Tobacco Industry
Commonly used initials

<< The Swiss and Germans sometimes use a three-character initial system which uses the first character of the Christian name, followed by the first and second characters of the Surname. Sometimes this is varied by first and third, or first and fourth, etc, or the first two characters of the Christian Name to make the initial distinctive if the company has individuals with similar standard initials.
<< xSo HGA is Helmut Gaisch, MJA is JC Mandiratta, PIC is P Ceschini, RIT is Mitchell Ritter, RDE is Ruth Dempsey, MKS and JIG (secretary) are unknown.

{MJA ? PIC? ... you figure??}

ADCT ADC (Clive) Turner. BAT and Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK)
AEBAndre Badstuber at Science & Technology, FTR/PM Neuchatel (Also ANB)
AGB AG Buzzi. Philip Morris International + Europe
AGGAnthony (Tony) Garrett Chairman of Imperial Tobacco in 1970s
AHDAnne Duffin Tobacco Institute lobbyist and organiser
AHLAH Laurene RJ Reynolds
AH Alex Holtzman. Philip Morris New York office inhouse legal counsel
AJC AJ Collingrdge. Imperial, Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK) 1983
AJN AJ Nelmes. Gallagher
AJWSir A James Wilson Chairman of the UK TAC and head of their research committee.
AJ Anne Johnson Legal counsel for BAT below Nick Cannar.
AKCA Kay Comer BAT's document 'retention' expert
AMRAM Reid BAT and TAC (also on SAWP) works politically for UK industry
ANB Andre Badstuber S&T Neuchatel, and FTR division of Philip Morris Europe, in Switzerland
ARAlan Rodgman RJR smoking and health research scientists, worked with the TI
AWF Andrew W Foyle External lawyer for BAT, through Lovell White King/Durrant
AWSArthur Spears Lorrilard inhouse legal counsel and executive
AWAndrew Whist Philip Morris Corporate Affairs (Australia, USA and global)
BAC Board Allocated Contribution Philip Morris terminology for annual grants to think-tanks, etc as distinct from Pol/Civ or Admin
BBB BB Brooks. Philip Morris European Corporate Affairs executive
BEF BE Frost Rothmans
BGE B GERSTENBERG [Using the Swiss-German initial system]
C-GCarl-Gustav Petersson Nisses air-quality testing company
CATCharles Tucker RJR represetative on TI Executive and research committee.
CDB CD Briggs. Gallaher
CGPCarl-Gustav Petersson Nisses air-quality testing company
CGCarl-Gustav Petersson Nisses air-quality testing company (Used as a nickname)
CHG Clifford Goldsmith. Philip Morris headquarters executive
CHJCurtis Judge Lorillard key executive
CJDChris Dobbs tobacco lawyer at Dobbs & Neilsen in California
CJH CJ Hill. Imperial Tobacco
CJPChris Proctor of BAT in the UK, then later Covington & Burling in US.
CLFCraig Fuller PM Corporate Scientific Affairs + Chairman of National Republican Committee.
CRLM CRL Marchett Carraras Rothman, Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK) 1983
CTF CT Fielden Gallagher, Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK) 1983
CWNCharles Nystom Worked on ICOSI/SAWP and with Frank Colby at RJ Reynolds
DAM Dan Milway Tobacco Institute Administrator
DBDeBaun Bryant General legal counsel for B&W
DD Darienne Dennis of PMI in New York
DEFDE Ferrers On Public Relations committee of BAT
DJFDale Florio Philip Morris PR operation who left, set up own firm, and contracted back.
DKHDon Hoel at Shook Hardy & Bacon (Kansas City, then London from mid-1990s) David Hardy also at SHB, but only Kansas City [Son of David R Hardy]
DLD DL Davis (??Devra Lee Davis - antismoking researcher)
DL David Laufer PM Corporate Affairs, top level management of political operations.
DM D Milby. Philip Morris New York
DRHDavid Ross Hardy Sn SH&B (died of heart attack 28 Sep 1976)
DSHDon Harris Director of Media at the New York Corporate Affairs office of PM. Offsider to Andrew Whist. He had been in advertising, and later ran the Asian Tobacco Institute.
DS D Spincer Imperial Tobacco
DTW DT Westcott of Philip Morris in the UK
DVLDerreck Littlejohn London-based PM executive
EAABEAA Bruell BAT executive officer
EDO ED Oxberry Philip Morris
ERO E Roemer [Using the Swiss-German initial system]
FACFernard Leclerc RJR public relations in Canada
FER FE Resnik. Philip Morris, Tobacco Technology Group & NY Office
FGCFrank Colby RJ Reynolds chief science disinformation operator. He worked extensively in the USA and in Europe. A constant source of gossip and opinion.
