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Recent upgrades

  • ARISE (Associates for Research into the Science of Enjoyment.
    One of the most successful of the tobacco, confectionary, alcohol, and chemical industries fake scientific-front organisations. It travelled the world telling gullible journalists and TV interviewers that hedonism (smoking tobacco and pot, drinking alcohol, eating chocolate, and sticking needles in yourself) was good for your mental health.


  • ARIA and the WhiteCoats
    The most successful of the British air-quality research organisations funded by industry to discount the potential harm of polluted office air.
  • Downunder conference
  • A conference established by the Australian executives who took control of the global Philip Morris company and ran most of the global disinformation campaigns.
  • The fake McGill University ETS Symposium
    Established and run by the PM executives in Canada to provide new scientific/academic recruits with some basic knowledge ... so they could appear to be experts.
  • Tort Reform
    Industry's attempts at persuading the US political operators to remove or reduce the product liability possibilities from their legal system.
  • WSA's Scientific Consultants in Europe World Scientific Affairs of Philip Morris ran dozens to hundreds of academic scientific "experts" in Europe; they were paid sometimes on a retainer basis, but more often through spurious research grants.
  • Philip Morris & UK WhiteCoats meeting
    WhiteCoats was the common derisory name used by the tobacco and chemical industries to label academics willing to sell out their integrity.
  • S&T Neuchatel Activities Report
    Philip Morris ran many of its international and European operations out of its F&T subsidiary in Switzerland.

Organizations & Misc.

  • RJ Reynolds & the Bowman Gray family
    This family ran the main American tobacco company for three generations (before Philip Morris became dominant). The later lawyer-son of the family was C. Boyden Gray, President Ronald Reagan's chief of staff. The company also funded Duke University and Wake Field University, and had some control over its staff appointments and research projects.

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