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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Karen Doyne
Tobacco Institute (US)
Jolly Ann Davidson
John (Gray) Robertson

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Karil Kotchenderfer    

A public-relations functionary working for Fleishman-Hillard PR company.

For many years, Fleishman-Hillard Inc. were the main public relations organisers of media tours for the Tobacco Institute. These tours were for hired scientists to spread disinformation around the globe about the claimed safety of second-hand smoke.

Kotchenderfer also worked on the "Helping Youth Decide" project which the Tobacco Institute ran in schools with the help of Jolly Anne Davidson, President of the National Association of State Boards of Education (NABSW).

• There are 1097 documents which expose Karil Kotchenderfer's activities on behalf of the tobacco industry.

1986 May 5: Links between Smoking and Absenteeism literature review quotes: Johnson, P. and Kochenderfer, K . (memo) Johnson & Johnson's Live for Life program. May, 5, 1986.

    See also the handwritten note here:

    also the explanatory memo

1986 April 2: Fleishman-Hillard PR memo to the Tobacco Institute about a proposal to have the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 'author' a press release denouncing a cigarette tax is also ccd to her

1986 April 24.: She is providing 'private-eye' services to the Tobacco Institute, snooping on their anti-smoking opponents, and collecting any gossip that may be useful. Here is her report on "Americans United for a Smoke Free Environment".

1986 July 29: The public relations team at Fleishman Hillard working for the Tobacco Institute appears to be Paul W Johnson (Account Supervisor), Rick Sullivan, Karen Doyne and Karil Kochenderfer.

    They are all enrolled in the Tobacco Institute's College of Knowledge (June 1986)

1987 June: Karen Doyne and Karil Kotchenderfer have been given the responsibility for Gray Robertson's ACVA media tours. Note that they keep him out of Texas because of "pending liability suits"
    There are hundreds of document like this in the 1986-88 period

1987 June 24: They are trying to expand the Tobacco Institute's "Helping Youth Decide" program. This was set up to 'prove' that the industry didn't want to recruit students, and it was promoted by the contracted president, of the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) Jolly Anne Davidson.

1988 Nov 18: Brett Gray at Fleishman-Hillard is writing to Kay Thomas at the Tobacco Institute (TI). They are helping promote Gray Robertson's ACVA (later HBI) business for the Tobacco Institute and organizing media tours for the tobacco industry. It is impossible to interpret this in any other way than that the TI had an arrangement with ACVA which served the tobacco industry's purposes. ACVA was to promote the line that environmental tobacco smoke was not a serious problem in indoor air quality.
    He has ccd Jeff Ross (Issues Manager at the Tobacco Institute); Susan Stuntz (PR at the Tobacco Institute); Rick Sullivan, Karen Doyne & Karil Kochenderfer (Fleishman-Hillard), and Susan Ridge (unk)


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