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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Dave Jackson    

National Sales Manager and the executive in charge of Liggett & Myers state activities at countering anti-smoking ordinances, etc.

Jackson was the National Sales Manager at Liggett & Myers Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Division in the 1960s. He rose to an executive position where he became much more involved in the tobacco industry's S&H intrigues.

Liggett & Myers were always reluctant to get intolved with the tobacco industry's more criminal activities, but they did become an enthusiastic supporter of the Tobacco Action Network (TAN).

In the 1980s Dave Jackson was constantly involved with Jack Kelly of the Tobacco Institute who was servicing the Tobacco Action Network that Kelly. Jackson's immediate superior was K.v. Dey Jr (known by his initials as K.v.) who was President and CEO of L&M.

1968 Sep 1: He is National Sales Manager. His name is mentioned in Marketing Dimensions magazine (L&M newsletter)

1980: National Director of Trade/Sales Program at Liggett & Myers.

1981 March 17: The organisation and control of the Californian Outreach Program lay with the State Affairs division of the Washington-based Tobacco Institute, and this was overseen by a committee of the cigarette company executives and lawyers:
    • James R Cherry (Lorillard),
    • Dave Jackson, (Liggett & Myers)
    • Larry Bewley, (RJR)
    • J Bernie Robinson (PM),
    • Keith Rogers,
    • J Kendrick Wells III (B&W)
    Those employed on the project were Bonnie Hulse (TI in Calif), Jack Kelly (TI's State Activities director), Tom Konovaloff (A-K Associates) Chip Nielsen (Dobbs & Neilsen) and Ron Saldana (TI Director in Calif)


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