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Giuseppe Lo Jacono

An Italian professor of hygiene at the University of Perugia, Rome, who was a surreptitious worker for the tobacco industry. He reported on various conferences, identified likely prospects, advised on political policies, and snooped on the activities of the scientists doing work for the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and the WHO.

Professor Giuseppe Lo Jacono (also spelled Lojacono) was a professor of public health at the Department of Hygiene, University of Perugia in Italy. He was of interest to the tobacco industry because he had many useful contacts with the WHO and its research arm, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). He is also the editor of a major scientific journal in Italy.

His initial contact with Philip Morris was made through a visit to the Neuchatel headquarters of the FTR, PM's Smoking & Health group in Europe which was run by Helmut Gaisch. The report is below.

Clearly he was recruited soon after, because he began to turn in reports on scientific conferences, and to advise them on the research activities of the IARC, the agency of WHO which was running a major multi-center project on the health implications of ETS (passive smoking).

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    1988 Dec 12: First meeting with Gaisch. He is Professor of Hygiene, University of Perugia,
    "The Professor has good contacts with the WHO in Geneva and also the IARC in Lyon. He knows both Dr. NAKASHIMA, the General Director of the WHO and the head of the IARC . "
    He is being recruited, and they are sniffing each other out. Lo Jacono is signalling that he disagrees with the US Surgeon General, and Gaisch has given him some literature references. They are planning to keep in contact.

    The Philip Morris S&T monthly report says:

    See original:

    1989 June 1: He is now working through SCR Associati (PR Services) under the guidance of Florence Catisglioni. He has prepared a scientific report on recent Venice seminar (in May) .
    His report here outlines position of various instaitutions and individuals as well as Venice comments

    1989 Sep 21: He is replying to Dr Van Groningen: He says he is editor of the Italian scientific journal "Epidemiologia e Prevenzione".
    He explains that Italian epidemiologists have found "Numerous risk factors" which produce "the same effects attributed to ETS". Therefore, this " peculiarity of Italian epidemiology [] can be used for our purposes."

    1989 Nov 3: - 4 He is a speaker and panelist at the McGill ETS conference . This was a conference, set up by Philip Morris which entirely consisted of employed tobacco scientists and lobbyists, and a large number of invited scientists from around the world. They only invited those who were regularly taking money from the industry. It was an entirely fake scientific conference.

    1990 Oct 31: He is dealing with Iancou Marcovitch, at FTR in Neuchatel -- offering a report on a medical conference.

    1991 March: 13-14 Provided Philip Morris with a three page detailed memo on the IARC research group's informal meeting at Broussel Hospital in Paris. The 1999 WHO report says that he provided a great deal of info about IARC study to Philip Morris, and worked for them for many years while keeping his ties to tobacco secret.


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