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Carlo EMF e-mails

His defence against attacks from cynical activists.

In the 1990s, the activist lobby consisted of roughly four categories:
1) those who were fighting against the local sitings of cellphone masts (the NIMBYs),
2) those who believed cellphone handsets (and masts) gave out biologically harmful radiation (the anti-EMF groups),
3) those who believed they were electro-sensitive often to powerlines as well as radio waves (the ES electrosmog groups), and
4) those who disbelieved the industry and engineer's claims of known safety. They maintained that much more research was needed before cellphones were given the 'all clear' (unorganised miscellaneous commentators).

When George Carlo metamorphised into an anti-cellphone activist in 2000 he had the effect of driving a further wedge between the activist groups: the pro-Carlo saw him as their guru and messiah of the New Enlightenment in the age of holistic wellbeing, and the anti-Carlo groups continued to believe he was just a snake-oil salesman with a cart-load of horse-manure and a range of exotic new cures and products to flog.

    The pro-Carlo group believes that the anti-Carloists are just older activists harbouring grudges and fighting old battles. This correspondence between activists in the EMG Refugee group shows how Carlo exploited this division.

[Reordered from a reply - dated circa 6 December 2007]

From: Eileen O'Conner
To:   EMG Refugee
Sent: [Date obscure - Early December 2007]
Subject: [emfrefugee] Carlo/Others/Rumors/etc.

People seem to be criticising the very people who are trying to help us, such as Carlo, Alasdair and Jean Philips, Joanne, ES-UK and I've even read that someone doesn't trust HESE anymore, this is all nonsense and not helpful to the work of EMF Refugee as the group will lose support from the very people that are trying to help.
[HESE is a European "Human Ecological Social Economic" project. See

Alasdair and Jean Phillips run the UK Powerwatch web-site which generally has more reliable information than most. However be aware that they also run a mail-order business selling curtain materials which block EMFs. So they are not totally disinterested financially.]

I have a high regard and total respect for all these people. Paul put it well "Human beings are fallible, but maybe one of our own fallacies is to judge the wrong people too harshly."

Best wishes

            On Behalf Of Paul Doyon
Sent: 08 December 2007
To:   EMF Refugee
Subject: [emfrefugee] Carlo/Others/Rumors/etc.

Hi Eileen,
    I agree wholeheartedly and 100% that we should all work together on this problem. This is why I proposed the formation of an International organization/NGO called "The International Coaltion for an EMR-Safe Planet" (IC-ESP) to bridge together all the groups now in the world trying to work independently and locally to solve what is truly a problem of international proportions.

I also believe with you that Dr Carlo is completely and wholeheartedly onboard with this problem. What he has done and what he says shows that the proof is in the pudding. I truly think that he has achieved a lot and I think he deserves our respect for this.

Thanks to Dr Carlo this problem is receiving a lot more attention than it would certainly have than if he were not around. And this is backed up by the fact that he is indeed educating health professionals (MDs, Nutritionists, Psychologists) out there who are going on to give lectures, write articles and books, etc. to spread an increasing awareness about this problem.

And while I might not completely agree with his solution to the problem, until Dr Carlo does or says something that shows me that he is "suspect" I will continue to support what he is doing.

I had sent out the proposal for an international group to a number of activists worldwide (including yourself, but unfortunately your server blocks all my emails addressed directly to you). The support (from 2 people like B. Blake Levitt and Olle Johannson) I received on this was overwhelmingly positive - except that from Alasdair and Joanne. Both of them have made statements belittling the dangers of cell phones and their towers, which I found not only highly suspect, but which would not only go against what the BioInitiative states, but also what Dr Carlo has been saying.

And on top of this, I received a number of emails from a number of people telling me that a number of organizations have been compromised by money from the cell phone industry itself. (And there are indeed people like this. For example, I met with an ES man in Japan who wanted to seek money from the cell phone industry to start an EMF-Sanctuary. He was very serious and adamant about this to the extent that he refused to even mention words like "electrosensitivity" or "emr" at all on his website.

I am sure that the cell phone industry would love to have some influential people in this movement on the inside to influence opinion (and perhaps cause divisions) and how else could one show their loyalty than to publicly trivialize the dangers of cell phones and cell phone towers.

