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Alan Kassman     [ Dr]    

— A former industry scientist who was trained by the tobacco industry to provide legislative and media briefings on ETS, and act as an 'independent consultant' —  

A contractor for the tobacco industry who provided "Scientific Witness' services on Environmental Tobacco Smoke 9ETS) and other problems.

Some key documents

1988–89: This 'Confidential' Tobacco Institute list of Scientific Witnesses on ETS has him listed as Kassman Associates.

1988 June 16: Tobacco Institute's speech by Issues Manager/PR head Susan Stuntz:

Just as the CIAR deals with these [Indoor Air Quality complaint] issues on a scientific level, it is out charge every day to deal with the scientific issues from a PR standpoint. The Institute's IAQ program is designed to demonstrate that ETS is but a minor part of indoor air pollution, and that improved ventilation is the best solution to all air quality problems.

    We are well on the way to establishing a network of ventilation and scientific experts to represent a variety of constituencies with this message. This network will provide opportunities for the establishment of new coalitions to speak out on the issues, and offer new opportunities for existing coalitions and allies to make use of the ventilation issue,

    To achieve our objective, we would expand substantially our current use of ETS and ventilation experts. We would expand the means we use to promote their messages. We must do more — much more — to ensure that smoking restrictions are no longer seen as the best solution to cleaning up the indoor air.

    To promote ventilation as the answer to IAQ problems, and to critically analyse all ETS research, our program recommends retention of several ETS and ventilation experts. We recommend training at least six new experts to supplement our current total of five, by the end of the year. Of these, at least one will be an industrial hyienist to assist us in work with organized labor.

We have already begun to train Alan Kassman, a former industry scientist who now is an independent consultant, to do legislative and media briefings on the ETS issue.

    On indoor air quality, we have identified Environmental Air Controls, a relatively [well-known??] air quality analysis firm, that is a subsidiary of a $45 million ventilation manufacturing company, to join our group of spokespeople on the ventilation issue.

    Environmental Air Controls is headed by a woman who holds a masters' degree in public health and a doctorate in environmental sciences.

    In addition to performing buidling analyses, Environmental Air Controls will promote the issue through the media, and through briefings sponsored by our allies. This firm already is recruiting additional spokespersons to supplement the work of the director.

    Our expanded team of experts will support the Institute and its allies with indoor air quality seminars, print, and possible broadcast advertisement [and] direct mail. This team also would support a coalition of industries whose products have been identified as contributors to indoor air pollution.

    They will promote the idea that all air quality problems are best dealt with through ventilation. Representatives from several chemical and ventilation companies have expressed an interest in joining with the Institute in such a coalition.

    Later in this speech she mentions the preparation of Direct Mail Solicitation material for AVCA "Gray Roberson's air quality analysis firm [to] support the ongoing AVCA media tours and targeted advertising."

1989: Witness List [attached to 1993 June 1 Tobacco Institute list of "Witness/Expert Appearances — Scientific/Legal/Spokespersons."]
    Tom Lauria, Mike Buckley, Simon Turner, Gio Gori, Bill Wordham, Gray Robertson, Peter Binnie (Now HBI), Larry Holcomb, John Fox, Rich Silverman, Walter Merryman, David Remes, Frank Powell, Melinda Sidak, Rudy Cole, Larry Halfen. Binnie appears to be concentrating on airports (not aircraft)']

    Attached 1991 Witness List which includes, Brennan Dawson, Jeff Seckler, Jim Goold, Joe Pedelty, Jolly Ann Davidson, Dick Wagner, Bernadette Davidson, Walt Decker

    And 1990 Witness List (page 35) includes Bill Orzechowski, Mike Davis, Morris Coats,

    Also document has attached the 1989 witness list with (in addition to above)
    Dwight Lee, David Weeks, Alan Kassman, Bob Tollison, Richard Wagner, Jack Peterson, "Bestype Consulting", Dennis Vaughn,

    And also the 1988 List (With most of the above) + A Katzenstein, David Brenton (focus on airlines)

1993: Alan Kassman is working with the Tobacco Institute. He is making media tours and legislative appearances on such matters as the "Fire-safety" cigarette bill.