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D'Zurilla, June S
Dalton, D Allen [Prof ]
David, John
Davis, Michael (Mike) [Prof]
Davis, Michael L (Mike) [Prof]
Davis, Susan
Davison, Bernadette M
Dawson, Brennan M [Ms ]
Dawson, Leslie
Day, Tony
DeLoach, Thomas O       [mentioned in the text only]
Dembach, Wilfried
Dempsey, Venon ('Vern')
Denzau, Arthur T [Prof ]
DeRoche, Paul       [mentioned in the text only]
DeToy, Stephen       [mentioned in the text only]
Dietrich, Paul George (USA)
Dietrich, Paul George Pt 2
DiMartino, Rita
DiMonda, Ed       [mentioned in the text only]
Dobitz, Clifford P ('Cliff') [Prof ]
Dobitz, Clifford P (Cliff) [Prof ]
Dobra, John L [Prof]
Dolara, Pietro [Prof MD]
Dole, Robert J (Bob)
Doll, Bill       [mentioned in the text only]
Donahue, Tom [Jr]
Donaldson, Eric
Donner, Ray
Donovan, Carol [Rep]
Douglas, Joshua F (Josh) [Dr]
Dow, Steven B
Downey, Thomas (Tom)
Draper, Meg       [mentioned in the text only]
Dryer, Dan       [mentioned in the text only]
Dubow, Joel
Dudley, O Witcher
Duffy, Dennis
Dunlop, George S
Dunsmuir, William TM [ Prof]
Durenberger, David (Dave)

Organizations & Misc.

Death in the West
Defense of Advertising Committee
Development & Reproductive Toxicology Committee
DuPont Chemical