, which might have reflected, in part, the small sample sizes of such studies (the largest studies had 14 subjects).

Bio Electromagnetic Research Initiative
2011 May /E: This is the old European scientists + activists group which ran the h.e.s.e project [Human Ecological Social Economic]. The BEMRI website says:
The Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative (BEMRI) has been formed to create a research portal, for the scientific community and interested members of the lay public, which helps to rapidly disseminate international research findings, best practice measures and scientific hypotheses on matters related to electromagnetic (EM) phenomena.

    The prime purpose of this site is to help stimulate trust, beneficial collaboration and debate between the general public, EM stakeholders, scientists, industry and policy makers, whilst enabling innovation and the development of more biologically-friendly, ecologically-sustainable and user-friendly technologies and solutions.

    An emerging technology that is currently being developed is Visible Light Communication (VLC) which, when combined with Fibre Optic Broadband, could provide a safer, faster, more efficient and more secure alternative. VLC looks likely to have far less detrimental biological effects on humans, wildlife and nature.
[They have a plan to promote the use of "Visible Light Communications (VLC)" to replace WiFi in schools.]

Key Members

2011 May 14: Article says "Tamara Mariea and Internal Balance offer Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) to Middle Tennessee," She appears to be using the title "Dr Tamara Mariea"

Tamara Mariea explains that NST is a technique for lasting pain removal. "This is a leading technique for spinal and structural therapy. Its results are amazing!" notes Tamara Mariea. NST is a suitable and safe pain-removal therapy for all ages from newborns to the elderly.

    In addition to her Internet radio show, Tamara Mariea has helped hundreds of clients ranging from children with autism to adults dealing with the onset of Alzheimer's. Known by many as the "Diva of Detox", Tamara Mariea has been published by the Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine.

    "We are excited to announce that Annie Waugh, who is certified in NST, and Cherrie Lefevers, certified massage therapist who specializes in lymph drainage, have joined our team!" Tamara Mariea says.

    Through Internal Balance, a private clinic located in Brentwood, Tennessee, Tamara Mariea is helping hundreds of clients. These clients may be electromagnetically sensitive, may have multiple chemical sensitivities, and suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

    People from around the world seek out treatment from Tamara Mariea. Tamara Mariea has developed a system that allows her to custom formulate nutrients and support mechanisms for optimum health and or detoxification that are specific to each individuals needs. These products, trademarked by Tamara Mariea, are called VibroNutrients and are accessible to clients worldwide.
[This extended puff piece accompanied by a long biography makes no mention of her work with Carlo or her certification as an EMF safety advisor, or her work with Pax Disputes Resolution. Modesty is obviously her second name.]

2011 May 23: Interphone Study: Investigative Journalist Mona Nilsson put out a personal press release:

Leading expert Anders Ahlbom linked to the Telecom Industry. CONFLICT OF INTEREST AT THE WHO

    Professor Ahlbom, who is appointed to chair the expert group on epidemiology at the upcoming IARC evaluation of the carcinogenicity of mobile phone radiation, is the co-founder of "Gunnar Ahlbom AB" a Brussels-based lobby firm aiming to assist the telecom industry on EU regulations, public affairs and corporate communications.

    Professor Ahlbom created the lobby firm in 2010 together with his brother and sister-in-law who live in Brussels. The brother, Gunnar Ahlbom, is a telecom lobbyist in Brussels since the early 90's, and was already active in this field in 1998 when Professor Ahlbom participated in the setting of the controversial ICNIRP standards on radiation from different sources of non-ionizing radiation like wireless devices and cell towers.

[Anders Ahlbom and his Karolinska Institute colleague Maria Feychting, conducted the Swedish part of IARC's international epidemiologic study (Interphone) about a possible association between mobile phone use and head and neck tumours. The results on malignant brain tumours were presented in May 2010, after four years of delay.]

The members of the IARC scientific committee have to submit a declaration of interest. Professor Ahlbom has not reported his involvement in the lobby firm, nor his close family relation to a mobile phone industry lobbyist (Gunnar Ahlbom).[He was listed as a Board member of the Gunnar Ahlbom AB company, and his sister-in-law was the Chairman

    He had also chaired every Swedish experts group meeting between 2003 and 2011 (the period of the Interphone study), and for the same time he was a major cellphone-health expert engaged by both the WHO and the EU. He would have chaired the WHO/IARC evaluation meeting in May 2011 if this evidence hadn't surfaced.]

