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Clive W Ogle     [ Dr]    

A Hong Kong professor of pharmacology from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong who had a brief dalliance with the tobacco industry. He did some legitimate work on nicotine and the Barclay filter technology and later was temporarily recruited by Philip Morris as a WhiteCoat.

Professor Ogle appears to have been associated with the tobacco industry on a number of occasions. The first as a contracted consultant to British-American Tobacco, employed to work on filter technology, and who was perhaps involved in establishing a seminar in 1984.

Later he was reportedly a recruit of Philip Morris's WhiteCoats program. One of the reports from the tobacco industry's WhiteCoats scientific recruiters in 1989 suggests that he was anything but an enthusiastic recruit — he said he didn't think he could contribute anything.

He did not attend the Bangkok WhiteCoats training workshop, and Linda Koo (a long established tobacco consultant) advised that he be dropped from the Asian ETS Consultants team.

• Professor Clive Ogle, Dept of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong.

1984 July 25: He has a contract with BAT as a confidential consultant for $750 a day.

    He is in England at this time. BAT contacting him.

1984 Aug 17: [Date wrong on telex] He is in Hong Kong. Dr GE Stungis of BAT is advising him that a symposium has been "pushed back a bit"

1984 Aug 22: Evelyn at BAT in England writes to associate in Hong Kong about Ogle's visit. "I certainly found him easy to get along with but I do not
    think he really understands the scene he may be getting into.

1985 May: At a conference on experimental ulcer production, Ogle's team present a paper on the role of nicotine and ethanol in the production of gastric ulcers in rats.

1985 Feb 4: Telex from BAT in UK to associate in Hong Kong. He has a letter for Ogle concerning his consulting, and a proposal from Wang.

1985 Sep 17: BAT confirms that he is working on the Barclay channel-ventilated filter. His contract is as an individual, not as an employee or agent of the University. This is a legalistic form of letter absolving the university from any liability.

1985 Sep 18.: Despite the above, BAT is still involved in a separate "University of Hong Kong Project"

1986 Mar 16: BAT are making a substantial donation to the University of Hong Kong for laboratory equipment. The costs are being shared possibly between two different divisions of BAT.

1989 April 10: He has been recruited as an ETS Consultant (Whitecoat) in Asia by John Rupp of C&B. Rupp's associate Billings reports that he had some reservations, initially. about joining the project.

1989 June 21-23: The Bangkok training workshop for the new Asian WhiteCoats.

1987 July 7: Chris Proctor (then working at BAT) reported on the Bangkok training workshop for Asian WhiteCoats. Philip Morris is now being supported in this project by B&W (British-American Tobacco) and RJ Reynolds. The recruitment is being done by John Rupp and David Billings of C&B, with George Leslie of the ARIA group (UK WhiteCoats).

"Leslie is the direct interface between Rupp and the scientists and funding of individual consultants is channeled through Leslie. However, Rupp maintains strong control over Leslie."

    Dr C Ogle was unable to attend this meeting and he is "(to be dropped on L Koo's advice)"
Clearly he was having second thoughts about being involved in this project, and perhaps speaking openly about his reservations. [He was at the same University as Linda Koo, and she was a long-term and trusted tobacco industry consultant]

1991 May: Professor Ogle is BAT contact in the University of Hong Kong. Wants some favors from them for one of his PhD students to attend an international conference

1994 Oct 27: He is attending a luncheon with a lot of building engineers. He is now Deputy Director, School of Postgraduate Medical Education and Training, at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong. [Probably another HBI seminar]



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