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Raab, Raymond Leonard [Prof PhD]
Rabin, Steve
Radstone, Graham M
Rasmussen, Gladys
Ratliff, Shannon
Redhead, C Stephen
Redish, Martin       [mentioned in the text only]
Rees, D Cooper
Reese, David A
Regan, Karen A
Reid, William Walter (Bill) [ Dr]
Renner, Dave       [mentioned in the text only]
Reynolds, Morgan [ Prof]
Reynolds, Patrick (anti)
Richard, Hector
Richards, Ann
Richards, Jody
Ridenour, Mike       [mentioned in the text only]
Rider, George       [mentioned in the text only]
Ridge, Susan
Riefler, Roger [Prof]
Rippey, Ed
Ripslinger, James
Rizzo, Mario J [Prof]
Robbins, Lewis C
Roberts, Art       [mentioned in the text only]
Roberts, Jack
Roberts, Steve       [mentioned in the text only]
Robertson, Dave       [mentioned in the text only]
Rodin, Ervin Y
Roepke, Sylvia
Rogers, Martha
Rosenblatt, Roger
Rosner, Robert (Bob)
Ross, Kim       [mentioned in the text only]
Ross, Shalla
Roth, H Daniel [Dr]
Rottenberg, Simon
Rubin, Gail
Rucker, Randy [Prof ]
Ruhnka, John C
Rylander, Ragnar (Affaire)
Rylander, Ragnar C [MD]

General concepts

retrospective studies
retrospective/prospective studies

Organizations & Misc.

REDAB Properties
Resources for Responsible Management
Richadson Ziebart Consulting
Risk Assess and Management Commission
Risk Assessment and Management Commission
RJR and the Bowman Gray family