For example, I find it extremely perplexing that one could state publicly and unequivocally that the 15 mobile phone masts surrounding a school had nothing whatsoever to do with the brain tumors of four of the children there and then go onto criticize the article by the newspaper as "unscientific" for even suggesting that there might be a link.

I think in many countries where there is a complete media blackout on this, that it would be a true blessing for a newspaper to cover a story like this. It just doesn't make sense to me...unless...

    paul doyon

    Paul Raymond Doyon
    MAT (TESOL), MA Advanced Japanese Studies, BA Psychology
    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

From: Eileen O'Connor
Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2007 6:19 PM
Subject: [emfrefugee] Carlo/Others/Rumors/etc.

Dear Paul

I agree with you about George Carlo and think he is getting some unfair criticism. He's doing a wonderful job creating awareness and his ES [Electrosensitivity] surveys are also very important.

I know Alasdair Philips really well and consider him to be a good friend; he is a good man who works very hard, he is definitely on our side, I've seen him in action as he is a member of the EMF DG and he is a thorn in the side for Industry, the HPA and the Government. I also understand why he made the comments about the school with the children with brain tumours as the masts are a mile away from the school. [Phillips had remarked that it was unlikely that a cellphone tower a mile away from a school would produce the health effects that these activists were reporting.]

The situation needs further investigation, maybe the children live near the masts; the school also has Wi-fi. If he blamed the masts directly on causing problems for the school, he could have ruined our credibility as they are too far away from the school, Wi-fi should be switched off in the school immediately. I'm sure you've read the Ecologist report that I sent out yesterday, all the information in the report has come via Alasdair and George Carlo and what a wonderful job they have done!

Alasdair also does a lot of work for Children with Leukaemia and also produced a book called the Powerwatch Handbook all proceeds are donated to the charity, it's a fantastic book you should order a copy. Don't be too hard on him as Alasdair, Jean and Graham work tirelessly, I receive lots of scientific support from them and would be lost without them.

I have communicated on a one to one with Joanne for years and she is a lovely lady and is dedicated to this issue. She may have similar reasons like Alasdair with regards to this school situation and I agree with them both and I hate the phone masts more than anyone. I sometimes think people get the wrong impression when it's via email.

Not sure why my emails have bounced back from you, I was having problems earlier this year.

It would be one heck of a task to bring all sides together as you have seen the emails and criticism coming in. Blake [Levitt] wouldn't work with George either as they won't forgive his past. Olle is wonderful and will work with everyone and anyone, he is one of the best.

Have a good weekend

Best wishes

            On Behalf Of Iris Atzmon
Sent: 08 December 2007 20:55
Subject: Re: [emfrefugee] Carlo/Others/Rumors/etc.

I happen to know about Blake's [Levitt] attitude. It's not about forgiveness of the past,

It's the fact she understood him. She sees his current activties, too, as all the others see. We are not blind. It's the interpretation you give for his activities that is not necessarily the interpretation others notice.

Too bad about the word "rumours", when things were checked with him directly but I know it doesn't interest you. I don't know what it takes to win your respect,

I only know what it takes mine. First rule - don't lie to me. I cannot respect anyone who tells me things that are not true, no matter whether they are about the present or on the past, but he tells them now (so I am not talking about "changing the mind" I am talking always about the present).

[Iris Atzmon]

From: Eileen O'Connor
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: [emfrefugee] Carlo/Others/Rumors/etc.\

Dear Iris and friends

Please read the following email from Dr George Carlo and please forgive me if I do not reply to any more emails on this issue as it is a terrible distraction from the important work that needs to be done.

Best wishes

Eileen O'Connor
    Trustee EM Radiation Research Trust

From: GL Carlo
To:   Eileen O'Connor
Sent: [circa early December 2007 ]

    Discerning people should be able to see this as nothing more than a vicious, ad hominum attack — and that really is all that it is: non-factual, rehashing of falsehoods that have been circulating on the Internet for a decade.

The source of the information is always the same bad source — it is simply being spread by different people who think they have a scoop.

