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Packwood, Robert William ('Bob') [ Senator]
Papastamatiou, Hera Tsimara
Papke, James A
Papke, James August
Parent, Richard A [Dr ]
Parkman, Allan [Prof ]
Parkman, Allen Montgomery [Prof ]
Pauly, Mark V [ Prof]
Pauly, Mark
Peat, Jennifer K
Peck, Robert S ('Bob')
Peckham, Charlie
Perry, Steve
Peter Gore
Peterson, Jerrold M [Prof]
Peterson, William Herbert ('Bill') [Prof ]
Peterson, William Herbert [Prof ]
Petitti, Diana B [MD]
Petty, Richard       [mentioned in the text only]
Pierce, Barry [MD]
Plassmeyer, Norbert       [mentioned in the text only]
Platt, Harlan D [ Prof]
Platt, Harlan
Pogue, Thomas F ('Tom') [Prof ]
Pogue, Thomas F [Prof ]
Polan, Kraege
Pollack, Seymour V
Pollakoff, Edward E       [mentioned in the text only]
Popeo, Dan       [mentioned in the text only]
Poulson, Barry W [Prof ]
Powell, Jody L
Powers, Charles Henri ('Charley')
Powers, Charles W ('Chuck')
Powers, Pike
Powers, Ray [Sen]
Pratt, Michael D
Prendergast, William [Dr]
Pressler, Larry Lee [ Rep & Senator]
Price, Michael A (Mike)
Primarvera, William (Bill)
Prusiner, Stanley [MD]
Puck, Theodore [MD]

General concepts

paracelsus defence

Organizations & Misc.

Pacific Legal Foundation
Packwood Tax Plan
Patricia Bario Associates
Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty (The)
Patriot Caucus
Philanthropic Advisory Service
Philip Morris Institute for Molecular Sciences
Phillip Morris Institute for Molecular Sciences
Plaza Hotel meetings
PM Corporate Affairs Staff.
PM Institute for Molecular Sciences
Pollack Associates
Project Cure (Alt Medicine)
Prop 65 California
Public Choice Society
Puerto Rico USA Foundation