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Circulation Experti
Warren G Jackson

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W Garrison Jackson    

Consultant in media placement for Seven Up and Philip Morris. One part of a family team which ran the Circulation Experti and a few other ad-placement agencies which branched out into large-scale disinformation on behalf of the tobacco industry,


Circulation Experti was a media placement agency which would usually deal only with advertising copy. However this organization enjoyed a special relationship with black publishers/owners, and this allowed them to offer Philip Morris the ability to place propaganda and editorial information with these publications.

They boasted to Philip Morris that "on an as-needed (by us) basis, we will provide them with both camera ready op-eds, LTE's, columns and articles, as well as background information on those issues of importance to PM and the communities.

If this relationship is used consistently, we should see favorable editorials, columns and stories on a regular basis in those papers where such coverage is needed."

See Warren G Jackson for further details of how this company promoted the tobacco industry.


Both Warren G Jackson and W Garrison Jackson were consultants for Seven Up and Philip Morris, and both worked through the Circulation Experti. Ltd media agency. They are probably father and son.

1984 Sep 11: Philip Morris Corporate Affairs annual World Conference has invited both Warren Jackson , President and CEO of Circulation Experti Ltd, and W Garrison Jackson , Manager, Client Relations.

    They were consultants to the Seven Up Company, and they became substantial supporters of Philip Morris attempts to influence the Hispanic and Black pupulations in the USA via ethnic media.

    Philip Morris lists him (the son) as:
W Garrison Jackson , Manager Client Relations, Circulation Experti Ltd. and says that:

Mr. Jackson joined Circulation Experti (consultants to The Seven-Up Company) in 1982 after his graduation from Boston College . His previous experience is with Ciba-Geigy Incorporated