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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Circulation Experti    

— A company which provided editorial circulation lists for newspapers, magazines and newsletters which would run corporate-written propaganda articles for free. They were part of Warren Jackson's Advertising Experti group. —  

Some key documents

1993 /E: Philip Morris document on "Minority Media/Minority Business Groups."

Minorities — Strategies:
  • As Circulation Experti enjoys a 25 year old relationship with Black publishers/owners, they possess the flexibility to place information with the publications. On an as-needed (by us) basis, we will provide them with both camera ready op-eds, LTE's [letters to editor], columns and articles, as well as background information on those issues of importance to PM and the communities. (This capability has not been utilized to its full extent. Last summer, Charles Jamison's op-ed against the NY transit Joe Cherner anti-industry ads was successfully placed in 25 NNPA papers.)

        If this relationship is used consistently, we should see favorable editorials, columns and stories on a regular basis in those papers where such coverage is needed.
  • The same strategy can be used with Hispanic publications, utilizing
        either Experti (Carmen Sepulveda) and/or Ramos.

    It should be noted that Circulation Experti has been on retainer to PM for years. All PR assistance is covered under the terms of their contract. No addition costs would be incurred when utilizing them for Hispanic PR.

    Circulation Experti retainer is $5,000/mo. (A total of $8,000/mo is paid. The additional $3,000 is paid by media.)

1989 Aug 8: Philip Morris's "Editorial Services" was putting out a package of "pre-written" articles to those editors who subscribed to Circulation Experti's corporate offerings. This package includes:

  • an article on whether the death penalty should be applicable to 17-year-olds
  • another on abandoned railway lines being converted to hiking tracks
  • an advice column on Lymes disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • a history of farmer's almanacs
  • and a piece by Frank Resnik, chairman of Philip Morris, speaking out against "science by press release."

    There are numerous other innocuous articles, and even some poetry, which simply carries the tag-line (meaningless to readers) of the 'PM Editorial Services'. The poetry has thoughtfully been set in both narrow and wide column widths so that the editor doesn't even need to have it rekeyed. It can be cut and pasted into his newspaper or magazine directly.

    Art work is also supplied, including a pro-smoking cartoon, and under the heading "News" we find a short snippet headlined "Smokers Flight Guide" promoting a booklet produced by the Tobacco Institute.

1993 Dec: The 1994 PM Washington Regulatory Affairs (WRA) Communications Plan proactively seeks the placement of favorable stories in minority media through Circulation Experti

1999 Jun: Philip Morris's Firestorm Plan to stop the sky falling after the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) is being run by Roy Marden at PM USA. It has one note:

Firestorm Ready Team Work Plan Format
Circulation Experti
Responsibility Ron McClaron. Letter from G Bible; "Possibly pursue campaign (backlash) partnering opportunities"

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