    The IARC has already banned a scientist from the committee. Dr Alexander Lerchl from the German Radiation Protection Board, has been questioned regarding his relations to the German mobile industry, and was finally not accepted in the committee as "an IARC Monograph is an exercise that demands complete independence from all commercial interests, and from advocates who might be perceived as advancing a pre-conceived position."
[Anders Ahlbom also worked with Birgitta Floderus [See tobacco scientists Cederlof and Friberg]


2011 May 31: Interphone Study. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has admitted that mobile phones may increase the risk of brain tumours following the Interphone study. At a meeting of the IARC Expert Committee consisting of 31 scientists from 14 countries, they declared that the potential existed. Reuters circulated this press release:

Using a mobile phone may increase the risk of certain types of brain cancer in humans and consumers should consider ways of reducing their exposure, World Health Organisation (WHO) cancer experts said on Tuesday.

    A working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries meeting at the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC said a review of all the available scientific evidence suggested cell phone use should be classified as "possibly carcinogenic".
This followed the revelation by investigative journalist Mona Nilsson that Anders Ahlbom, the chairman of the IARC expert committee was a mobile phone lobbyist.

    Prof. Anders Ahlbom and his brother Gunnar Ahlbom, control a lobby firm which supported mobile phone industry interests. Due to this exposure, the industry lost his influence with the WHO and IARC.

[Source Reuters]

2011 June 3: Interphone Study: Three members of Congress had called for an investigation into cellphone radiation standard in May. following the IARC's decision to classify mobile phone radiation as a possible human carcinogen.

It's not easy to reach unanimous agreement on anything to do with cell phone radiation. And when it comes to cell phones and cancer, forget about it. But the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) nearly pulled it off.

    On Tuesday, May 31, more than two dozen scientists and doctors from 14 countries —a group IARC Director Christopher Wild called "the world's leading experts" — issued a joint statement that cell phone and other types of radiofrequency (RF) and microwave radiation might cause cancer.

    Near the close of the eight-day meeting, there were six holdouts, but by the end only one dissenting voice remained in the room. (The group agreed that the person's name should remain secret.) [In fact Michael Repacholi insisted on it!] IARC released the news: Long-term use of a cell phone might lead to two different types of tumors, glioma, a type of brain cancer, and acoustic neuroma, a tumor of the auditory nerve.

    "Before this, the view that there might be a cancer risk from cell phones was widely argued as being implausible," said Ron Melnick, who led one of the subgroups at the IARC meeting. "Now the World Health Organization has put its official stamp on this possibility."

    Melnick, a former senior official at the U.S. National Toxicology Program until he retired two years ago, designed the world's largest study to see whether cell phone radiation can lead to cancer in rats and mice. Those results are not expected for a couple more years.
[The IARC is the research body of the World Health Organisation.]

2011 Nov 18: Adlkofer and REFLEX: Franz Adlkofer of the REFLEX study and Verum Foundation, who had been accused of scientific fraud, was asked to lecture at a series of events hosted by the Harvard Law School's Edmond J Safra Center for Ethics.

In his lecture, "Protection Against Radiation is in Conflict with Science," Adlkofer discussed the difficulties he and other scientists face when presenting research on the carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic fields emanating from cell phones. He also discussed the institutional corruption which he says obstructs their research.

    Adlkofer described his experience with the EU-funded study REFLEX, which aimed to explore the effects of cell-phone radiation on the brain. The study's conclusions demonstrated that low frequency as well as radiofrequency electromagnetic fields below the allowed exposure limits displayed gene-damaging potential.

    In 2004, shortly after releasing those findings, Adlkofer was the target of allegations questioning the validity of the findings and even accusing him of fraud. While an ethics panel eventually dismissed the accusations, his struggle against slander continues, he said.

    In May 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified high frequency electromagnetic fields including cell phone radiation as merely "possibly carcinogenic" for humans, Adlkofer said, but he pointed out that studies such as REFLEX were not taken into account in reaching that determination. Had they been, he said, the classification likely would have changed from "possibly" carcinogenic to "probably."

    "The practices of institutional corruption in the area of wireless communication are of enormous concern," said Adlkofer,
[As Germany's top tobacco disinformation lobbyist, Adlekofer was part of the industry plot to discredit the IARC when it determined that second-hand smoke (ETS) was a known carcinogenic.