There are many who were first taken in by this garbage long ago and when they had the chance to get to know me, my work and my motives, were apologetic to me for what they had allowed the rumors to do to them. There are many such people, including Milt Bowling [A Carlo acolyte from Vancouver BC] and the reporter in Washington, Jeff Silva [US journalist from the RCRWireless magazine]. And, I might add that you yourself were quite skeptical at the beginning. It is a sad reality that I have had to deal with for many, many years.

If Carlos Sosa [MD and Electrosensitive activist] has questions, he should talk to me directly — you introduced me to him and I opened my door to him on the basis of your friendship with me and your credibility. I am actually quite shocked that he would go behind my back. He strikes me as a better man than Stewart Fist [Australian newspaper columnist and Carlo chronologist] and others who have been doing that for years.

Believe me, there is a point by point rebuttal with the truth to virtually every paragraph that has been posted on EMF Refugee. As I think about it, EMF Refugee actually should know better as my door has been opened to them as well and they easily could have inquired — and out of respect to them, I would have responded to them as I have out of respect to you. But, such is the way of gossip — people really don't want to know the truth because the lies are far too juicy. [See his point-by-point rebuttal ]

As for Stewart Fisk [Fist] and his reporting, it is less than half accurate on simple facts that can be easily substantiated with publicly available information — that is just lazy reporting. And, it is absolutely not accurate at all in what it portrays me to be — that is just plain bad reporting. The distortions are so numerous as to be comical... except that there are people who seem to have a vested interest in stopping the good work we are trying to do to help people who are suffering from the effects of EMR, and those are the people who use this false information repeatedly. See

And, of course, the entire contention that people can draw an opinion about the character of man who they have never met by what is written about him by detractors is falacious. Again, if people are honest enough to want to know the truth, they can find it. But, even the worst reporters talk to the subject of their reporting....Were it not for the fact that the Internet has no filter for truth, the false information would have stopped dead in its tracks years ago. Such are the times we live in.

Over the past six or seven years, there are many times when I have put out information to correct the disinformation from people like Stewart Fist and others who have motives that I don't completely understand. What they are saying are at best gross misrepresentations and at worst, outright lies. Some of the corrective information I have already sent to you. Other information in on the SWI website that is truthful. [The Safe Wireless Initiative website has since disappeared]

But, I decided long ago not to chase after ways of trying to correct this venom on the Internet. I have stopped writing rebuttals. I am happy, however, to meet any of these people like Stewart Fist [Australian journalist], Cindy Sage [US hygienist/activist], Iris Atzmon [Israeli activist] or any of the others who spread the rumors in person to straighten out the facts. That offer has been out there for years.

Those like you who know me, and work with me today are really those that matter...and those partners at least have a basis for drawing opinions. It seems that the old adage is at play here: "Those who are saying, don't know and those who know, aren't saying."

The bottom line is that this is a distraction from our important work. There will be a day of reckoning for Stewart Fist and the others. Those who do not tell the truth have bigger problems than me.

Please feel free to share this with whomever you would like.

Dr George Carlo

From: "Iris Atzmon"
Date: 10 December 2007 7:06:24 AM
Subject: Carlo - a simple answer.

I am sorry, but we are treading water.

He wrote: "Again, if people are honest enough to want to know the truth, they can find it".

I agree with him 100%. You can know the truth 'only when you try to find it.'

The solution is very simple: A group of people simply asked him directly for the studies. [Carlo had maintained that there were now 56 studies and many more scientists supporting his position on the need for cellphone protective devices like those he was flogging for BioPro.]

It's a very simple process, it's direct, with no gossip:

    "Dear George, I am X, Please send me the list of 56 studies so we can add them to the body of evidence, We want students of universities to read the studies you funded, We want to cite them in papers. Please send the list of 200 scientists.
        Please write how the money was divided."

NO ONE received it until today, very simple.

What truth do I have to look for more? tell me???
    It's in front of my eyes. It's not as heavy as it looks.... gossip, rumor, playing the victim - all this is simply not relevant to the point.

Because it was not gossip -people went directly to him, exactly as he recommends, in order to find the truth, because they are honest and they want the truth!

We are not in psychology business, it's science - either you have it or not.

What is so hard to understand?