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Circulation Experti
W Garrison Jackson
Susan M Stuntz
Prop 188
National Smokers Alliance

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Warren G Jackson    

Consultant in media placement with Seven Up and Philip Morris through a family-run company called Circulation Experti

Circulation Experti was a media placement agency (usually looking after advertising only) which enjoyed a special relationship with black publishers and owners (most of their publications operated on shoe-string budgets). This gave them the ability to plant articles in the ethnic and black media which promoted the tobacco industry. It had a number of subdivisions involved in various ethnic media types [ie Hispanic Experti], and Advertising Experti which appears to have done media planning.

A memo from Philip Morris records their value in placing propaganda and editorial information with the publications. They boasted to Philip Morris that they could get material into these publications:

"on an as-needed (by us) basis, we will provide them with both camera ready op-eds, LTE's, columns and articles, as well as background information on those issues of importance to PM and the communities.

If this relationship is used consistently, we should see favorable
editorials, columns and stories on a regular basis in those papers where
such coverage is needed."

This arrangement with the company continued for many years.


Both Warren G Jackson and W Garrison Jackson were consultants for Seven Up and Philip Morris, and both worked through the Circulation Experti. Ltd media agency. They are probably father and son.

1984 June 25: Black Media Inc.. "A cooperative effort for refocusing the minds and actions of black Americans for the greater benefit of all Americans ." New York based. Dr Calvin W Rolark, Chairman of the BMI Cooperative

Rolark is lobbying George Weissman, CEO of Philip Morris for time with him and some black leaders. Stan Scott has previously been their contact, Warren Jackson is being ccd here along with many Philip Morris executives . [This letter comes from the Tobacco Institute files; it had been sent from Hugh Cullman's office. Philip Morris must have been making this media-promotional avenue available to the tobacco industry in general. See the hand-note.]

1984 Sep 11: Philip Morris Corporate Affairs World Conference. They have invited both Warren Jackson , President and CEO of Circulation Experti Ltd, and his (probable son) W Garrison Jackson . This company had been consultants to the Seven Up organisation which Philip Morris acquired, and it went on to provide substantial help to the Philip Morris company in getting pro-tobacco propaganda into the black and ethnic-Hispanic media.

1985 Dec 19: Warren Jackson writes to Peter Sparber of the Tobacco Institute about a media plan for 1986 ($600,000 in ad expenditure) to promote the HYD ["Help Youth Decide"] project that the industry was running in schools, to bolster their claim to not wanting teenagers to smoke.

1986 March 31: The Tobacco Institute signs a flat fee $40,000 contract with Circulation Experti Ltd.

    Warren charges out at $1,500 a day for developing advertising programs.

    A later internal note at the TI points out the casual billing arrangement between Jackson's various companies.

1986 Nov 26: NASBE and Circulation Experti and many others are working for the Tobacco Institute (Duffin and Sparber) on HYD advertising. [HYD is "Helping Youth Decide" which was the program run through schools supposedly to reduce smoking by teenagers.]

1987 Jan 16.: Susan Stutz of the Tobacco Institute plans to place between $300 and $350,000 worth of ads for the HYD program through Circulation Experti. She is supportive of Kathleen Ryan of the company, but critical of Warren.

Pete [Sparber] said to tell you I want to use Circulation Experti to place some $300-350,000 of HYS ads this spring/summer. Kathleen Ryan is a pro. She delivers, even if Warren doesn't. Any problem for you?

    I may want to call on Ogilvy for creative assistance...

    She gets the OK.

1988: The Tobacco Institute's overall PR plans for the year are here.


1989 Aug 8: Philip Morris's "Editorial Services" was putting out a package of "pre-written" articles to those editors who subscribed to Circulation Experti's corporate offerings. This example package includes:

  • an article on whether the death penalty should be applicable to 17-year-olds
  • another on abandoned railway lines being converted to hiking tracks
  • an advice column on Lymes disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • a history of farmer's almanacs
  • and a piece by Frank Resnik, chairman of Philip Morris, speaking out against "science by press release."
There are numerous other innocuous articles, and even some poetry, which simply carries the tag-line (meaningless to readers) of the 'PM Editorial Services'. The poetry has thoughtfully been set in both narrow and wide column widths so that the editor doesn't even need to have it rekeyed. It can be cut and pasted into his newspaper or magazine directly.

    Art work is also supplied, including a pro-smoking cartoon , and under the heading "News" we find a short snippet headlined "Smokers Flight Guide" promoting a booklet produced by the Tobacco Institute.

1990 May 7: Jackson writes to Guy L Smith IV, Philip Morris's VP for Corporate Affairs saying:

This situation is starting to get ugly, a lot of rumbling in both the Black and Hispanic communities . We need an ad in the Black newspapers before the June convention . I've got a backlog; can we talk very soon.

    He was concerned about the lack of Philip Morris, Kraft and General Food ads being placed in black community newspapers ...
.. and so Hamish Maxwell of PM writes a conciliatory letter ...
... followed closely by butt-kissing letters from Guy Smith and VP Jack Nelson.

    This relates to a decision made to cut black media advertising back in 1989. See:

1993 July 9: Warren Jackson is listed by Philip Morris as potentially a candidate for the advisory board of the National Smoker's Alliance which Philip Morris was creating with a $10 million start-up budget.

1994 June 21: This is one of the many contracts between Warren Jackson of Circulation Experti Ltd and Ellen Merlo of Philip Morris. They are receiving payments of a fixed fee of $8,000 a month plus an additional commission of 2.75% for all the advertising placed.

1994 Aug: He is listed as an "Active contact" for the African-American Community. The project being discussed is being run through Karen Daragan's division at Philip Morris Corporate (which generally looked after school programs and the like).

    This particular Action Plan is focussed on trying to turn out voters in California to support Proposition 188 in the Gingrich "Contract with America" election. Prop 188 was one of the industry's ill-concealed 'secret pre-emption' defenses [the tobacco industry kept out of sight, but funded generously]. If this referendum had passed (it failed) this would have replaced strong local, clean indoor air laws with a lenient statewide rule.

    The tobacco industry paid its signature gatherers to drum up support for the proposition, and the signature gatherers didn't tell the voters they were paid by Philip Morris — or that the measure would actually weaken existing laws.

1997 May 1: On a Philip Morris Key Contacts List he is included along with many other ethnic/minority editors and people of influence.

1999: Warren Jackson and Circulation Experti were still working for the tobacco industry at the end of the Century.


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