FHD FH Dulles Philip Morris Europe
GAW Gerard Wirz. Philip Morris Europe (Brussels office)
GBL George Leslie. ARIA consultant - runs own consultancy business works for TAC and with lawyers C&B
GCB Geoff C Bible. CEO and Chairman of Philip Morris Inc.
GD G Diserens. Philip Morris
GFT Geoffrey F Todd: BAT Research Center and PR with Cambell-Johnson
GKRGK Richardson BAT executive
GNBGN Bindler of the R&D of Philip Morris at Neuchatel
GOK G Osborn-King Carraras Rothmans & Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK) 1983
GSE G SCHEPERS [Using the Swiss-German initial system]
GWM GW Moore Carreras Rothmans Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK) 1983
GW G Woodman. Imperial Tobacco George Weissman Philip Morris Inc Gerard Wirz Philip Morris Europe.
HBG HB Grice Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK)
HCMHarmon C McAllister of the CTR [Possibly another at the Tobacco Institute) Could be Hank Mozingo (brother of Roger)
HCRHenry ("Jack") Roemer Assistant General Counsel at RJR
HC Hugh Cullman. Philip Morris International (nephew of Joe Cullman)
HER H Reif FTR division of Philip Morris Europe, in Switzerland
HGA Helmut Gaisch FTR division of Philip Morris Europe, in Switzerland[Using the Swiss-German initial system]
HG HW Gaisch. Philip Morris's FTR division in Europe
HHM probably HJ HAUSSMANN [Using a variation on the Swiss-German initial system]
HM Hamish Maxwell Philip Morris Group chairman and CEO
HRKHorace Kornegay Tobacco Institute President (ex Congressman)
HR H Reif Philip Morris
HSBHugh Brass In-house legal for PMI's Corporate Affairs in Brussels
HWG Helmut W Gaisch FTR division of PM in Switzerland
IAM I Marcovitch FTR division of Philip Morris Europe in Switzerland
ITL Imperial Tobacco Ltd
JAGJim Goold Lawyer of RJ Reynolds
JBR JB Robinson "Bernie" Robinson of Philip Morris International /Europe
JDB JD Backhurst Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK)
JFC Joseph Cullman 3rd CEO and Chairman of Philip Morris.
JGRJim Ramsey publications manager/speechwriter for Philip Morris
JJJM JJJ Mostyn, Public Relations at BAT
JJM Jerome J Moyston BAT/Lovell White King PR/legal
JKJim Kuhlman A PM operator in California
JMJanice McDaniel Philip Morris. / also J Mostyn at PR in BAT
JPRJohn Rupp Covington & Burling. Primary science recruiter for the tobacco industry.
JPS J Paul Sticht at RJR
JRCJack (John) Cherry Deputy General Counsel for Lorillard
JVSJacqueline Smithson Rothmans, convenor of Plain Pack Group.
JWOJW Osborne Philip Morris scientific staff
JW J Watling in PR at BAT
JWJ Watling BAT Public Affairs department under Ely
KGOKG Orloff RJ Reynolds S&H executive
KHO KV HOLT [Using the Swiss-German initial system]
KJW KJ Ware Philip Morris Europe
KNL Kathleen Linehan Philip Morris Government Affairs in Washington, later Europe
KSH KS Houghton Philip Morris
LS Lee Stitzenberger A professional lobbyist and manipulator who worked for the tobacco industry through the Dolphin Group
MAM Michael Miles Philip Morris CEO for a time (came from General Foods).
MATMary Taylor Philip Morris PR operator in 1980s
MCB MC Bourlas Philip Morris administrator/scientist in Lausanne
MDHMichael Horst Corporate Affairs for PM EEC in Brussels
MHCMH Chron Jr Scientific adviser at RJR Receiving medical reports from Frank Colby
MH Max Hausermann Philip Morris and Council for Tobacco Research (CTR)
MJA JC Mandiratta FTR division of Philip Morris Europe in Switzerland
MJLM Leach BAT Public Affairs Depatment under Ely
MJS MJ Scott BAT (of the UK), Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK)
MJSMJ Scott BAT executive
MM M Murray Philip Morris
MS M Serrano Philip Morris
MWW Martin W Whittaker Imperial Tobacco statistician and Secretary of the TAC Scienific Liason Committee.
