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Saba, Richard
Salomon, Michel
Sandefur, Thomas Edwin [Jr ]
Sanders, Russell       [mentioned in the text only]
Sandler, Todd [Prof ]
Saurman, David
Savage, Melissa Hough
Savarese, James M (Jim)
Savarese, James Michael (Jim)
Scannell, Raymond (Ray)
Schaefer, Jay       [mentioned in the text only]
Schaenman, Philip S
Schaffer, David       [mentioned in the text only]
Schlagenhauf, Jeffrey
Schlossberg, Steve
Schooling, Robert
Sellers, Amy
Sellers, Thomas N
Sexton, Robert L
Shahun, Leon [Jr]
Shalofsky, Ivor H
Shaunghnessy, Richard [ Dr]
Shebel, Jon       [mentioned in the text only]
Sherwood, Edwin J.       [mentioned in the text only]
Shore, E? (Gene) [ Dr PhD]
Shuford, Gordon O
Shughart, William F [II ]
Shughart, William Franklin ('Bill') [II ]
Singer, Ira
Singer, S Fred
Singlaub, John K
Sisson, George A
Sloane, Harvey J [Dr MD]
Slovin, Gary       [mentioned in the text only]
Smith, Bill G       [mentioned in the text only]
Smith, Brent [Prof]
Smith, Craig R [Prof PhD]
Smith, Craig R [Radio host]
Smith, Craig T
Smith, Craig       [mentioned in the text only]
Smoot, Brad       [mentioned in the text only]
So, SY [ Dr]
Solmon, Lewis C (Lew)
Solon, Faustin J ('Jack') [Jr]
Solon, Faustin J [Jr]
Sorrells, John H [Jr ]
Souchon, Eduardo [ Dr]
Staaf, Robert J
Starke, Bob [ Rep]
Staunton, Donna {
Staunton, Donna Marie Pt 1
Staunton, Donna Pt 2
Steiner, Gary [Prof]
Stewart, John       [mentioned in the text only]
Stimson, Thomas
Stohrer, Gerhard
Stokes, Henry
Stone, Nancy
Stone, Robert
Strauss, Robert A
Street, Debra J
Strock, James M (Jim)
Stroup, Richard L [Prof Dr]
Suffredin, Lawrence J (Larry)
Sullivan, John       [mentioned in the text only]
Sundstrom, Frank Leander (Sunny)
Sweetser, Wendell E [Prof ]
Swetonic, Matthew M ('Matt')
Swift, Alan K.       [mentioned in the text only]

General concepts

smoking-gun documents
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Organisation Acronyms & Abbreviations


Organizations & Misc.

Sawyer Miller Consulting
Science & Environmental Policy Project
Sciences International, Inc.
Scientific Research Institute
Scientific Witness Teams
Second Amendment Foundation
Shannon Ratliffe
Smoking Policy Institute
Social & Community Planning Research
Social Cost Economic Group
Sociedad Interamerieana per Ia Libre Expresion Comercial
Society of Prospective Medicine

Studies, Journals, Plans and Conferences

Swiss Building study