    So here we have an expert in institutional corruption. Unfortunately, he also worked for companies selling 'safe cellphones' (Combifons) while simultaneously administering one of the most important independent research programs into the possible effects of cellphone radiation via the secretly funded-by-tobacco Verum Foundation.

    When scientists have the ethics of Adlkofer and Carlo, and corporations act like the tobacco and cellphone industries, it is impossible for the media and politicians to come to reasonable conclusions. ]


Carlo now get into the weight-loss business with
Dynamic Weight Management Program

2011 Nov 24: Milt Bowling in Canada is promoting Carlo's latest venture: The Dynamic Weight Management Program. As with all his most successful scams the project is promoted as a combination of research by a non-profit organisation, and personal intervention — so the victim will feel that they are making a contribution to the general good, while undergoing a personal wallet-ectomy. It's a tried and tested formula for gulling the vulnerable.

    Carlo's explanation is that normal weight loss programs don't work for everyone, and so the obese need tailor-made solutions that he can provide (another questionnaire to be answered — another computerised mailing to satisfy the law):

This new research study applies the experience from failures of intake, choice, pills and exercise weight control programs with emerging science on individual adaptation and epigenetic influence to weight balance and management. The working hypothesis in this study includes the following underlying principles:
  • A person's weight is determined by complex interactions among genetic and epigenetic influences. For this reason, proper or balanced weight is an individual characteristic that necessarily varies from person to person.
  • Among those complex genetic/epigenetic interactions are resultant biochemical processes that define repair, recovery, and physical well-being, mediated through energy and sleep cycles.
  • The human body, when energetically and biochemically balanced, will seek out its optimal function and in so doing, its optimal weight.
The concepts being applied in this study continue to show dramatically positive results in specialized arenas ranging from patients suffering from disease to peak performers in college and professional athletics. This study represents the first application of these successful concepts to the general population.

    Adults over the age of 18 are eligible to apply for participation.

2011 Dec 1: Carlo's Science and Public Policy Institute is now selling a "Dynamic Weight Management Program" and an associated Consent to Participate in Research. This is a copy of the original strategy used by the Safe Wireless Initiative/Research program scam — to combine a so-called 'study' with the sales.

The key to healthy weight management is metabolic efficiency — the ability of the body to effectively turn food into energy.

    Metabolic efficiency balances the impacts of caloric intake, 'unhealthy foods', 'healthy foods', supplementation with micronutrients and vitamins, use of diet aids, and exercise.

    Our Dynamic Weight Management Program is based on new science in human performance and functional medicine which shows that metabolism is optimized by properly timing ingestion throughout the day and night.

    These concepts have been validated in high-level athletes, both professional and amateur, as well as in successful weight and sleep management intervention protocols.
It also uses a similar profit making concept.
This study is not funded by any outside sponsor and is designed to be self- sustaining. The costs of the study are jointly borne by the non-profit SPPI and the participants.

    SPPI is covering the scientific aspects of the work including the analyses of data and preparation of research reports with its contribution of resources. Collaboratively, each participant will contribute directly a participation fee that covers the professional input you will receive in the study process over the 12-month study period.

    The charges you will have to pay will be as follows:
  • $100 participation fee that covers your initial and ongoing questionnaire-based evaluations and other costs associated with your enrollment in the study.
  • Purchase of nutritional packs that serve as both meal enhancements and meal replacements at your own discretion.

    It is estimated that the cost per participant over the 12-month study period for those who choose meal replacements will range from $30 to $80 per month. Payments to the study can be made via PayPal or credit card through the study dispensary website.

2012 Feb 3: Carlo is now working with Brian Peterson, the "Performance Enhancement Instructor" for the Detroit Tigers [baseball team]. His qualifications are now being given as:

"He's an MD, he has a PhD in pathology, and he also has a law degree. By trade, he's a brain researcher. George is a research scientist and an expert on how the body works in conjunction with the brain."
It appears that miraculously he has acquire an MD degree and celebrity status for his brain research.

[Source: Fangraphs web-site]

Coincidentally, "Tamara Mariea and Internal Balance Announce Expansion of Services." Carlo's partner has shifted into relationship (Pax Dispute Resolution Llc) and sports counseling:
Although Tamara Mariea has been highly sought after and received accolades for her work with some of the biggest names in professional baseball, football and basketball, Tamara Mariea has also helped hundreds of clients that include children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and brain injuries, as well as adults battling the onset of Alzheimer's, Dementia, Lyme's Disease, and other neurodegenerative conditions.

