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CREATED 2/12/2011

WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Carl P Johnson    

— Is he involved in Arkansas Project ???? —  


There are many Carl Johnsons (one a football player, one in Denver), and one Edwin Carl Johnson (? Carl E Johnson) in Arkansas. There is also a very prominent Dr Carl P Johnson Jr, who was an anti-pollution activist in Colorado and a Carl Johnson who is a toxicologist with the FDA

Some key documents

• Regional Manager PM USA. There are 1,841 documents in the archives for Carl P Johnson or Carl Johnson. Some of the early ones are for a Democrat Representative from Florida.

1980: He was Manager, Agricultural Relations and Analysis Philip Morris USA in Virginia.

1980 Jan 11: a Mr Carl P Johnson is receiving an internal Philip Morris memo on the list of chemicals commonly used on tobacco. A cc has been sent to W Earl Scott.

1980 Apr 28: Philip Morris is announcing a Tobacco Resource Program at the University of Kentucky. Carl Johnson is helping organise the event with W Earl Scott.

    Carl Johnson is working with Bernie Robinson in organising friends to support.

1983 July 29: Brown & Williamson's Kendrick Wells advises Ernest Pepples that the Tobacco Institute needs a new lobbyist in Kentucky.

Roger [Mozingo] said he would talk with you and that a possible resolution was no TI lobbyist in Kentucky. He said the alternative might be feasible because Philip Morris has recently placed a PR man, Carl Johnson, in Louisville, and Mr Johnson may be intended as a full-time lobbyist.

1984 Feb: Carl Johnson is now Manager, Government Relations, in Kentucky.

1984 Aug 8: On the third-level middle-management list of those in Philip Morris dealing with Smoking & Health issues. This is an update on Voluntary Health Associations expenditures. He is at least one or two levels below Frank Resnik and Bill Murray at this time.

1987 Mar 2: Another Activities Report by Jack Shoemaker at the Florida office of the Tobacco Institute.

  • Made arrangements for travel to Tallahassee: by Mr. & Mrs. Peter Binnie (ACVA), Mark Reasor and Carl Johnson for ETS briefing.
  • Had conference with Ron Morris, Ann Gordon (NTC) and Peter Binnie regarding ETS and coalition work.
  • Attended luncheon of Florida coalition group at Governor's Club regarding ETS with Peter Binnie.
  • Dinner for Florida Legislators canceled for lack of attendance.
  • Accompanied Mark Reasor and Peter Binnie on tour of Tallahassee, and had dinner to discuss legislative program.

1988 Apr: /E List of PM USA Regional Managers and their addresses. — part of Corporate/Government Affairs

  • Elizabeth/Betsy LeMond/Giles — SouthWest region based in Dallas/Austin Texas
  • John J Boltz — North East Region, based in New York
  • Stephen Buckner (Came later)
  • Carl P Johnson — SouthEast Region, based in Tucker, GA
  • Jay S Poole — based in Washington DC
  • Tina A Walls, — Western Region, based in Pleasanton, California
  • Patricia M Wilson — Mid-West Region based in Schaumburg, IL

1989 Jan 24: Arkansas lobbyist, Ron Morris to George Minshew at the Tobacco Institute.

Since the Arkansas Legislature convened on January 9 we have had one piece of anti-tobacco legislation introduced, HB 1008, which is a 10-cent per pack tax increase.

    The education system in Arkansas remains one of the lowest rated systems in the country. Governor Clinton has proposed a package which would enhance their educational program, of course, it is not without costs. [Excise tax threat]

    Our past experiences with Governor Clinton indicate he will first attempt to pass his education program and then attempt to fund it by introducing first one tax and then another.

    Our normal channels of information gathering through Paul Bosson and Walt Skelton indicate the Governor will probably introduce the larger taxes before going to the excise or sin taxes. They feel the sales tax will be the Governor's first approach because it is more general and, of course, raises enough money to fund his program.

    This year Philip Morris hired Earl Jones to represent them in Arkansas. In addition, RJ Reynolds has retained Joe Bell, who is also a very competent lobbyist. Mr Jones' sources do not concur with Paul and Walt's sources. He feels we will see the sin taxes introduced first.

    With that in mind, Carl Johnson has suggested we run "Enough is Enough" advertising in the Arkansas newspapers with a direct letter to Governor Clinton suggesting cigarette taxes would be the wrong vehicle for funding.

    I have called a meeting of Carl Johnson, Earl Jones, Joe Murray, Joe Bell, Paul Bosson, Walt Skelton and myself for Thursday, January 26 in Little Rock. At that time we will analyze the impact from our various sources to determine what is the best course of action to take

    We have dealt with Governor Clinton for four terms. He is not pro tobacco and is prone to be less than honest when dealing with us. While he is not in the best of favor with the legislature, he uses a strategy to get them obligated to a program and then forces them to accept his finance plan.

    Historical note - Several years ago (when we lost our only tax increase) we used radio and newspaper interviews, flyers and other means of communication against Governor Clinton. His close allies brought more opposition in, and his staff turned the vote and it passed on the House floor. He also had six lobbyists on the floor during the vote. It takes 75 members voting for a tax to pass on the House floor.

    In addition, he coerced freshman and sophomore House members to sign an agreement to vote for his tax package or he threatened to eliminate funding for special projects in their districts. My name was also publicly mentioned from the House floor as a detractor and interloper.

    If there is a tax we will need all of our resources working with a significant purpose to defeat it even though we have a great many friends in the legislature. .

2006 May 26: LITTLE ROCK — The University of Arkansas will add 40 new faculty positions at its Fayetteville campus and employees will receive 3 percent pay raises — all funded partly by a tuition increase — in a budget that the university's board of trustees adopted Friday.

    The budget impact of high utility prices led trustee Dr Carl Johnson of Little Rock to call for Uiversity of Arkansas campuses to study energy-saving measures such as contracts for energy-efficiency improvements to buildings.
    Source http://arkansasnews.com



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