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WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.





George L (III) Knox    

The director of Corporate Communications for Philip Morris in the USA. He was closely involved in Smoking & Health (S&H) issues.

1984 Aug 8: On the third-level middle-management list of those in Philip Morris dealing with Smoking & Health issues. This is an update on Voluntary Health Associations expenditures. He is at least one or two levels below Frank Resnik and Bill Murray at this time.

1985 Jan: He is made Director, Corporate Communications of PM Companies

Political science major, Foreign Service, US Air Force
    Mr. Knox is a Trustee of the Studio Museum in Harlem and a Director of the Independent College Fund of New York, the Harvard Business School Club of New York, The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute and the Arts & Business Council. He is also a member of the Civilian Public Affairs Committee of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

1985 Sep 5: He is on the PM Corporate Affairs main memo list for Voluntary Health Association updates — which would only be circulated to those actively engaged in disinformation, S&H issues, etc.

1985 Sept 10: He is on cc list Chris Cory and Tom Ricke - PM staffers are plotting a journalism scam. They seem confident that Johnathan Cole & Osborne Eliott of Columbia Uni School of Journalism. will give them advice about a proposed award to journalists for "unbiased science reporting"
    Zahn willing to help identifiy writers - sucggests columnist James Kilpatrick.

1987 Jan 5: He is in charge of Chris Cory who is running the PM Inc. speech-writing program, and has a small group working on a science-dissembler program with journalists.

1987 Jan 21: Part of a coalition on Product Reform with Fred Newman (General Counsel - Philip Morris), Joe Helewicz (Corp Comms at BAT/B&W), George Knox (PM public relations), John Scanlon, and James R Cherry (VP -Deputy General Counsel Lorillard), Robert H Sachs, ('Bob' VP and Gen Counsel at B&W)

1989: He is listed on the PM Companies staff (not PMI)

1992 Feb: Craig Fuller is working with Knox and Bill Cambell. Sapolsky at MIT is involved, and Knox is also associated with International (probably PMI)

1993 Nov: The structure under Miles. George Knox is on the organization chart as Vice President, Corporate Public Affairs for Philip Morris Companies Inc. He is under Craig Fuller, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs. Under him are Stephanie French (Corporate Contributions and Cultural Affairs); Francis Gomez (Director Public Programs); and Susan Bailey (Mgr Community Relations - located in Philadelphia)

1994: VP Corporate Public Affairs He is the writer of a letter making a 'charitable contribution' to the notorious, Scaife-funded Media Institute

We are pleased to send this grant in recognition of our long association with you and to support your important work. You have our continued best wishes for success as you advance the mission of the Institute.

1995: Vice President, Corporate Public Affairs Philip Morris Companies Inc.
    Corporate Affairs World conference speaker/biog notes

1996: He is listed as a "friend of tobacco" , by the Texas government in its (Judge Folsom) 1996 $15 billion action against the tobacco industry to recover Medicaid costs. The State of Texas (plaintiffs) VS. the combined tobacco industry.

1996 Aug 29: Sitting in for Bible with Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship. Knows Ambassador Basora, President.

1997 Feb 11: He is a third-leve PM executive, who (along with a few dozen) is cc'd with Corporate Affairs budget information. He works under Tom Collamore, who reports to Steve Parrish.

1997 July 9: Lunch meeting with [Republican] Governor Frank Keating from Oklahoma who has "graciously agreed to have lunch with us in his official capacity as Governor in an effort to 'get to know' the people at Philip Morris."

Governor Keating's term has been marked by a significant emphasis on shaping the state to fit the needs of business. In Oklahoma City, Keating has heavyhanded support from the Gaylord-owned newspaper The Daily Oklahoman for an aggressive and conservative pro-business agenda. In Oklahoma City, Keating has heavyhanded support from the Gaylord-owned newspaper The Daily Oklahoman for an aggressive and conservative pro-business agenda.
    Guests included:
    • Tom Cole, Oklahoma Secretary of State. who was a professional lobbyist and still has a lobbying company. He is President of Cole, Hargrave, Snodgrass and Associates (CHS). CHS specializes in strategic planning, survey research, marketing, and public relations.
    • Scott Reed who was a Philip Morris Washington DC 'consultant' (political lobbyist) who works for Chesapeake Associates. He was the former 1996 Dole for President Campaign Manager.
    PM Staff:
    • Ed Beauchemin, Regional Director, Government Affairs
    • Kirk Blalock, Corporate Affairs Associate
    • Tom Collamore, VP Public Affairs
    • Phil Davis, VP, Corporate Relations Programs
    • George Knox, VP, Corporate Affairs Strategy & Communications
    • Rosemary Ripley, VP, Corporate Business Development
    • Ralph Rogers, Director, Financial and Political Analysis
    • Tim Sompolski, Senior VP, Human Resources and Administration
    • Andrew Whist, Senior VP, External Affairs

1998 Jun 29: In the Deposition of Andrew Whist, Whist says Knox at PM is "mainly (dealing) with the minorities"


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