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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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James A (Jim) Goold    

(possible misspelling Gould)

The lawyer-lobbyist Jim Goold (sic) was one of RJ Reynold's key misinformation operatives in the 1989-1900's period. He was involved in recruiting Whitecoats and in the industry's tort-reform projects.

Jim Goold was a RJ Reynolds legal consultant who was closely involved in all the recruiting of witnesses, consultants and Whitecoats. He was also actively involved in the tort-reform projects of the tobacco industry, and with the formation of coalitions with other industrial groups (pharamaceutical, chemical, etc) also wishing to limit the damages claims resulting from product-liability cases.

Most of this WhiteCoat's recruitment work was carried out in Europe by John Rupp of the Washington law-firm, Covington & Burling, and in 1991 Goold transfered over to work directly for C&B


Don't confuse with Michael Goold (same spelling) who was in the UK.

1989 Jan 16: As part of the tobacco industry 'Ad Hoc tort-reform committee' he is getting legal advice on some tort-reform matter. (This document is still Confidential) [Bates number: 8770940719409]

1989 April 21: He is RJ Reynold's representative on the Asian Whitecoats recruitment project. This was run under the control of John Dollisson at Philip Morris, through John John Rupp of Covington & Burling, using the scientific recruitment skills of George Leslie, Francis Roe and Professor Roger Roger Perry from the UK's ARIA organisation. Goold is just involved in an advisory/advice capacity since he works from Winston-Salem.

1989 May 31: Working with John Dollison (PM Asia) and Coverington & Burling (John Rupp) in the recruitent of WhiteCoats in Asia. Rupp and the ARIA group have

"recruited ten scientists — Drs Ogle, Bacon-Shone, Wongphanich, Reverente, Go, Roh, McIntyre, Liao, Kim and Somera."
They have invited the recruited scientists to a "training session in Bangkok on June 22 and 23."
Jim Goold of Reynolds told me a couple of days ago that he would like to attend the second day of the Bangkok meeting. Jim's goal, as I understand it, is to get himself in the position of being able to represent to his superiors in Winston-Salem that he has met the Asian consultants and, hopefully, has been impressed with them. Again, I believe we should welcome Jim's involvement since he can have a major impact on Reynolds' continuing support for the project.

1989 Sept 15: Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Coordination Committee meeting report includes a report on Philip Morris's preparations for the fake McGill University ETS Conference (a closed conference of only tobacco-friendly scientists). It says

This conference is set for November 3 and 4 (1989). The planning has been done by Rupp at the behest of Philip Morris International (the PM-USA representatives at the committee meeting had never heard of it). Rupp had discussed this conference in the past with me, Jim Goold, and Jeff Furr. It is now seen as having uses beyond the Canadian context, and it's going to be expensive ($500,000-$600,000) so Rupp will probably come to RJR, PM-USA, TI, or all of the above for financial aid.

    Don Ecobichon, who has worked for Rupp and the Canadian industry before, has received permission to have the conference sponsored by the medical school at McGill. Ecobichon is on the faculty there.

    The conference will be closed; attendance is by invitation only. There will be no pre-conference publicity, no publicity during the conference, and no post-conference press conference. They look for 50-70 attendees and have already received commitments from about 20 US scientists, 4-5 Asians, and 4-5 Europeans. Nearly all of the "[Academic] first team" [Wu, Wexler, Hood, Gross, Hsi, Fleiss, Switzer] will attend, and in part it will serve as a continued training session for them.

1990: He is now managing the RJR ETS witness development program.

"In this work, Jim works with Jeff Furr of Womble Carlyle who does much of the legwork of identifying, training and working with independent ETS scientific consultants. The program supplements that of TI and Covington & Burling. The consultants serve as witnesses at hearings, as public spokesmen as appropriate, and write ETS scientific papers, letters and other writings to communicate ETS facts to appropriate audiences."

1990 Jul 13 - 15: Attending (with wife Dabne) an important Industry Planning Conference at The Greenbrier (golf and tennis) organised by Zelkowski at PM. This has Neal Cohen, Jim Goold, and Jack Quinn - so probably mainly tort-reform.

1991 Feb: Goold is included as a 'witness', along with a scientific organiser in Covington & Burling (C&B) Washington, Melinda Sidak, and a group of the Tobacco Institute's 'ventilation consultants' (Gray Robertson, Peter Binnie and Jeff Seckler of HBI; Larry Holcomb; Joe Pedelty; Frank Powell (NEMI), etc.) who are being touted around the various states making "Legislative Appearances."

    Educationalist Jolly Ann Davidson (NASBE) is also included, as are the economists Richard Wagner and Bob Tollison of George Mason University. They are also making "media tours" to promote the "passive-smoking is harmless" case.

1991 Apr 24: He is now listed as working for Covington & Burling on Product Liability work (tort-reform) on a global scale. The lawyers from the various companies and their trade associations have been meeting in Helsinki (the Aho case was a major concern to them at the time) and in this meeting he is acting as the deputy to John Rupp (who would normally have attended such meetings).

1995 Apr 4: He is still at C&B dealing with litigation attacking legislation that prohibits smoking in restaurants. They have lost the case, but may appeal.


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