    Some of the developed strategies and principles offered by Tamara Mariea include practices based on Einstein's theories of quantum physics, encompassing Tamara Mariea's approach with bioenergetic therapeutics.
[Einstein's theory about quantum physics was that it was contradictory, and possibly incorrect! By March 2011 all mention of Carlo and EMF has disappeared from the puff pieces at Tamara's blog site.]

2012 Feb 3: Microwave News reported on "The New George Carlo." He is now working with Brian Peterson, the 'Performance Ehancement Instructor" for the Detroit Tigers [baseball]. Microwave News reports that Petersen has listed George Carlo's qualifications as...

    "He's an MD, he has a PhD in pathology, and he also has a law degree. By trade, he's a brain researcher. George is a research scientist and an expert on how the body works in conjunction with the brain."
That MD degree is news to us. Peterson might have added industry fixer and con artist to Carlo's résumé. After all he used to be a pitchman for BioPro, which sold useless gizmos that promised protection against cell phone radiation.

    And in the 1990s, Carlo ran the biggest scam of all, WTR, the CTIA-financed industry research program on cell phone radiation risks. Twenty years later, no one yet knows what happened to the $25 million that was supposed to have been spent on health research.
[Carlo has obviously found that no one can sue you for claiming to be a "MD, pathologist, or brain-scientist", so long as you don't actually perform brain tumor operations. So he continues to use these wild claims to promote himself — but is careful to always have the words put into the mouths of his associates. He is never quoted on this himself.

    He does claim to have been the "Chief Scientist at the WTR", however when he was never more than an administrator.]

2012 Mar: Dr George Carlo has a series of videos for sale on improving your sporting prowess. He is listed as a Sports Psychology Coach. These are sold through Protegy Sports for ONLY $5 a time. Well worth a preview look.

  • Brain Dominance in Baseball: Dr George Carlo explains how brain dominance can effect the game of baseball.
  • Brain Dominance in Golf: Dr George Carlo explains how brain dominance can effect your golf game.
  • Competition Cue : Dr George Carlo explains what the Competition cue is and how it relates to Secrets of Champions.
  • Competition Cue in Baseball: Dr George Carlo explains what the Competition cue is and how it relates to baseball.
  • Distance Perception Drill :. George Carlo demonstrates a drill to help sharpen our distance perception.
  • Eye Dominance: Dr George Carlo explains what Eye Dominance deals with in the Secrets of Champions.
  • and so on....

2012 May: The Healthful Adaptations Dispensary web site:

The Science and Public Policy Institute and the Institute for Healthful Adaptation are sponsoring a series of half-day scientific workshops for health care practitioners and full-day open clinics for those suffering from environmental illness across Europe during May and June 2012.

    The events will be coordinated by partners in Europe and conducted under the direction of Dr George Carlo, Chairman of SPPI.
The Health Adaptations Dispensary web site also offers Gift Certificates (up to $1000)

European tour

2012 June: Interphone Study & Anders Ahlbom The Swedes shoot themselves in both feet.

The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS) was commissioned by the Government to monitor issues relating to research into electromagnetic hypersensitivity and to document and report on the state of research at regular intervals, starting in 2003.

    In order to carry out its mandate, FAS assigned Professor Anders Ahlbom of the Institute of Environmental Medicine at Karolinska Institutet to work with a project group to produce annual reports on scientific developments in the field. The group has consisted of Professor Maria Feychting, Professor Yngve Hamnerius, Associate Professor Lena Hillert, and Professor Anders Ahlbom (chair).

    The group presented its first report in 2003 and has since then published annual reports through 2010. The Government's mandate read as follows:
    "FAS is to monitor research into electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Under this mandate the Council is to work with other research bodies, authorities and parties that FAS deems appropriate to document and provide information on the state of research every other year."
This special mandate from the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs came to an end at the beginning of 2012. FAS then tasked Professor Ahlbom with producing a summary of the previous reports. This report follows.

    Because almost ten years have elapsed since the first report was published, the group has been asked to look back at the previous decade to see how the state of knowledge has developed over that period. Electromagnetic fields are encountered in many situations and their characteristics with respect to strength, frequency, and modulation vary depending on origin and usage. However, the vast majority of research during the last decade addresses the type of electromagnetic fields that are used in connection with mobile communication, often referred to as radiofrequency fields. Possible health risks related to exposure to those fields are the focus of this review.