MW Martin Whittaker Imperial Tobacco statistician
NBCNick Cannar The top executive and Legal lobbyist for British American Tobacco (and B&W)
OCSOwen C Smith The Legal counsel in PM's headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland
PDC PD Case British-American Tobacco (of the UK)
PEM P Martin FER Division of Philip Morris in Switzerland
PGSPeter G Sparber Tobacco Institute lobbyist - later external consultant
PIC P Ceschini Administrator at FTR division of Philip Morris Europe, in Switzerland
PIPaul Isenring PM corporate manipulator in Lausanne in the 1970s
PMS PM Steele Philip Morris UK, Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK) 1983
PMSPatrick Sirridge Legal partner at Shook Hardy & Bacon
PMSPeter Schuler S&H executive for RJR working in Europe (Switzerland)
PNL Peter N Lee consultant to Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK)
PVO P VONCKEN [Using the Swiss-German initial system]
PWK Peter WW Kirk Imperial College London (also PWWK)
PWWK Peter WW Kirk Imperial College London (also PWK) assistant to Roger Perry
RAB Richard A Brown Philip Morris Companies Corp [personal assistant to Hamish Maxwell 1990]
RAC RA Carchman. Philip Morris scientific administrator
RAP RA Patrick. Gallaher
RBS RB Seligman. Philip Morris
RDE Ruth Dempsey at FTR 1995 in Switzerland
REM Roy Morse RJR research scientist also on CTR board.
RET Ray E Thornton. British-American Tobacco (of the UK) Issues Manager/Public Affairs
RERobert Ely BAT Public Affairs department
RHB Rhenda Bolin RJ Reynold's literature research scientist
RHTRonald H Thomson Regional VP Europe for PM in Lausanne, Switzerland
RH Richard Hines A Philip Morris political consultant/writer who also worked for the CIA.
RIT Mitchell Ritter at the FTR Switzerland in 1995 making key IARC contacts
RJMRichard Marcotullio RJ Reynolds top level organiser of whitecoat operations, member of SAWP, etc,
RJRTRJ Reynolds Tobacco Inc
RKK Robert Kaplan of PMI Corporate Affairs in New York.
RLOE Robert LO Ely BAT head of the Public Affairs Department 1983 (also RE)
RM Roy Marden Philip Morris's executive in charge of grants to think-tanks, etc.
RP Roger Perry. Imperial College London
RRB RR Bodall Gallagher
RRM Ross Millhiser Philip Morris Inc. in New York +chairman of Tobacco Institute
RSW RS Whiting Imperial Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK) 1983
RSBob Suber RJR toxicologist who worked with Steve Milloy on S&H issues.
RWMBill Murray CEO and Chairman of the Philip Morris group and key strategist. One of the troika which ran the company, and to a large extent, the tobacco industry.
RWW RWJ Williams Rothmans International
SBW Sam B Witt III Senior legal counsel, then VP of RJ Reynolds, then outside consultant
SCD SC Darrah Philip Morris
SCP Steve Parrish SH&B, then Philip Morris Europe from 1988, then PM USA
SDC Sam Chilcote president of the Tobacco Institute
SGC Stig Carlson Philip Morris EEMA in Europe
TAC Tobacco Advisory Council of the UK industry
TBDMedia Relations Director at the Tobacco Institute.
TB Tom Borelli science lobbyist at PM USA in New York
TG Tony Garrett Chairman of Imperial Tobacco (Actually AG Garrett) in 1970s
THA Thomas Ahrensfeld Philip Morris Europe and International + Tobacco Institute
TH Thomas Humber Burson-Marsteller and Philip Morris
THTom Hockaday A top lobbyist working for APCO
TMFT Finnegan Lawyer with Ed Jacobs who held the secret accounts for the tobacco industry.
TSO Tom S Osdene. Philip Morris USA
Note: There was also a Dr Tso of the Department of Agriculture.
TWKTimothy W Kidd public relations at BAT
TW Tina Walls An organiser working at Philip Morris New York office (also Europe)
UHA U Hackenberg [Using the Swiss-German initial system]
VGNVirgo (Chip) Neilsen tobacco lawyer at Dobbs & Nielsen in California
WAA Bill Adams Tobacco Institute administrator
WDWalter Demback RJR Cologne - involved in ICOSI and other tobacco scams.
WF W Fink. Philip Morris Europe
WICWilliam Campbell Top executive/strategist at Philip Morris USA (retired as CEO). " Now an executive with Citibank.
WJO WJ O'Connor PM
WK William Kensler Senior VP at the Tobacco Institute
WRE W Reininghaus [Using the Swiss-German initial system]
WT Walter Thoma. Philip Morris Europe -EEMA branch; PMI Corp Affairs
WWS} Bill Shinn Shook Hardy & Bacon