Stockholm, June 2012
Erland Hjelmquist Secretary-General
Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research
[The Swedes obviously never learn. Through sheer stupidity, the industry plays into the hands of the anti-EMF activists and doomsayers with commercial interests.]

2012 July 6: Tiger Great Will Appear At Jackson Center.

One of the all-time great Detroit Tigers will make an appearance at the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown later this month.

    Willie Horton, the slugging left-fielder and designated hitter who retired with 325 career home runs, will be interviewed by RHJ Center board chairman and local sports historian Greg Peterson on July 24. Included in the evening - called a "Conversation with Willie Horton'' - will be an hour-long reception beginning at 6 p.m. The interview will follow at 7 p.m.

    ''It's an incredible opportunity for the local community to have an evening with a baseball legend,'' said Peterson, who gave a ''special shout-out'' to Jamestown natives Dan Lunetta and Dr George Carlo, who helped make the evening with Horton possible. Lunetta is the Tigers' director of minor league operations, while Carlo is the club's performance coach.

2012 Sep: The Electrosensitivity UK News has announced:

Conference with Dr George Carlo
See the enclosed note from Sarah Dacre if you wish to attend.

He will be in the UK on Sat. 5th January 2013 in London for doctors, and Sunday 6th in Kent for everyone

2013: Following the disastrous Gulf Oil spills, Carlo's Institute of Healthful Adapatations began offering to enlist people who imagined they were suffering from some oil related disease into a study of environmental health aspects of the spill. It only costs $750 initially + $400 a month on average for 18 months to enlist. [That's before the serious selling begins]

    Gulf Oil Spill Health Risk Management is now listed in Ongoing Field Studies, along with:

What we do:
  • Research and Development
  • Prevention and Treatment Protocols
  • Epigenetic Engineering
  • Oxidative Stress Research Databases
  • Guided Self-Help Services
  • Clinical Supervision Services
  • Ongoing Field Studies
    • Environmental Illness Study - USA
    • Environmental Illness Study - Canada
    • Mental Wellness Study-Global.
    • Gulf Oil Spill Health Risk Management
    • Secrets of Champions- Sports, Life & Business
    • Dynamic Weight Management Program.
The Institute for Healthful Adaptation
Active Research Studies
6620 Anchor Loop — Suite 108
Bradenton, FL 34212
Phone: 866/620-4459
E-mail: georgecarlo@healthfuladaptation.com

    The catch is in having people sign up for the "Secondary Prevention Program"
Gulf Oil Spill Secondary Prevention Program:

General Information: The secondary prevention protocol specifically designed for those sustaining chemical exposures from the Gulf oil spill is customized for every individual, based on their own unique situation. There is not a generic protocol. [Snip]

Those interested in participating can begin the process as follows:
  • Those requiring more information should contact us via phone or Internet. Their questions will be answered regarding the process.
  • Those wishing to participate will sign a "Consent to Participate" form.
  • A telephone screening process defines whether a participant is best suited to a 'Guided Self-Help' protocol or a 'Clinical Supervision' protocol.
  • Once screened into the proper protocol, we provide a person to guide each participant through the process.
  • The protocol is ongoing and for best results is recommended for 18 months. The participants will begin to feel better early in the process; however, achieving sustainable adaptive changes requires several cell turnovers, hence the extended period of time on the protocol.
  • The cost, on average, is $400 per month over the term of the protocol. The initial evaluation cost is $750 and the remainder is related to the cost of the medicines, nutraceuticals and laboratory tests.
  • We stand ready to assist individuals in petitioning for cost coverage for the program to the BP Escrow Fund, government insurance through Medicare and Medicaid, and private insurance.


George Louis Carlo
Part 1 — Dioxins, Love Canal, Three Mile Island, Agent Orange etc.
Part 2 — Tobacco industry, GEP and miscellaneous chemical industry projects.
Part 3 — Cellphone EMF problems: the CTIA and SAG/WTR
Part 4 — Later tobacco and other — immunology, vaccination, breast implants.
Part 5 — Later problems with cellphone EMF research and the demise of the WTR.
Part 6 — EMF scaremongering and various cellphone 'protection' businesses.



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